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Haunted Places and Centers of Paranormal Activity on Long Island

Long Island, New York is home to many reportedly haunted locations. Many others are paranormally active and still warrant further investigation to determine if they are in fact haunted. Below is a list of many of the noted and infamous places on Long Island believed to be haunted or at least centers of paranormal activity. We have also included listings for well known haunted locations in New York City, New York State and other surrounding areas.

Please note this list is provided only as a reference. Access to a particular location may require special permission and/or fees. In all cases please respect private property rights and the sanctity of hallowed ground.

(Note to media/reporters/writers: You are welcome to use this page as a reference for your work. However, please be sure to indicate in your work Long Island Paranormal Investigators as the source. Thank you!)

Haunted Places and Centers of Paranormal Activity on
Long Island

Suffolk County

5 Corners Cemetery

Almshouse Cemetery

Amityville Horror House

Caleb Smith House

Camp Hero

Centereach High School

 Chandler Estate (Satan's  Trail)

Commack Multiplex Cinemas

 Coindre Hall

Country House Restaurant

D.S. Shanahans

Edgewood State Hospital

Fire Island Lighthouse

Fort Hill Cemetery

Fort Slongo

The Gateway Playhouse

Gould's Pond

Grumman Road

Hanging Tree

Islip Pavilion Theater

Jayne's Hill

Katie's of Smithtown

Kings Park Potters Field Cemetery

Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Lakeview Cemetery

Lake Ronkonkoma

Laurel Lake

Mary's Grave

Montauk Manor

Montauk Point Lighthouse

Mount Misery

Normandi Inn

 Oheka Castle

Old Burial Hill

 Old Burying Ground, Cutchogue

Old Field Point Lighthouse, Setauket

Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital Web page updated!

Pizza Hut in Centereach

Plum Estate, East Islip

 Reids Ice Cream Factory

Restaurant in Mattituck

Ronkonkoma County Park

Revolutionary War Historical Site

Shep Jones Road

Smithtown Center for
Performing Arts Theatre

Smithtown General Hospital

Smithtown Armory

South Heaven UFO Crash

Stony Brook Grist Mill

Sweet Hollow Road

Thatched Cottage

Union Cemetery, Middle Island

Union Cemetery, Sayville

Wickham Farmhouse

Nassau County

Maine Maid Inn

Raynham Hall

New York City

Algonquin Hotel

Belasco Theater

Billop House (Conference House)

Bridge Cafe

Carnegie Hall

Chelsea Hotel


 Ear Inn

Empire State Building

Jefferson Market Library

Grand Central Station Terminal

Landmark Tavern

 Majestic Theater

Manhattan Bistro

Merchants House Museum

New Amsterdam Theater

New York City Public Library

New Victory Theater

Old St. Patrick's Cathedral

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

The Plaza Hotel

Radio City Music Hall

St. Paul's Chapel

Staten Island Monastery

The House of Death

The Palace Theater

Trinity Church

 Trinity Church Cemetery

USS Intrepid

Washington Square Park

White Horse Tavern

Wollman Rink

Ye Waverly Inn

Other Areas in New York State

Caldwell Cemetery
Lake George

Father Isaac Jogues Monument
Lake George

 Fort George
Lake George

 Fort Ticonderoga

Fort William Henry
Lake George

Fort William Henry Hotel Web page updated!
Lake George

House of Frankenstein
Lake George

Lake George

Lake George Junior-Senior High School
Lake George

Lake George Battle Field
Lake George

 Field Hospital, Battlefield Park
Lake George

The Lemon Peel Lounge
(aka Woodbine Hotel)
Lake George

The Lobster Pot
Lake George

Old Warren Court House
Lake George

Rolling Hill Asylum

 Shanley Hotel

State University of New York
at Brockport

Statue of an Indian Drinking
Lake George

Towers Hall
Lake George

Haunted Places and Centers of Paranormal Activity
in Other Areas


The Stanley Hotel
Estes Park


Buckingham Hall House Web page updated!

Burrows House Web page updated!

Charles W. Morgan, Whaling Ship

Clark Greenman House

Cronin Building Web page updated!

Ebenezer Avery House

Fort Griswold

New London Lighthouse Web page updated!

Royal Hotel Web page updated!


Danvers State Mental Asylum

Hawthorne Hotel

Lizzie Borden House
Fall River

Old Burial Point

The Salem Inn Web page updated!

Victorian Mansion

USS Joseph P Kennedy, Jr (DD-850) Web page updated!

USS Massachusetts (BB59)

USS Salem (CA-139)


New Jersey

Absecon Lighthouse, Atlantic City

Burlington Prison, Mount Holly

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital
Morris Plains

John F. Craig House, Cape May

Macomber Hotel, Cape May

Old Barracks Museum, Trenton

Southern Mansion, Cape May Web page updated!



Betsy Ross House

Cashtown Inn

Cemetery Hill

Culp's Hill

Devils Kitchen

Devils Den

Dobbin House

Evergreen Cemetery

Farnsworth House

Gettysburg National Cemetery

Independence Hall

Jennie Wade House

Little Round Top

Lutheran Theological Seminary

Pickett's Charge

Peach Orchard

Pennsylvania Hall
Gettysburg College

Plum Run

Private House

Rupp House

Sachs Bridge

Soldier's Museum

Steven's Hall
Gettysburg College

Wheat Fields

Rhode Island

Fairfield Marriott Hotel

Precious Blood Cemetery

Sylvanus Brown House



The Alamo Web page updated!
San Antonio

The Emily Morgan Hotel
San Antonio

Rail Road Tracks
San Antonio

San Antonio Lunatic Asylum
San Antonio


Court House at Colonial Williamsburg Web page updated!


Bassett Hall

Governor's Palace Web page updated!


Haunted Places and Centers of Paranormal Active:
Suffolk County, Long Island NY

5 Corners Cemetery
(aka Lake Ronkonkoma Cemetery)

5 Corners Cemetery

A Brief History: Five Corners Cemetery, also known as Lake Ronkonkoma Cemetery was established in 1862. There are many locals buried in the location such as Newton, Hawkins, and Agnew/Taylor. This cemetery is known to house many war veterans dating all the way back to the Civil War. Although there was no history that actually took place on the property, this location seems to attract a lot of paranormal activity.

Haunted History: There have been many claims of paranormal activity and personal experiences at Five Corners Cemetery. The claims include shadow people, unexplainable noises, cold spots, uneasy feelings, balls of light and shirt pulling/touching. There have been apparitions seen by neighbors living around the cemetery and also by our investigators. Our psychic department feels as though there is more going on beyond the fence in the back of the cemetery, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet

Click Here for our investigations of this location.

Service tunnel video Click Here for our video Long Island Legends: Five Corners Cemetery

Almshouse Cemetery, Yaphank

Almshouse Cemetery

A Brief History: The Almshouse Cemetery aka Suffolk County Potter’s Field is located south of the Long Island Expressway at exit 67 in Yaphank NY. Before 1870 all of the towns in Suffolk County managed a “poor house.” There was also a farm associated with the Almshouse. Across from the house was a children’s home for ages two to sixteen. The superintendent (William Jones Weeks) of the Almshouse set up the numbering system for the head stones to be able to record and register deaths occurring at both the Almshouse and the orphanage.

Residents of Almshouse were required to perform job duties on the farm for eight hours a day every day except Sunday. (In 1938, it wasn’t mandatory for residents to work on the farm but many chose to work anyway.) They used the crops they grew to feed the residents. It had changed its name in 1929 due to the welfare reform law and became known as the Suffolk County Home. It housed the homeless as well as the elderly and infirmed. In 1937 a new home was built close by on Yaphank Avenue. In 1994 they opened the “John J. Foley skilled nursing facility” and the home became Suffolk County offices.

Haunted History: There have been many claims through the years of paranormal activity occurring here. There have been claims of seeing apparitions in the middle of the cemetery and then just disappear. There have been sounds of children playing in the woods. Shadow people have also been known to be seen here. People that have visited the cemetery have said to have had extreme feelings of “get out”. Paranormal investigators have had evidence of EVPs caught here as well as seeing a phenomenon called "Will O The Wisp".

Amityville Horror House

The original look of the Amityville house
An old photo of the infamous view of the house. This is actually the rear view of the house.
The front of the house is different. It has been remodeled several times.

A Brief History: The infamous house sits in Amityville, New York. The large home was constructed in 1925 on a narrow strip of property. On November 13, 1974 the residence became the scene of gruesome horror. Ronald Joseph DeFeo Sr, his wife Louise, and their children John, Marc, Dawn, and Allison were found shot to death in their bedrooms. Initially taken to a police station for his own protection, Ronald “Butch” DeFeo Jr was charged with the murders after detectives discovered holes in his stories. During his trial he claimed to have committed the murders because he heard their voices plotting against him. He was convicted of 6 counts of Second Degree Murder and sentenced to 6 consecutive counts of 25 years to life.

