Long Island, New York is home to many reportedly haunted locations. Many others are paranormally active and still warrant further investigation to determine if they are in fact haunted. Below is a list of many of the noted and infamous places on Long Island believed to be haunted or at least centers of paranormal activity. We have also included listings for well known haunted locations in New York City, New York State and other surrounding areas.

Please note this list is provided only as a reference. Access to a particular location may require special permission and/or fees. In all cases please respect private property rights and the sanctity of hallowed ground.

(Note to media/reporters/writers: You are welcome to use this page as a reference for your work. However, please be sure to indicate in your work Long Island Paranormal Investigators as the source. Thank you!)

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Barber Wheatfield                          Bloody Pond


Caldwell Cemetery                          Canfield Casino


Fort Ticonderoga                             Fort William Henry                           Fort William Henry Hotel


Hattie’s & Cafe Lena                      Headless Horseman Bridge             House of Frankenstein


Lake George                                         Lake George Battleground            Lake George Junior/Senior H.S.       Lemon Pearl Lounge                    

*Letchworth Village                             Lobster Pot


       Martin Van Buren Estate


Old Dutch Church                             Old Warren County Courthouse


Patriots Park                                       Patt Smyth House


Rolling Hills Asylum    


Shanley Hotel                                    Sleepy Hollow Cemetery                Sparta Cemetery   


Towers Hall

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