A Brief History: The Cashtown Inn was built in 1797. Peter Marck the first innkeeper would only accept cash for services, this is where the Inn got it’s name, The Cashtown Inn.   Since 1815 the Inn served for the entertainment of strangers and travelers alike. During the Gettysburg campaign, Robert E. Lee’s supply route ran straight through Cashtown. In June-July of 1863 Lee kept his wagons and cannons in the orchards surrounding the Inn.  The Inn was used to house the confederate soldiers and also treat the wounded, as well as many houses nearby. After the defeat at Gettysburg, Brig. Gen John Imboden made his headquarters at Cashtown Inn. Imboden wrote “About 4 pm the head of the column was put in motion near Cashtown and began the ascent of the mountain in the direction of Chambersburg.”

In 1948 the Inn took a bit if a hit when a bypass was constructed on Route 30. After this one of the owners gave thought to turning it into a sub-division for low-income housing. The Inn was bought by Charles Buckley and his wife, who kept this part of history from being destroyed. In 2006 the Inn was purchased by its present owners Jack and Maria Paladino. They have done some major renovations on the first floor and the exterior of the Inn. Today it can still be visited as a Bed and Breakfast for strangers and travelers alike.

Haunted History: As for the haunted history, there is one story that has been around for about 100 years. A confederate soldier has been spotted wondering the halls at the Inn. Sometimes he stomps around in the attic and even knocks on the door of room 4. One account states that a woman left the Inn after being terrified by the apparition of a confederate soldier sitting in a chair across from her bed. In 1895 there was a picture taken across the street from the Inn that may have caught this confederate ghost on film.

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