Thirteen months later on December 18, 1975 the Lutz family moved into the house on Ocean Avenue. The claims of the paranormal began shortly afterwards. The family asked a priest, Father Ralph Pecoraro to bless the home. In his book on the haunting, Jay Anson claimed the priest who renamed Father Mancusco was harassed by evil forces and told to “Get Out” of the home. However, according to the church this never happened. The Lutz family claimed that throughout their time at the home evil forces menaced them. Some of the claims were rooms filling with flies, the front door being ripped off the hinges, disembodied voices, cold spots, and dealing with “Jodie” a red eyed pig looking creature. The family moved out after living in the home for only 28 days.

Haunted History: The Amityville Horror is subject to much controversy. The Lutz family brought in paranormal investigators to check out the property. He hoped to get others to agree with his claims for Jay Anson’s upcoming book about the subject. The first group brought in was the Parapsychology Institute of America. This organization was run by Stephen Kaplan Ph.D. and his wife Roxanne. According to Mrs. Kaplan, the first time P.I.A. was in the house was during the auction of the Lutzes property, after they had moved out. They were in the house several times after that as well. Mrs. Kaplan also stated to us, “When George realized that Stephen would tell the truth of whatever we did or did not find, he cancelled our investigation, only to call in the Warrens, Hans Holzer, and a TV crew from Ch. 5.”

The Warren’s claimed that the home was haunted. Lorraine Warren claimed that she clairvoyantly felt evil presences in the home. She said that these feeling began before even arriving at the home. She even felt that she encountered the spirit of Ronald DeFeo on the third floor of the home. Warren claimed afterwards that feeling was so sinister she knew it could never be forced from the home. Ed Warren claimed to have encountered shadow like beings in the basement. He felt that these shadows were first trying to push him to the ground, and then trying to lift him up off it. Using the power of prayer he commanded the spirits to leave him alone.

What exactly happened in the home on Ocean Avenue in Amityville who’s to say for sure? There are so many varying claims and opinions it is difficult to say. The claim that the house was built on Native American burial grounds and thus dooming it to evil hauntings seems unfounded. While the truth may be out there, we may never know the full complete story.

Caleb Smith House

Caleb Smith House

A Brief History: Located at 581 W. Jericho Turnpike Smithtown NY. The Caleb Smith house was originally part of the family estate in Commack, New York. This Colonial Queen Anne style home was built in two stages, construction began in 1724 but wasn't completed until 1819. Built by Richard “Bull” Smith and his father Daniel Smith II the home stayed on the estate until 1955 when it was moved to its Jericho Turnpike location in Smithtown, New York. It once served as the headquarters for the Smithtown Historical Society. It now serves as the Society's exhibition hall that contains a large number of documents, decorative arts, costumes and textiles. Though it has undergone many renovations over the years, much of the house still remains in tact.

Haunted History: There have been many reports of the dolls in the crib changing position and moving their hands. There are also loud bangs that can be heard throughout the house and no known cause has been found.

Camp Hero

Camp Hero, Montauk NY

Historical Facts:

In 1942 the United States Government set up Fort Hero, named after Major General Andrew Hero Jr. Considered to be a likely point of attack by the German U-boats in the eastern coast of Long Island the government decided to upgrade the Fort to Camp Hero in the same year. The Camp was designed to look like a New England fishing town, the bunkers had windows painted on them and the training gym was designed to look like an old church. After WWII had ended it was shut down and used only as a training facility to the US Army. In the 1950's with the beginning of the Cold War a huge concern of Long Range missiles flying over, the US government gave the Western half of the base to the773rd Aircraft Control and Warning (AC&W) Squadron; they were there to spot and identify all aircrafts. In 1958 a Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) radar system was set up. It was designed to detect any airborne objects with a range of 200 miles. Due to the increasing development of Spy Satellite technology the airbase was considered obsolete and closed down in 1981. In 1984 the government tried to sell the land to real estate but because of environmental protest it was deemed unique for ecosystems and animal habitats. It was donated to the New York Department of State Parks. The idea of turning it into a golf course was abandoned after 1999 and in 2002 the Park was opened to the public, which it remains to this day.

Haunted History:

The most famous account of Camp Hero is the Montauk project. It was said that two boys were kidnapped and put in a special training facility on the camp. They were being experimented on to see if they could be used for remote viewing or bringing in objects from another dimension with the use of the Montauk Chair. Also known as the Phoenix project and was said to have scientists from Brookhaven National Labs in charge of the Project. It is claimed that in one Experiment with the Montauk Chair a boy accidentally opened a door that released a fourth dimensional creature they refer to as "Junior". It is said that the creature was captured underneath the grounds and that it was closed off. It is also said that the state park only owns the grounds and everything underneath is owned by the US Government.

Centereach High School

Center Reach High School

Historical Facts:

James Halverson was a second year FDNY Firefighter who liked to run around the Centereach High School track every day. The evening of January 3, 1997 started out like no other. As James was running on the track accompanied by his dog he was most likely not paying much attention to William Sodders and Eric Calvin, who were hanging out near the northwest corner of the asphalt track. Sodders and Calvin possessed a shared obsession for the movie Natural Born Killers.

On this particular evening Sodders was concealing a stolen 9mm handgun and waiting for a chance to use it.

Halverson continued to run around the track as Sodders knelt appearing to tie his sneakers. Soon as Halverson was in front of him, Sodders pulled out his gun and shot him twice, once in the leg and once in the chest. Sodders then turned his gun on the dog and killed it. After the shooting William Sodders, Eric Calvin, and their friend who was in the getaway car drove off.

As James Halverson laid on the track, his wife who was pregnant with twin girls was getting worried. It was not like her husband to be late. She drove over to the school and found him laying on the track, deceased. William Sodders was turned into the police by his father who was horrified at what his son had done. Sodders was convicted of Second Degree Murder and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Calvin was convicted of Criminal Facilitation and Hindering Prosecution. Paranormal Activity At This Site: During football games at the high school the visitor bleachers are usually empty, because it is close to the North East corner of the track and also when people do sit there they feel like they are being watched, possible by the presence of James Halversen. When people run around the track they have been known to avoid the North West corner and the 5th lane of the track. Some people even run on the grass to avoid that part of the track all together. People say that they have sighted a white glowing object in the North West and North East corner of the track. Others have seen a man running on the 5th lane of the track and then just disappear. Click Here for our investigations of this location.

Paranormal Activity At This Site:

During football games at the high school the visitor bleachers are usually empty, because it is close to the North East corner of the track and also when people do sit there they feel like they are being watched, possible by the presence of James Halversen. When people run around the track they have been known to avoid the North West corner and the 5th lane of the track. Some people even run on the grass to avoid that part of the track all together. People say that they have sighted a white glowing object in the North West and North East corner of the track. Others have seen a man running on the 5th lane of the track and then just disappear. Click Here for our investigations of this location.

Chandler Estate (aka Satan's Trails)

Chandler Estate

A Brief History: Chandler Estate, also known as Satan's Trails is located in Mount Sinai, New York. Chandler Estate was originally a waterfront resort that overlooked Mt. Sinai Harbor. During the 1950s, actress Marilyn Monroe, and playwright Arthur Miller stayed there. Eventually the property changed from being a resort to an apartment complex. After the complex closed it sustained fire damage and was demolished. Currently it is a mixture an overgrown field with some foundations and woods.

Haunted History: Chandler Estate is rumored to be part of various cult activity, as well as host to claims of the paranormal. Among the rumors is a claim that satanic worshipers attempt to contact something nicknamed "the Whacker." Some people claim to have encountered the spirit of Marilyn Monroe. Other people claim that Mary from the "Mary legends" once lived on the property. People report feelings of unease, and that something watches them while they are on the property.

Commack Multiplex Cinemas

Commack Multiplex Cinemas

A brief History: The Commack Multiplex Cinemas is located at 100 Long Island Expressway, Commack N.Y. 11725. The theater was built in the mid 1980s. The architect who designed the theater is Burt W. Federman. The Commack Multiplex Cinemas is within the National Amusements chain. The theater is still open today housing 15 screens, totaling 5,100 seats.

Haunted History: Many employees while in the employee lounge have reported the doorknobs turning by themselves, and the locker doors opening and closing on their own, when no one is around. Employees also claim that scratch marks appear and disappear on the concession stand glass countertop, after it has been completely cleaned off. Guests have claimed that they have seen shadows move in front of the screen when the theater has dim lighting.

