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Symptoms/Characteristics of a Demonic Ghost Haunting

Demonic hauntings are the most dramatic and usually frightening type of paranormal haunting. While the likelihood of encountering a demonic entity is is very low (they are very rare), it is important to be aware of the characteristics of a possible demonic haunting. Encounters with a nonhuman demonic entity are the most dangerous kinds of paranormal investigations.

Keith Johnson of TAPSIn May of 2006 Long Island Paranormal Investigators took part in the first Paranormal Weekend hosted by TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) and Darkness Radio in Warwick, RI. During the meeting demonologists Keith and Carl Johnson ("the twins") of TAPS presented their experiences with demonic hauntings. The Johnson's presented evidence that most demonic hauntings follow a noticeable and predictable pattern of activity.

The following list is complied of the typical symptoms and/or characteristics of a demonic ghost or spirit haunting. This list is organized sequentially from the first symptoms/characteristics to appear to the last in term of which paranormal haunting activity typically appears first in most cases of demonic hauntings. The list shows the progression of paranormal events that usually accompany a demonic haunting. The list is provided only as a general guide. Encounters with a demonic entity do not have to follow any of these characteristics. Special care should always be taken with dealing with a possible demonic entity.

  1. Young children and any household animals/pets begin to react first to the presence of something.
  2. Children begin to see something in their bed rooms.
  3. Strong unpleasant smells and foul odors are encountered in the house. The air may seem heavier in a certain part of the house than in the rest.
  4. Adults in the house begin to see things too.
  5. Children start claiming to see a nice man (sometimes a women) come to them in their bedrooms at night. The apparition at first is very pleasant and non-threatening, then turns very unpleasant, nasty and even threatening in a very short period of time.
  6. The figure appears as human but no eyes (dark/blackness where the eyes would be). Sometimes the apparition appears with a red-ish glowing where eyes would be.
  7. Children wake up at night screaming that someone is trying to hurt them.
  8. Adults wake up either during the night or in the morning with scratches on their bodies.
  9. People in the house (adults was well as children) come down with sudden mysterious illnesses that seem to defy diagnosis or medical treatment.
  10. Objects in the house, even very heavy ones, move on their own.
  11. Objects that do move tend to move in directions contrary to how they would normally move (such as a door trying to open the wrong way). Or, objects move in a counter-clockwise motion.
  12. Very high EMF readings are present throughout the house with no mechanical explanation.
  13. Unexplained events come in sets of three(3). That is, when paranormal activity is observed it is usually in groups or sets of 3 events at a time in a short period.
  14. Most paranormal events happen between the hours of 9pm and 6am with 3-3:30am being the most active time.
  15. The nonhuman entity is most responsive to Holy words and names (the specific religion and religious figures  being invoked does not seem to matter).

Karl Johnson of TAPSThe Johnson's also stated that in their experience demonic hauntings usually occur to people and/or families that already have a serious problem or imbalance in their lives such as drug or alcohol abuse, or, emotional or psychological problems. Demonic entities seem to thrive in homes where people's mental and emotional defenses are already impaired by such problems.

If a person or family believes they are the subject of a demonic haunting they suggested immediately contacting a professional paranormal group for confirmation and assistance. Additional help and/or counseling may be required. Once the demonic entity has been expelled it is important to maintain a positive up-beat attitude as this will help prevent the entity from taking a foothold in the home again.

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