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EMF - Electro Magnetic Field Theory

The electro magnetic theory of the paranormal is that supposedly a ghost/spirit gives off an electro magnetic field which can be detected by Electro Magnetic Field meters (EMF). Nearly everything in nature, both alive and inanimate, emit an electromagnetic field. And many man-made devices emit a very strong electromagnetic field such as electrical outlets and fuse boxes, computers, electrical wiring, television sets, air conditioning units, appliances and much more. Most of these electrical sources will give off high EMF readings as part of their normal operation.

The units of measure most often used for EMF in the U.S.A. is called milligaus (mg). In Europe the commonly used unit of measure for EMF is the milliTesla (mt) (named after the famed scientist/investor Nicolas Tesla who experimented greatly with electricity). 1 Tesla = 10,000 Gauss.

A paranormal occurrence or ghost may give off milligaus readings in the range of 1.5mg to about 6mg depending on the EMF meter you use. If you get a paranormal reading, the reading should not be a steady. Steady/constant readings are usually artificially created. You may have to move around to see where the reading or ghost may be taking you.

Hear is a list of the EMF meters used by Long Island Paranormal Investigators.



This is basically the cheapest kind of EMF meter you will find. This does not give readings in milligaus but it the needle points north due to the magnetic north pole. If you come across paranormal activity the compass may start to point in the direction in which the object is located in, which may not be north. That is why when using a compass it is important to know what direction north is. Also if the compass starts to spin around this may also be paranormal activity.

The use of a compass for ghost investigations dates back to at least the 1800's. It's one of the oldest paranormal investigation tools still used by paranormal investigators throughout the world today. With no batteries to be drained and no sensitive electronic circuits it remains a simple but highly effective tool.


EMF Multidetekor II


These two meters are very basic to use.  They use LED lights with milligaus readings. The green lights mean normal.  The yellow lights mean caution or paranormal activity. The red lights mean danger or high EMF readout. Paranormal activity will occur in the yellow lights, which is usually 2mg to 6mg. The EMF electro sensor is basic. You just point and click to get readings. The EMF Multidetekor II has different settings on it. There are distance settings as well as sensitivity settings.

EMF Electro Sensor 
EMF Electro Sensor Meter

Digital EMF Meter
Digital EMF Meter


The digital EMF meter is one of the best EMF meters to use in the paranormal investigation field because this meter gives a precise digital readout of the milligaus readings. Paranormal activity may occur at 1.5mg to 6mg for this meter. You want to also look for sudden spikes even if there is a low reading, because it may be the trail of what you are trying to find.

Digital EMF meters come in two styles: Single-axis and Tri-Field. A single axis meter (as the one shown to the left) only detects EMF fields that cross the meter at a right angle (90 degrees) as the large white arrow on the face of the meter shows. Tri-Field meters detect EMF fields in all 3 dimensions at the same time. They are, however, much more expensive.



EMF Cell Sensor
EMF Cell Sensor Meter

The EMF Cell Sensor is a little harder to use. This meter has a analog readout. This meter also has a sensitivity control, though overall it is a very sensitive instrument (it was designed for the intended us of  detecting the strength of cell phone signals).  It will also beep and glow red when there is a strong EMF reading. Paranormal activity readings occur at 1.5mg to 4mg. If this meter max's out then the field is to strong to be paranormal and it is probably electrical outlets, power lines, computers, appliances, etc. Paranormal activity may also make the needle on this meter move back and forth. This type of EMF meter requires the use of the external probe (as pictured on the right side of the meter) and is useless without it.



K2 (KII, K-II,K-2) EMF Meter
K2/K-II EMF Meter

K2/K-II EMF Meter Demo


The K2 (KII, K-II, K-2) EMF meter is another popular EMF tool, although not one used by LIPI. In theory an entity can interact with investigators by making the meter's LED lights jump in response to questions.

Update September 2007: Long Island Paranormal Investigators is presently conducting a study of the K-2 meter as compared to the other EMF meters LIPI uses. The purpose of the study is to determine any evidence of the claims that a ghost/entity can make the LED lights on the K2 meter move specifically in response to questions. At the same time observing if other EMF meters do or don't record any changes. Click Here to read the current status of our study.


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