Coindre Hall

Coindre Hall

A brief History: Coindre Hall, formerly known as the French renaissance style mansion of pharmaceutical magnate of George McKesson Brown sits at 101 Browns Road in Huntington, NY. After 6 years of construction, Coindre Hall was completed. The residence boasted an indoor pool, servants’ quarters, a boathouse, gatehouse, and stable. A member of Long Island high society, McKesson belonged to two yacht clubs and the New York Horticultural Society. During the Stock Market Crash of 1929 George McKesson lost his fortune and with it his chateau. During prohibition, the boating house and underground tunnels were used by bootleggers to smuggle illegal alcohol.

Ownership of the property then went to the Brothers of Sacred Heart who turned it into a boarding school and summer retreat. They also renamed the location Coindre Hall in honor of the late Father Andre’ Coindre. They ran the school until it closed in 1971. Then through the mid-1980s the building was the Eagle Hill School. The school specialized in teaching students with learning disabilities. Coindre Hall is now a multipurpose venue specializing in weddings. In 1973 Coindre Hall Park was placed under the control of the Suffolk County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Conservation. Then in 1985 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Haunted History: Visitors to Coindre Hall have reported strange occurrences. Some people have claimed to see figures in vintage clothing moving about the building. On occasion people have reported that they thought they saw someone resembling a 1930s gangster on the property. If you happen to attend a wedding at Coindre Hall keep your eyes peeled for guests of another era. Who knows who you may come across.

Country House Restaurant

Country House Resturant

A Brief History: The Country House Restaurant is located 1175 N. Country Rd. in Stony brook, NY. It was built in 1710 used originally as a home with a farm. It was owned by the same family for centuries and used for multiple things such as a stagecoach drop off. At one point it housed British troops during the Revolutionary War. Eventually it became the home of British actor Thomas Haddaway in the 1800s. In 1970, it became known as the “1710 house,” then reopened as the “Haddaway house,” Finally becoming the Country House Restaurant in 1978.

Haunted History: It is supposedly haunted by Annette Williamson, the child of a former owner. The legend states that Annette was left behind to tend to the house and farm while her family went to check in on their other farm in New Jersey. The British came and set up house, not knowing what to do, she allowed them to stay. Eventually the British moved out and she was looked at by the towns’ people as a British spy. She was trapped in her own house and hung from the second story rafters and is allegedly buried in a small graveyard on the property. She is said to haunt the kitchen and stairway. There are tales of cries being heard by visitors and the staff and light bulbs draining for attention from guests. It is also thought that she may not be the only spirit there. Former owner Thomas Haddaway and his neighbor, William Sydney Mount, an American painter, hosted a lot of séances in the home, drawing in unknown spirits and is believed these dark spirits may still be lingering around the restaurant.

D.S. Shanahans

D.S. Shanahans

A Brief History: Located on Old Dock Road in Kings Park, New York, sits a bar named D.S. Shanahan’s, Established in 2000. The bar is situated in the shadows of the now closed Kings Park Psychiatric Center. Built many years ago the bar has seen its share of people and local history. Now it stands as a local hole in the wall hangout for nearby residents. However, there are those who say that the patrons are not alone as they sit in Shanahans.

Haunted History: Some people claim that they have seen the spirit of a young woman inside the bar. Sightings are not limited to those partaking in quenching their thirst. One employee stated that one day he was working in the upstairs part of the bar when he turned around and saw an apparition of a lady standing in the hallway. As he went to speak to her she disappeared. Who was she? No one seems to really have an exact answer. Some speculate that she may have been a call girl from back when the bar used to be a brothel. Does the spirit of the lady exist, or is she just a figment of people's imaginations? Well next time you are in the area and feeling like a drink and a warm meal, stop into D.S. Shanahans and keep your eyes peeled for a certain someone standing in the shadows maybe looking to make a friend.

Edgewood State Hospital

Edgewood State Hospital

A Brief History:

There is very little that is documented on Edgewood Hospital. There are gaps in the time line, and some information is impossible to find.

Built in the early 1940’s, and designed by William E. Haugaard (who also designed Pilgrim Psych Center). The U.S. Army took over construction from the WPA (Works Progress Administration), and they leased it for use as a POW camp and a tuberculosis hospital. The hospital was also used to try and ease the transition of shell-shocked war veterans back to “normal lives.” The hospital along with 60+ other buildings were named Mason General Hospital, dedicated on June 22, 1944 to the memory of Brig. Gen. Charles Field Mason; who had a distinguished career in the Medical Corps, before passing away in 1922. The last patient left on December 20, 1946 when the hospital closed. The U.S. Army’s lease had been terminated, and the hospital returned to the State.

During World War 2, the War Department had taken over the entire Edgewood facility along with 2 other buildings (81,82, and 83). The buildings were called Mason General Hospital and were used as a psychiatric hospital devoted to treating battle-traumatized soldiers. John Huston, who was a famed filmmaker, received a special commission in the U.S. Army during WW2, made a documentary at Mason called “Let There Be Light.” The movie showed the effects of war on mental health. The U.S. Army confiscated the tape, because they didn’t want the public to see soldiers hurt. They wanted society to think of soldiers as “grinning, self-assured victors.” Due to a wildfire of controversy, the movie had not been seen by the public until 1981.

Due to all the improvements in medicine, decentralization, and the changing beliefs of the mental health system, most of the Edgewood Hospital was closed in 1969. All of the remaining buildings closed their doors for good in 1971. People who explored the hospital after it closed had described it as a place frozen in time. Everyone had just up and left. Wire, tools, surgical equipment, patient records, furniture, and other objects were all left behind.

In the 1980’s there were a list of fires set in the buildings by vandals and partying teens. With the roof partially missing from the fires and the buildings graffiti filled and partially demolished by trespassers, the State decided the buildings needed to come down.

On January 30, 1989, a demolition crew began their work on tearing down the first of eight buildings where tens of thousands of patients once lived. They demolished building 103 on that day, which once housed the hospital’s narcotics unit. Demolishing the buildings will be a long and tedious process, because the buildings were built in the 1940’s and were filled with asbestos.

Finally on August 16, 1989, the tallest building on Long Island was demolished, building 102 (the main building). It is said that on a clear day while standing on the roof of the building, you were able to see the New York City Skyline. Also if you were on either the north or south shore beaches you were able to see building 102. The nurses dormitory (140), the remnants of the gym, church, movie theater and kitchen (105) were all taken down in 1989. This was the largest state-owned demolition job ever with the total bill being between $11-13 million. The powerhouse and south wing building (103) were still standing, awaiting further funds to be destroyed. In the meantime while awaiting funds many teenagers would go into the abandoned buildings to explore, and every so often someone would get injured. The state decided before someone gets extremely injured or dies to demolish the remaining buildings. Within the next year they were down, costing an estimated $20 million for the total demolishing of the property and removal of debris.

Listed below are some of the buildings and the uses of them at Edgewood State hospital:

  • Building 102: Built in 1940, with a height of 229 feet and 13 floors, was used for the infirmary, acute medical and surgical, library and dental offices.
  • Building 103: Built in 1941, with a height of 51 feet and 3 floors, was used for female reception, tubercular and diabetic center, occupational therapy, and the mortuary.
  • Building 104: Built in 1941, with a height of 51 feet and 3 floors, was used for male reception, drug rehabilitation, and occupational therapy.
  • Building 105: Built in 1941, with a height of 25 feet and 1 floor, was used for the kitchen and dining room.
  • Building 106: Built in 1945, used by the Army, had only1 floor, was used for a recreation building.
  • Building 107: Built in 1945, used by the Army, had only 1 floor, was used as a gymnasium.
  • Building 108: Built in 1945, used by the Army, had only 1 floor, was used as a chapel.
  • Building 135: Built in 1942, with a height of 177 feet and 3 floors, was used for the power plant, and LIRR spur and siding.
  • Building 140: Built in 1941, with a height of 38 feet and 4 floors, was used for married employees building, and tubercular and continuing care.
  • Building 155: Built in 1941, with a height of 33 feet and 4 floors, was used for multi-family staff housing.

Haunted History: Even though the buildings, the staff and patients are gone, there spirits still remain at the site once called Edgewood State Hospital. Now called Edgewood Preserve, and a parkland with many trees and overgrown brush, still lies the spirits that once made up these grounds. There have been reports of people hearing screams in the woods when no one is around. Also people have claimed to see misty figures in the woods that appear and disappear within an instant. There have also been claims that when you stand in the spot were building 102 used to be, sometimes you can feel a cold wind blow right through you.

