A Brief History:Deep Wells Farm is located at 2 Taylor Lane in St. James, NY. The estate was built in 1845 by Joel L.G. Smith, a descendant of Richard “Bull” Smith, founder of Smithtown. The house was believed to be named for the two 125 foot deep wells on the property. Later it was owned by William J. Gaynor, Mayor of New York City. Gaynor was shot and later died of complications from the gunshot wound while still in office. The property was acquired by Suffolk County in 1989. Today it is the home of the Deep Wells Farm Historical Society and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Every October it is opened as Deep Wells Haunted Mansion, a popular local Halloween attraction.

Haunted History:All of the hauntings may not be staged and reserved for the month of October. Once known as “the scariest house in all of St. James,” the location has long been a hotbed of paranormal activity all throughout the year. It’s a popular location for psychics and mediums to gather and for paranormal groups to investigate and capture EVPs. There have long been stories of the house being haunted. One county worker used to report that she wasn’t alone in the house. She would say, “The ghost is there,” referring to the third floor. Still others have commented on not wanting to be in the house at night. And one cleaning person claims to have seen a male ghost in period clothing throughout the home. Just a few examples of paranormal activity that have been experienced during the long, mysterious history of Deep Wells Farm.

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