Descriptions of Lake/River/Sea Cryptids:


Alkali Lake Monster– A large horned alligator like beast that was first sighted in August of 1921 in what is now called Walgren Lake in Nebraska.




Altamaha-Ha– Also Known as Altie, it has a sturgeon like body with bony ridges on top. It has front Flippers but no back limbs and a crocodile type snout. Earliest stories of the creature date back to the Tama Indians located near the Altamaha River in Southern Georgia.



Bear Lake Monster– A lake monster that is said to be over 40 feet long and having a short but powerful legs. The lake monster was first reported through articles written by Joseph C. Rich of 2ndhand accounts on the Utah-Idaho border.



Bessie– The First time the name Bessie was coined was in 1991 after the editor of The Creature Chronicleshad reports of the Loch Ness type serpentine monster. In the article, it had sightings that were recorded from 1960-1990. Though some of the earliest accounts date back to 1793. Bessie is said to reside in Lake Erie.



Caddy– This sea serpent has over 300 sightings in the past 200 years, with sightings from British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. Said to be anywhere from 40-70 feet long. The first recorded sightings were in 1933 from a couple on a yacht that described it as having the head of a camel.



Cassie– An Enormous sea serpent said to be 60-150 feet long. It is said to be very fast and described commonly as being black with huge spots. No sightings have occurred in decades but was originally seen in Casco Bay, Maine.





Chessie– A large serpent that has been seen in the Chesapeake Bay. Said to be from 25-40 feet long and has no limbs like a snake. Originally sighted in 1977 with the last sighting occurring in July of 2011.





Champ– Tales of Champ go back a long time, but the first record of it goes back to a photo from 1977. Residing in Lake Champlain and having over 300 sightings from both Canada and New York. The last sighting occurred in 2011.




Flathead Lake Monster– Described as a large eel shaped snake like body that is wavy. First documented sightings at Flathead Lake in Montana occurred as early as 1889 by James C Kerr, a steamboat captain. The most notable sighting occurred in 1993.



Kipsy– Also known as the Hudson River Monster, it is said to be similar to or could in fact be Champ. Earliest sightings of this snake like monster began in 2006 in New York. Some believe it is an overly sized Manatee.




Paddler– This lake monster resides in Lake Pend in Oreville, Idaho. First sighted in 1944 the creature is said to be over 20 feet long. It was most recently spotted in 2007 when a photo was said to be captured on March 29th.



Tessie– This serpentine lake monster resides in Lake Tahoe in California/Nevada. Said to be 30-60 feet long, it’s said to be black or turquoise in color. Sightings began in the 1950s, but stories of the creature can be traced to the Washoe and Paiute Tribes. The last sighting occurred in 2006.



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