Fire Island Lighthouse

Fire Island Light House, Fire Island NY

A Brief History: During the early half of the nineteenth century it was decided that the southern half of Long Island needed a lighthouse. The area was visited by many fishing and cargo vessels, so there was a need to warn them of sandbars and shallow waters near the southern Long Island coast. The first lighthouse on Fire Island was completed in 1826. It was 74 feet high, and shaped like an octagonal pyramid. As time went on it was decided that the lighthouse had a limited effectiveness. The lack of height made its range inadequate. Congress set aside $40,000 in 1857 for construction of a new, larger lighthouse that would be seen more easily by ships out on the ocean. The new 168-foot tower was first lit on November 1st, 1858. The lighthouse was first manned by the United States Lighthouse Service. When the Lighthouse Service was eventually dissolved, Fire Island Lighthouse was placed under the jurisdiction of the United States Coast Guard.

On December 31st, 1973 the Fire Island Lighthouse was decommissioned as a navigational aid. A strobe light facing the ocean was placed atop the water tower at Robert Moses State Park. In the 1970s the land was given over to the park service. Private citizens rallied to save the lighthouse through raising donations. Boaters who used the Great South Bay were unable to use the strobe light for navigation and also wanted the lighthouse restored to service. By 1982, $1.3 million had been raised for lighthouse restoration. Then in 1984 the Fire Island Lighthouse was placed on the National Register of Historical Places. Finally, on Memorial Day of 1986 the lighthouse was reinstated, and once again a shining beacon to the area. The Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society (FILPS) took over running the lighthouse from the Coast Guard in 2006. It is now listed as a private aid to navigation.

Haunted History: While Fire Island Lighthouse has its share of visitors, there are some whom claim that not all who appear are of the earthly realm. One such reoccurring story involves the original lighthouse. All that remains is a foundation where the original lighthouse stood. The new lighthouse was partially constructed of bricks from the original lighthouse. This meant that the original had to be dismantled before the new structure could be built. The caretaker of 1857 and his family were displaced from their home in the original lighthouse and had to live in poorly insulated wooden shack until the new lighthouse complex was completed. The winter of 1857 was harsh and life inside the shack was difficult. The daughter became ill from the constant cold. A doctor was summoned, but before he could arrive she passed away. The caretaker’s wife brought the body of their daughter back to Sayville for burial. The caretaker do to his position couldn’t leave to attend the funeral of his daughter. He was needed to keep a fire burning as a warning for ships in the area. Alone, his grief became unbearable. One night people noticed that the light in the newly constructed tower had gone out. A party was sent out to see what happened. Upon entering the new lighthouse they discovered the lifeless body of the caretaker hanging from a rope. To this day people report seeing the ghostly visage of the caretaker pacing about, most likely waiting for the doctor to come to try to save his daughter. Other people claim to hear him walking the stairs, and opening or closing doors to the lighthouse. As he walks his route a maniacal laugh can be heard from the emotionally distraught keeper. Some claim to see him with a rope in hand, searching for a spot to hang himself again and end his grief.

Fort Hill Cemetery

For Hill Cemetery, Montauk NY

A Brief History: Fort Hill Cemetery is located at The Plaza in Montauk, NY. Where it is down hill from the gorgeous Montauk Manor. Prior to being a cemetery however there were Montukette Indians that lived there. There is a rock that sits on the grounds that was once considered the Council Rock. Many councils were held there to discuss all of life’s matters. It is considered to have historical significance to the Montauk tribe that resided there and they believed it to be a spiritual vortex, a fire would start at the base of the rock and could be seen like a beacon to any ships that were in the area. It is now a modern cemetery that shows no signs that the Montaukette Indians resided there other than a plaque that sits on top of what used to be the Council Rock.

Haunted History: Today there are some supernatural events that occur on or around the grounds of Fort Hill Cemetery. They say that the spirit of the Montaukette Indian chief has been seen in this area as well as on the grounds of Montauk Manor. They also say you can hear a faint beating of drums if you listen carefully. Just outside the grounds is where some of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders died of disease or tuberculosis and some believe there spirits may roam the area as well.

Fort Slongo Battlefield

Fort Slongo

Brief History: The Battle of Ft. Slongo now known as Ft. Salonga, was fought on October 3, 1781 between the American Continental Army forces and British Regulars. Early on the evening of October 2, 1781, 50 men from the Connecticut line commanded by Captain Richards and 50 more men from the Dismounted Dragoons commanded by Captain Edgar, crossed the Long Island Sound in boats to raid a small British garrison outpost on Long Island. At dawn Major Trescott, Captain Richards and Captain Edgar attacked the fort with a frontal assault. The battle was over in just minutes. The Garrison housed 80-140 Infantry. 21 British Troops were captured and 2 were killed. The rest escaped into the woods. The Americans only suffered 1 soldier wounded. That was Sergeant Elijah Churchill, who would be the first soldier to receive a new medal called the Badge of Military Merit, today known as the Purple Heart. The award was given to Sergeant Churchill, personally by General George Washington. Today there is a historical marker on Route 25A in Ft. Salonga that says the battle was fought near this site.

Ft Slongo battlefield (present day)

Haunted History: There have been claims of hearing gunshots in the early morning. People have also claimed to hear the sounds of a battle taking place, but there is nothing going on around the area.

The Gateway Playhouse

The Gateway Playhouse

A Brief History: Located at 215 S. Country Road Bellport New York, the property was built in 1827 for Charles Osborn and purchased in 1884 by J.L.B. Mott and was converted in to a resort by Harry C. Pomeran and his wife Libby, for Christian scientists. Their three children worked there on the farm taking care of daisy the cow and two chickens. The children entertained the guests by performing singing skits, putting on puppet shows and playing piano. Harry decided to make a small investment echoing the footsteps of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. The family cow (daisy) was moved from the barn and that’s where the gateway playhouse began. It was the oldest of three theatres on the island and recognized as one of the top ten summer theatres in the nation. Gateway Playhouse is still open today, putting on theatrical shows for the community. You can visit their website for show time and show listings @ www.gatewayplayhouse.com.

Haunted History:  Through the many years of Gateway Playhouses history, there are many hauntings that take place here as well. In the late 1800s there was a murder at the location and supposedly you can hear sounds of moaning. While in the old theater there have been shadows and smoky forms seen by the employees as well as guests. One of the employees claim to have seen a man with a top hat in the sound booth just appear and then disappear. In the Mott house, guests have complained of hearing sounds of a wheelchair moving late in the night, when no one in the house uses a wheelchair. There have also been claims of moving items such as: bells, mirrors and even typewriter keys being typed on when no one is there. Guest and employees have also claims to have had other experiences throughout the location such as; disembodied voices heard, pressure changes, cold spots felt, random tapping/knocking, lights turning on and off, and feelings of being watched. So next time you go and see a show at the Gateway Playhouse you may encounter something a little more than what you paid for.

Gould's Pond

Goulds Pond

A Brief History: Gould's Pond which is located off St. James Road has been used as a fishing spot since Lake Grove was settled back in the early 1700's. By the 1800's it was one of the many lakes used to cut ice from, which was then stored at one of the two Icehouses that sat on its shores. After World War I many changes happened in Lake Grove, one of which was the old Icehouses would be taken down and James Gould established a Feed Mill there and his relative Harold Gould went on to become Postmaster. Once the early 1900's began and Lake Ronkonkoma became such a popular recreational area, summer homes were needed and the Feed Mill was torn down to make room for more housing. These summer homes have since become permanent homes that sit around Gould's Pond where the Feed Mill and Icehouses once stood. Today Gould's Pond is still used for fishing and is open to the public from dawn till dusk but a fishing license is required.

Haunted History: People have said that they have seen a man in gray sitting by the lake and then just disappear.

Hanging Tree

Hanging Tree

A Brief History: The Hanging Tree is located off Grove Avenue near the Swan River, Legend states that back in colonial times people who were tried as witches were hanged here. Unfortunately there is little evidence to support the claims that people were hung here back then. In recent legend there were two people that have died by the hanging tree. One was a suicide; it is unclear if the second was due to suicide or fowl play. At this time there is no records of anyone passing away at this location.

Haunted History: Many paranormal events have occurred here anything ranging from unexplained lights, moving shadows and distortions. People have said to feel uneasy and experience feelings of dread. Past investigators have had equipment knocked from there hands, have been pushed and EVPs were also caught at this location. On at least one occasion someone has claimed seeing a “Lady in White” on the grounds. There have also been multiple cameras malfunctions. There have also been many claims of hot spots and cold spots felt here.

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Islip Pavilion Theater

Islip Pavilion Theater

A Brief History: The Islip Pavilion Theater opened as a movie theater on Main Street in 1946. Thousands of people entered its doors until it closed in 2006. After 7 off and on years of abandonment it reopened in June of 2013 once again as a movie theater. During its run of sixty years thousands of people visited the theater and attended its shows.

