A Brief History: Located at 89 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is The Dobbin House Tavern. The Dobbin House was built in 1776 by Reverend Alexander Dobbin for himself and his family to begin a life in what is now The United States of America. Some 87 years later during the American Civil War the home may have been a part of the Underground Railroad. It is speculated that during the Battle of Gettysburg and following its mayhem the Dobbin house served as a temporary field hospital. Still standing today, The Dobbin House is a popular restaurant, a registered historical site , as well as the oldest standing structure in Gettysburg. 

 Haunted History: Being in the Gettysburg area and having possibly acted as a field hospital, The Dobbin House regularly expresses signs of paranormal activity. Visitors claim to have seen 18th and 19th century looking apparitions, as well as complaining of spontaneous and inexplicable cold spots.

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