A Brief History: Located on Old Dock Road in Kings Park, New York, sits a bar named D.S. Shanahan’s, Established in 2000. The bar is situated in the shadows of the now closed Kings Park Psychiatric Center. Built many years ago the bar has seen its share of people and local history. Now it stands as a local hole in the wall hangout for nearby residents. However, there are those who say that the patrons are not alone as they sit in Shanahans.

Haunted History: Some people claim that they have seen the spirit of a young woman inside the bar. Sightings are not limited to those partaking in quenching their thirst. One employee stated that one day he was working in the upstairs part of the bar when he turned around and saw an apparition of a lady standing in the hallway. As he went to speak to her she disappeared. Who was she? No one seems to really have an exact answer. Some speculate that she may have been a call girl from back when the bar used to be a brothel.  Does the spirit of the lady exist, or is she just a figment of people’s imaginations? Well next time you are in the area and feeling like a drink and a warm meal, stop into D.S. Shanahans and keep your eyes peeled for a certain someone standing in the shadows maybe looking to make a friend.


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