Haunted History: Perhaps some fans of the Islip Pavilion Theater have decided to take up a supernatural presence in the old building. Many former employees have stories of feeling that they were not alone when working there at night. Many reported hearing strange sounds such as footsteps and knocking when no one else was around. A few people have even claimed to hear what sounded like breathing, and a human heart beat to them. If you’re near Islip and feel the urge to watch a movie go check out the Islip Pavilion Theater. Maybe the empty seat next to you won’t be as empty as you thought.

Jayne's Hill

A Brief History: Jayne’s Hill is located in the West Hills (Huntington) of Long Island, New York. It is known as the highest point on Long Island. Its height is listed at 387 feet. At varying points in history it has held different names; including High Hill and Oakley’s High Hill Field. The area was made famous due to its association with the well-known poet, Walt Whitman. Whitman was born near the hill, and enjoyed climbing the summit as he got older. His poem, Starting from Paumanok was inspired by his time at Jayne’s Hill. Paumanok translates to mean Long Island from Native American dialect. Local Congressman and historian Silas Wood also lived near Jayne’s Hill till his passing in 1847. Currently, the hill is now part of parkland belonging to Suffolk County under the name West Hills County Park.

Jaynes Hill

Haunted History: It is not surprising that the area is home to various paranormal claims considering the densely wooded location has seen its share of history these last few hundred years. Rumors abound of UFO activity in the past that occurred not far from Jayne’s Hill. Perhaps though, the most famous paranormal sighting that some travelers of the area claim to witness is that of Walt Whitman himself. Others claim to hear him singing songs in the woods like he used to while he lived in the area. Feel free to take a walk in the woods, climb Jayne’s Hill and just maybe you have chance to grab a fleeting glance of one of America’s most famous poets before he disappears back into the shadows.

Grumman Road

Grumman Road is supposed to be a small road somewhere on Eastern Long Island where strange things occur:

  • When you drive down this road the gauges in your car start to move back and fourth.
  • Your radio in your car may go on or off, and change radio stations on it’s own.
  • The reception to your radio will be low, and you will hear a lot of static.
  • While you are driving down this road your car may stall out.
  • If you have a compass, it will give faulty directions or it may even spin around.
  • It is also said that while driving on this road all of these things start to happen to your car and when you turn around to go back the side roads that you passed while driving on the road have disappeared, and then reappears later.

All of these occurrences may be do to extraterrestrial activity in the area. It is said this road may cross through a military base and the events happening here could be do to government testing on different types of top-secret equipment. This road may even cross through a strong magnetic field that no one knows is there. This road also may cross into another dimension and then come back, which would explain why roads disappear and then reappear.

Supposedly this road is somewhere on the Eastern end of Long Island, but no one knows exactly where it is (the Grumman Road that comes up on some Mapquest and similar searches is not it). It may be a locally known name for an otherwise unmarked road, or, it may be a nickname for a private road that was once part of the Grumman aerospace complex on Long Island.

Katie's Bar

Katies Bar

A Brief History: Katie’s of Smithtown is located at 145 West Main Street in Smithtown, New York. The original building that is now Katie's was erected nearly 100 years ago as a shop to service passengers on the newly established rail road system on Eastern Long Island. Over the years the land and building have served many purposes.

In the late 1800s a hospital was constructed on the land where Katie’s is now. The hospital burned down on December 5th, 1909. It is not known if any one died in the fire. Later in the 1920s a candy shop was built on the land.

The current owner Brian Karppinen purchased the bar in 2000. Over the years significant renovations have taken place. As best known the building is not constructed on any unusual land nor have any significant events happened on the location where the bar stands.

Haunted History: A great deal of paranormal activity has been reports at the bar, and several well-known paranormal teams have filmed their investigations there. Patrons report seeing a figure of a man at various locations in the bar. In the 1920s a man named Charlie Klein frequented the bar regularly as a bartender and bootlegger. Reports of the apparition began after Charlie died by his own hand in the late 1920s. People in turn-of-the-century clothing have been seen walking through the bar. The figure of a woman has been seen walking across the main bar floor as well as up and down the stairs leading to the basement. The toilet lids in the woman’s bathroom have been reported to jump and bang with no one there. The footsteps of people on the main bar floor are often heard from the basement when no one else is in the building. Glasses have frequently been reported being moved off the bar (both main bar room and basement), the tables and even flying off the holding racks. Brian reported that he once was at the top of the back door staircase, lost his balance and started to fall backwards, but something grabbed him and pushed him back up to his feet.

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Kings Park Psychiatric Center Kings Park Psychiatric Center

A legendary location on Long Island, in the Kings Park/Stony Brook area. People passing through the area have reported hearing yells and screams the abandoned buildings. This area is scheduled to be demolished in the near future.

Note that access to the grounds is limited and entry into the buildings is forbidden by law.

Kings Park Potters Field cemetery Kings Park Potters Field Cemetery

This potters field, located on the grounds of the Kings Park Psychiatric Center, is no longer used but is considered very active. Sounds, EVPs and unusual photographs have all been encountered here. In spite of it's proximity to a residential area access is as limited as to the Kings Park center itself.

Lake Ronkonkoma

Lake Ronkonkoma

A Brief History: Located on Long Island, New York is a large kettle lake called Lake Ronkonkoma. Being about two miles in circumference and around ½ mile in width, it is the largest lake on Long Island. While most of the lake is approximately 15 feet deep, there are areas where it is much deeper, with the deepest section being approximately 65 feet deep. The word Ronkonkoma comes from the Algonquian language and translates to “the boundary fishing place.” The name came from the fact that the area was a boundary for the Nissequogue, Setauket, Secatogue, and Unkechaug Native American tribal lands. Lake Ronkonkoma started becoming settled in the 1740s by colonists. Other, nearby areas started in the 1600s. In the latter half of the 19th century people began coming to Lake Ronkonkoma to visit the lake beaches. In response, beach pavilions, snack stands, and other forms of entertainment were constructed. The Long Island Railroad decided to create a train station there in 1883. In 1911, the Long Island Motor Parkway was completed. This roadway connected the growing hamlet of Lake Ronkonkoma with the Queens section of New York City. The area became the place to spend the summer for New York City’s wealthy and elite. Until the 1930s the lake area was popular with hunters during the warm summer months. Eventually the area started becoming more mainstream and less exclusive. As the area grew it changed from being a resort town to a regular community, perhaps losing some of its special “magic” that made it unique.

Haunted History: Lake Ronkonkoma is also known for its stories involving the paranormal. Many of these tales center on a Native American princess. In some of the stories there was a princess who was in love with a white colonist. They were supposed to marry, but something happens in which it is prevented. In one story the colonist is killed by natives, while in another it was by a colonist. Another story has the chief of the tribe banning his daughter, the princess from marrying a white man. The end of many of the stories is the same. The princess is overcome with grief and decides that she can’t live with the pain. She rows her canoe out into the lake and ties a rock to her body. She then vows to avenge her inability to marry her love by once a year taking the life of a young man by drowning him in the lake. Once her vow is spoken she throws herself from her canoe and disappears into the depths of lake. There have been many years where someone has drowned in Lake Ronkonkoma. In addition to the princess legends people also report seeing others ice skating out on the lake. However, when they look more closely they notice that the skaters are dressed in older style clothes, and in some cases the lake surface isn’t frozen.

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Lakeview Cemetery

A Brief History: You cannot tell the history of Lakeview Cemetery without first discussing Patchogue's “Four Sisters”. They were born in a house that was built in 1812 that still stands today. The four sisters Augusta, Betsy Ann, Charlotte, and Ruth Smith have a long history in Patchogue that reaches to the Lakeview Cemetery grounds. Ruth Smith originally owned the grounds that is now the cemetery and it was donated by her to the Episcopal Church to use as a cemetery. The four sisters left their legacy in Lakeview Cemetery by having 4 large columns and a large monument erected to honor her family. Standing at 22 feet high and weighing over 5 tons the monument has 4 statues that represent Charity, Faith, Hope, and Liberty. It also tells the genealogical history of the Smith family going back to “Rock John” Smith one of the original settlers of the town of Brookhaven. The Four Sisters also donated a plot to the cemetery for the sailors of Louis V. Place, a boat that crashed on Fire Island during a winter storm and all but 2 survived. All the bodies recovered were buried here. Also nationally known poet and lecturer Elizabeth Oakes Smith is also buried here. The cemetery is still there today and is located at Main St and Waverly Ave, in Patchogue.

Although no longer there on the grounds, to the left of the gate is a plaque where Hart's Tavern was located. This plaque acknowledges that George Washington had stop to rest here before heading to Setauket. Some say that Washington stopped here to thank his Culper (Spy ring) in Setauket for there work and met with Austin Roe who later moved to Patchogue from Setauket and opened another tavern along with owning stores, mills, and hotels in town.

Haunted History: There have been numerous unconfirmed reports over the years of glowing ghostly figures seen moving through the cemetery. The only confirmed encounter with a ghost at this cemetery is from another paranormal group based on Long Island. The story goes as they were investigating this site they felt some cold spots and thought they saw something by one of the tombstones. When they went over by the tombstone, they thought they saw a face in the stone looking at them! But when they called other people over to look it had disappeared.

Lakeview Cemetery


Lakeview Cemetery

Harts Tavern Cemetery

Laurel Lake

Laural Lake

A Brief History: Laurel Lake was formed approximately 40,000 years ago when the last glacier receded from Long Island. Laurel Lake is a kettle hole lake that consists of 30 acres and is 47 feet deep. It is one of the cleanest lakes on Long Island because when there is a storm there is no runoff water that deposits into the lake. There are many types of fish that live in Laurel Lake such as blue gills, brown bullhead catfish, chain pickerel, large mouth bass, pumpkin seed, trout, white perch, yellow perch, and fresh water jellyfish.

Haunted History: Years ago there was an old campground on the site, that is now mostly rubble, that an old man used to be in charge of. It is said that the spirit of the old man lurks around the woods. Supposedly if you go there at night the spirit of the old man will chase you out. People claim to hear growling, footsteps, and feelings of being constantly watched when you’re in the woods. In 1998 there was a report of three teenaged kids going into the woods after dark, and they said that they were being chased by a fat old man who was growling and muttering words at them. People believe that the angry old man is the one that used to run the campgrounds years ago, and is disgruntled, because the campsite was torn down.

Mary's Grave/Head of The Harbor

Marys Grave / Head of the harbor

There are many stories that go along with Mary’s Grave. All of these stories have been being told for many years now and we are sure that many of them were added to and embellished throughout the years. No one really knows what actually happed or even if the story of Mary is true. While some people claim to have seen the grave no photographic evidence has yet been provided.

Here is a list of the foremost stories that go along with Mary’s Grave.

  • Mary was cheating on her boyfriend, and when he found out he took her in the woods behind her house and hung her on a tree. It is said that if you are walking in the woods behind Mary’s house you will see her hanging from the tree.
  • While Mary’s boyfriend was in the Revolutionary War he was cheating on her with another woman. When he came home Mary found out that he’d been cheating on her so she brought him into the woods and killed him. Later on when people found out about it they took her into the woods and murdered her in the same spot.
  • Mary’s boyfriend was a sailor in one of the wars and while he was away she used to keep the bedroom light on in a second floor window so when he came home he would see her house and know it was her. Many years past and she did not hear from him so she got very depressed and committed suicide by hanging herself on a tree in front of her house. Supposedly when you drive past her house at night you can still see the bedroom light on. Also while driving down the road you may either see her hanging from the tree in front of her house or while driving under the tree you will hear scraping on the roof of your car, that supposed to be her feet dangling from the tree.
  • While driving down the road where Mary’s house is, if you are driving with 2 cars and only one car passes you on the way in one of your cars will not make it out.
  • While you are parked in front of Mary’s house, if you flash your head lights and honk your horn then turn off your car supposedly when you go to turn your car on it won’t start.
  • Supposedly Mary was a witch that killed children.  When the locals found out what was happening to all of the missing children they burnt her at the stake and buried her remains in a potters field so no one knows who she is and where she is buried.
  • Two boys raped and murdered Mary right out side of her house. Supposedly while driving down the road you will see a while shadowing figure standing there and right when you drive passed she jumps out at your car trying to make you crash. (This only happens if you are male.)
  • Supposedly her tombstone is behind her house in the woods, and when you find the tombstone you will see her name on it and the year she died. Many people claim that they took photos and video of the grave but when they got the pictures developed, or viewed the video tape the tombstone was blank.
  • On the road where Mary’s house is there is a small stone building where supposedly Mary got murdered. If you hold a cross and knock three times on this building you supposedly wake the dead.

Montauk Manor

Montauk Manor

A Brief History: The Montauk Manor was first visualized by millionaire industrialist Carl Fisher in 1925. He wanted to create an opulent hotel out on the east end of Long Island. The hotel opened for business during the spring of 1927. It became a playground for the wealthy and famous of the 1920s. People relaxed, played croquet, and attended fancy balls on the 10,000-acre estate. The area became known as the "Miami Beach of the North." The stock market collapse of 1929 hit Fisher hard. He lost his fortunes, and the Montauk Manor like many of his other ventures started their decline from grandeur. The hotel has since been restored and is once again a well-known resort in Montauk.

Haunted History: The Montauk Manor is host to varying paranormal claims. Interestingly the claims deal more with Native Americans, rather than people of the Roaring Twenties. This may be due to the resort's lesser-known past. Next to the manor is a cemetery that was once a Native American cemetery, as well as meeting location for various tribes to discuss politics. There is a sign inside the cemetery which points out the location of "Meeting Rock." The natives were forced out of using the property and it was turned into a cemetery for non-Native Americans.

To this day people claim to hear the sounds of drumbeats and chanting around the property. There have also been reports of visitors seeing a man in Native American dress standing in the shadows and corners on the 4th floor of the hotel.

Montauk Point Lighthouse

Montauk Point Lighthouse

A Brief History: The Montauk Point Lighthouse is located at 2000 Route 27, Montauk, New York 11954. Its first lighthouse keeper was Jacob Hand, and its last civilian keeper was Thomas Buckridge. When famous road and park builder, Robert Moses, built Montauk Point Parkway in 1931 thousands of visitors began to visit the lighthouse. Commissioned to be built by President Washington in 1796, the Montauk Lighthouse stands high above the Atlantic Ocean. It was the first lighthouse built in New York State.

During the American Revolution, the British built watch fires on the bluff called Turtle Hill where the lighthouse would be built. These watch fires burned as guides for their ships which were blockading Long Island Sound. After the Revolution, the building of the lighthouse was authorized by the Second Congress. The builder was John McComb, along with fifty men. The United States Coast Guard began to operate the lighthouse from 1939 until 1987. During WWII the coast guard and the United States Army stationed themselves at the lighthouse. In 1942, a fire control station was built on the lighthouse grounds. This was done in order for U.S. Army Artillery Division to coordinate with cannon crews stationed at Camp Hero, just west of the lighthouse.

Today, the only owner of the Montauk Lighthouse is the Montauk Historical Society. They use admission fees, gift shop sales and private donations to preserve the lighthouse. Many visitors come to climb the 137 steps of the lighthouse and to enjoy the fantastic views. Long ago, one important visitor was Walt Whitman. Today, behind the lighthouse is a bronze monument, which honors all of the Long Island fisherman lost at sea. The lighthouse even has a mascot called "Maggie Thunderpaws." She is a black Newfoundland dog whose many duties include, taking pictures with visitors, "speaking" with people and comforting children who are sick.

In March 2012, the Montauk Lighthouse was designated a historical landmark and one of only 11 lighthouses in the nation.

Haunted History: The only questionable, haunted history was that of a seventeen-year-old girl named Abigail Olsen. She was the only survivor of a ship that had wrecked in the Atlantic Ocean near the lighthouse. Abigail was washed ashore, but unfortunately died in the hours after on December 25, 1811. Some have said to have heard noises coming from the lighthouse tower at night.

Mount Misery

Mount Misery Road

A Brief History: Located in Huntington, NY Mount Misery was named by early settlers for being a rocky, uneasy to climb piece of land that was impossible to farm on. They were warned by the Native Americans in the area that the grounds were cursed, but they didn't take the warnings. After discovering the difficulties of the area, they named it Mount Misery. Today because of its vastness, we separate it into 3 sites. There are two locations of Mt Misery that are split between the North and South side of Northern State Parkway. Site 1 sits on the South side and is easy to reach, but the second area is harder to reach and requires a long walk through dirt roads. This area is so large we split the location into two. We refer to those as sites 2 and 3. It is said that during the early 1900's a hospital once stood on the grounds. These patients were experimented on with many different types of psychological drugs. A woman named Mary was said to have escaped the hospital many times. Each time she set the building on fire. After the third time she burnt the hospital to the ground, and they decided not to rebuild. Mary is said to have been buried somewhere on the grounds of Mt. Misery. The grounds are also very close to and may even tie into some of the hauntings of Sweet Hollow Road.

Haunted History: There are many different types of hauntings that occur at Mount Misery. There have been sightings of Shadow People, glowing orbs, the sounds of laughter and also cries for help. Many have experienced all these things. There are also more menacing forces on the grounds from feelings of dread, voices screaming for help saying they are burning, to let them out and to even acknowledge your presence at the location. This area definitely has intelligent spirits roaming the grounds. There have been sightings of children here, a woman calling for help. But more interesting is that there has even been claims of a demonic force roaming around site 3. There has been claims of foul odors, odd growling with no animals in site and what can only be described as the smell of dried blood, some even claim to have seen a strange beast with glowing red eyes. People have said that there have also been rituals held throughout the year and the month of September seems to be when Mount Misery is its most active.

The legends of Mount Misery are also closely tied to the legends of Sweet Hollow Road.  Also see our recent investigations of Mount Misery for further information about this area.

Normandie Inn

The Normandie Inn, Bohemia NY

History: The Normandie Inn was built in the early 1920s for Czech Royalty. The Inn was known as the Hotel Chateau La Boheme in the 1920's. In the late 1920's during the prohibition era the Normandie Inn was turned into a speakeasy.

Haunted History: During the time that the Normandie Inn was a speakeasy there was a young girl named Maria, or Sarah, while in the back bedroom on the 2nd floor she was brutally strangled to death. There have been claims from hotel guests that claim that there was a knocking on there door late at night, but when they opened the door there was nothing there, but they felt a cold chill and a draft. The guests seem to believe that it is Maria knocking on the doors late at night.

Hotel guests also claim to have felt cold spots all around the hotel, specifically when they are alone, strange whispering sounds of a young woman, and shadow people lurking around the premises inside of the hotel and on the outer grounds of the hotel property.

Hotel employees claim to have seen footprints appear in the carpet but there was no one walking around. They also claim to hear the sounds of service bells, but there weren’t any to be found. Employees also have claimed that they see apparitions in the kitchen area.

The Normandie Inn, Bohemia NY

It has been said that there was a pile of bones found in the basement of the Inn during renovations either by the hotel employees or by the workers. The claim that they were not sure if they were animal bones or human remains, but when they went for help to find out more about the bones, when they returned the bones were missing and never found. Are these the bones of Maria’s strangled body, no one will ever know?

Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle

A Brief History: In 1914 Otto Herman Kahn a well to do investment banker purchased a large piece of land in what today is known as Cold Spring Hills. Kahn wanted to show off his wealth by building a castle for his home on the tallest hill on Long Island New York. Since all the tallest points where already owned, instead he brought in truckload after truckload of dirt until it became the highest point. It is at this time that Kahn built Oheka Castle a beautiful 126-room mansion. The Castle has 109,000 square feet of living space and is considered the second largest private residence next to Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. Today the castle is owned and operated as a catering hall where people can have lavish expensive weddings and parties and the guests can pay to stay the night in one of Oheka Castles many rooms.

Oheka Castle

Haunted History: There are supposedly secret tunnels that lead to Cold Spring Harbor and where used during the days of prohibition. Also there are secret passageways and rooms within Oheka Castle. There is even an area in the basement with bars where it is said Otto Kahn kept pet lions. There have been reports of seeing watery footprint in the poolroom late at night after the pool has been closed. There have been reports in the library where there is a portrait of Otto Kahn starring at you. There have even been occurrences when guests go to take a photograph of the portrait and the camera is set to take a photo when someone smiles, and when they aim it at the portrait the camera takes a picture without the guest pressing any buttons. There have also been claims of shadow people lurking around outside between the bushes.

Old Burying Ground, Cutchogue

Old Burying Grounds in Cutchogue

A Brief History: Old Burying Ground is located on State Route 25 Cutchogue, NY 11935 and was established in 1661, as part of the property that Mr. William Wells bought from the Corchaug tribe. He set aside the land to be used as a cemetery, and many gravestones on the property date back over 200 years. The earliest and still standing gravestone is dated 1717, for an infant named Phoebe Wells. Many early settlers of Cutchogue and the surrounding areas were buried there. There are also unmarked graves, from the 1700’s. It was not uncommon to use wooden crosses or small boulders with carved initials as headstones.

Old Burying Ground, as well as Cutchogue, is full of history. Two men who fought in the French and Indian War, Major Silas Horton and Lieutenant Simeon Benjamin, are buried there. Another man, Erastus Tuthill, died as a prisoner in Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War and was brought to Old Burying Ground by his family. There are slaves buried there, Elymus Reeve and Keturah L., their headstones still intact. Many of the headstones or markers have been worn down or disintegrated due to the elements.

Haunted History: People have reported feeling a sudden chill while walking through the cemetery at night. There are also claims of hearing voices talking but when you go to the location where you here them they disappear. Investigators have claimed to have seen shadows walking amongst the tombstones.

Old Burial Hill Cemetery

Old Burial Hill Cemetery

A Brief History: Old burial hill cemetery is located in Huntington Village on Route 25a. This old burial ground dates back to at least 1712 when the first burial took place. It was also occupied and desecrated by the British during the occupation of Huntington in the American Revolution and used as a fort Named Fort Golgotha headed and commanded by a British officer named Benjamin Thompson, also known as Count Rumphord.

The Old Presbyterian Church down the road was the original church that was built on burial hill. This church was torn down to use as firewood and to build Fort Golgotha. Some of the Tombstones are not in the same place where the people are buried. During the British occupation the British soldiers removed the tombstones to make way for their fort. Local merchants and workers made to work against their will reported the British removing these tombstones to use as flooring for tents and make shift bread ovens. The bread was known as Tombstone bread (the name tombstone bread was given by the locals due to the fact that when the British baked this bread on the torn down tombstones the inscription on the stone would burn itself into the bread crust).

Some of the cemetery residents were very important in the shaping of the American Revolution. General Gilbert Potter was an officer and patriot in the revolution and a member of the Long Island Spy Ring between Brooklyn and Setauket. The home of Gilbert Potter was on the corner where a Walbaums supermarket now stands on Wall Street in Huntington Village. Gilbert Potter was known for the patriotic saying "I am determined to live and die free". Two other noted residents of the cemetery are the Rev. Ebenezer Prime who was the pastor of the Presbyterian Church and Count Rumford known as the man Huntington loved to hate. Rev. Prime was an enthusiastic supporter of the revolution had been the 3rd minister from 1763 to 1779 and buried in old burial hill. It is reported that when building the fort Col. Thompson made sure that Rev. Primes headstone was placed in front of his tent. This so when he departed or entered his tent so that he might have the pleasure on "Treading on the old Rebel".

The cemetery residents also include local militia, enlisted soldiers and decorated officers from the Revolution. In March 1783, just 4 months after disassembly of the Old first church and construction of Fort Golgotha the British troops evacuated Huntington. As Count Rumphord's last act to aggravate the Huntington towns people, Thompson burned all the wood in the area so that the inhabitants would have less wood in the area to heat their homes during the remaining months of winter. The hated fort was subsequently torn down and the Old Presbyterian Church was reconstructed in 1784 on the site where it stands today.

Haunted History: It is said that the Rev. Ebenezer Prime and Colonel Thompson’s ghosts still roam the cemetery today. There have also been reports of seeing children in the cemetery and then just disappear.

Old Field Point Lighthouse, Seatauket

Old Field Point Lighthouse

A Brief History: The first lighthouse on this sight was built in 1824 and was one of the first of its kind on Long Island. After the Civil War, in 1869 a second lighthouse was constructed in front of the existing one. The new one was considerably larger to accommodate the increasing maritime traffic. The lighthouse was deactivated in 1933, and became a public park. It was short-lived however; during World War II the property was taken back by the federal government in order to station the Coast Guard there for defense. After the war, the land was returned to the public and in 1991, the lighthouse was once again returned to use. The original lighthouse keeper’s home is the only original structure that remains on the property.

Haunted History: Many visitors to the lighthouse have claims of feeling a roaming cold spot while walking around. People have also claimed to have seen a white mist floating on the grounds and then just disappear.

Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital

Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital

A Brief History: Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital is located in Brentwood, New York close to the Sagtikos Parkway. The original buildings were constructed in 1930 on about 1900 acres of property. Throughout the years many other buildings were built at the Pilgrim State property. Like many other psychiatric centers on Long Island, Pilgrim State was opened because of overcrowding in facilities located in New York City and Brooklyn. Overcrowding of these facilities in the 1920's led way to the creation of new state hospitals thus alleviating the stress that was being placed on city facilities.

When Pilgrim State first opened it housed about 12,000 people. Additional buildings were added throughout the years allowing the hospital to house almost 15,000 patients at its peak. Some of the buildings on the property included a theatre, bakery, power plant, Laundromat, its own medical facilities, farmhouses, underground tunnels, a cemetery, a water tower, and patient living quarters as well as staff housing. Like many of the hospitals at the time Pilgrim State was self-sufficient and considered to be a tight knit community.

Pilgrim State housed patients with various degrees of mental illnesses, tuberculosis, war veterans, patients who could not care for themselves and anyone else who was deemed unacceptable by the normal standards of society. Pilgrim State started out as a farm colony or a poorhouse. A farm colony or poorhouse was a tax funded residential institution where people who could not financially support themselves were sent. Some people did not have a say about being sent to a poor house. People including children, the elderly and even criminals were housed there.

In the late 1950's there was a huge shift in the treatment of mental illness. Treatments during this time were very aggressive and often violent as well. These treatments included different forms of electro shock and hydrotherapy and even pre-frontal lobotomy. In the late 1980's and early 1990's the de-institutionalization of those diagnosed with mental illness led to the closing of many of the state’s psychiatric hospitals closed their doors.

Although many institutions closed, Pilgrim remained opened and actually took in patients from the institutions. The perception though that mental health care hospitals were no longer needed force the hospital to discontinue many of their services and in turn to close many of it’s building due to lack of patients.

The grounds of Pilgrim state today are scattered with the remains of buildings no longer in use. One main building though has remained open and is still in use today.

Haunted History: People claim to hear patients screaming or yelling from inside the closed buildings. Other claims include shadow people being seen inside the closed buildings and outside the buildings as well. Loud banging sounds can also be heard in and outside of the buildings.

Pizza Hut  in Centereach

Pizza Hut in Centereach



Historical Facts: A while ago when this restaurant was a Jack in the box a man or a woman either committed suicide or got murdered in the bathroom.



Haunted History: Supposedly when you are in the bathrooms at Pizza Hut you will feel cold spots and hear whispering. Also the employees claim that when they are cleaning the restaurant the pots and pans will suddenly fall off of the shelves on there own. The employees claim that it’s a ghost pushing them off of the shelves. Click Here to read about our investigations of this site.

Plum Estate
Plum Estate

A Brief History: The Plumb Estate is located in East Islip, New York. It is part of Heckscher State Park. The location gets its name from J. Neale Plumb who along with George C. Taylor owned property there in the latter part of the Nineteenth Century. It was later turned into a state park after facing steep opposition from nearby residents.

J. Neale Plumb was a retired wealthy former merchant in 1899 when he decided to settle a grudge against his nemesis, banker Alexander Masterton Jr. whom he blamed for trying to alienate him from his children. Plumb confronted Masterton inside the Burlington Hotel and shot him 5 times. Masterton died about one hour later. Plumb was arrested, but died himself of exhaustion from a Streptococcal pharyngitis, aka Strep infection before he could stand trial.

Currently part of the Plum Estate was removed from it’s original foundation and was moved to the town of Islip on main Street. It is now used for different types of businesses and offices.

Plum Estate

Haunted History: People have claimed while walking on the trails by the old Plum Estate you can hear a horse pass by you, when there is no horse in the area. There are also claims that when you are walking in the trails were the Plum Estate once stood, you feel like your being watched, and followed. Is this the ghost of J. Neale Plum following, and watching you, or can it be the ghost of Alexander Masterton Jr. looking for revenge against Plum. The mystery remains.

Reids Ice Cream Factory
Reids Ice Cream Factory (as it was before demolishment)

A Brief History: Reid's Ice Cream Factory was located in Blue Point, New York. In 1879 Augustus Floyd Smith created a business in making commercial ice cream. The production facility was built sometime in the late 1800s. Augustus would use horses to turn the ingredients to create the ice cream. He would supply the local hotels in Patchogue and Camp Upton with ice cream from the facility. Later his son would take over the facility and eventually sell it in 1926 to The Reid’s Ice Cream Corp. In February of 1926 the factory opened. Reid’s Ice Cream Corp. stated that the facility was large enough to produce over 1,000,000 gallons of ice cream per year, making this one of the largest distributing and manufacturing facilities of ice cream in New York State. In the early 1930s Borden Food Corp. bought the facility. The facility finally closed its doors on October 3, 1969, and sat abandoned for about 30 years. In early 2003 the facility was finally demolished. The property where the former building stood went on the market for approximately 1.2 million dollars, and in 2006 houses were built on the land.

Haunted History: There are two main paranormal tales associated with Reid's Ice Cream Factory. The first centers on a young woman who died on the property. There are two versions of the story, and it is unknown which or if either is true. They speak of a woman who worked in a nightclub referred to as the "It" in Bayport during the 1950s. The woman who some refer to as Linda is said to have met a man and agreed to meet with him after her shift was over. They drove to the abandoned Reid's Ice Cream Factory, which was known as a secluded make out area. This is where the story splits. In version the woman ultimately tells the man to stop his advances on her. In a rage he murders her. In the second version of the story the couple is unaware they are being watched when someone kills the man, and then proceeds to rape and murder the woman. People passing the area claim to see the figure of a woman appear on the property. There are also claims of a female sounding crying and screaming.

The other most common paranormal claim deals with a young boy who played on the property. The male child who's name is unknown hung around the property in the 1970s. Some people claim he had a mild mental disability. The story says that he was climbing equipment in the building when he fell to his death. People claim to hear the boy playing on the property. Supposedly the original demolition team walked off the job at Reid's Ice Cream Factory. They had incidents involving doors that would open, close, and lock themselves, amongst other events. The crew refused to go back and a new team had to be brought in. Now that the factory is gone, houses sit on property concealing its former identity.

Reids Ice Cream Factory as it is now.

Restaurant in Mattituck
(name and location withheld upon request)

Historical Facts: Back in the 1700s the basement of the restaurant was an old fisherman’s hang out.

Haunted History: The employees of this restaurant say that when they are sitting in the dining room area, they here a knock on the door and then the doorknob moves. When they go open the door to see who it is there’s no one there Another occurrence they had was while they were in the basement stocking up after the restaurant was closed, they would here the phone ring upstairs and then here someone walk towards the phone and then the phone would stop ringing.

NOTE: The employee’s claim that while they are in the basement there is no one upstairs.

Revolutionary War Historic Site
(name and location withheld upon request)
Revolutionary war historic site

Historical Facts: The land was purchased from Secatogue Indians in 1692. The building goes back to the early 1700's and was used by the British during the Revolutionary War. Later George Washington and other Revolutionary figures visited the area. A reported assassination attempt on George Washington occurred here during the Revolutionary War. Also, it is said this is the location where Benedict Arnold first plotted with the British. There are several graves dating back to the 1700-1800's.

Haunted History: Supposedly a Revolution-era girl haunts this site. It may be the spirit of one of the children that lived there and is buried on the site, or a servant girl. There is a local legend that says a lady in white around this area haunts the area by causing many car accidents around he corner of the property. There is also a female Indian that is buried on this location. Who she is and why she is buried there is unknown. Supposedly there is a revolutionary guard that haunts this area by still standing guard on the premises and patrolling the grounds. Click Here for our investigations of this location.

Ronkonkoma County Park

Ronkonkoma County Park

A Brief History: Located near Lake Ronkonkoma, the Ronkonkoma County Park has served as a park and nature preserve and trails. Stories abound of a small island in the middle of the park’s pond that was the scene of a rape back in the 1980s. Supposedly that is where two males attacked and killed their female companion, leaving her body on the island or even throwing it into the pond. While we have not found any evidence in local newspapers of this event, we did uncover a news report of a party in the park gone wrong. A group of youths were having a party in the park when someone threw a keg into the bonfire causing it to explode. The shrapnel from the keg severed a man’s arm and later died.

Haunted History: The paranormal claims that persist from Ronkonkoma County Park include hearing the sounds of a girl screaming, presumably from the woman who was raped and left for dead by her friends. Also there are claims of a bright glowing light throughout the park, presumably the spirit of the woman or the teen killed by the exploding keg that still haunts the grounds of the park. There have also been claims of hearing Indian chanting from a distance. People have also claimed to have seen shadow people here as well.

Click Here for our investigations of this location.

NOTE: We have not been able to find any official records or news reports of someone getting murdered in this park.

Shep Jones Road
(part of the Mary's Grave legend)

Shep Jones Road Trails

A Brief History: Located on Shep Jones Road in St. James, Shep Jones Road is a part of the 76 acres of the Avalon Preserve, which has sat as primarily farmland for over 300 years. It was abandoned in the early 1900's. It wasn't until 1997 when the Paul Simons Foundation purchased the land and hired Andropogon Associates to start restoring the grounds and turning it into ecological trails that highlight some of Long Island's woodland heritage as well as provide a habitat for many woodland creatures.

Haunted History: The story of Shep Jones Road is that while driving on the road it's paved and normal, but as you go deeper on it, it gets darker and the road becomes a dirt road that is bumpy. Supposedly on the side of Shep Jones Road is where "Mary’s" house used to be. The story goes that while she was sleeping in her house her mother killed her, and after the murder she was buried somewhere in the field behind her house. People say that Mary haunts the field and the woods in this area. The house that used to stand there was knocked down, but people say that her grave is still somewhere in the field. There have also been voices heard in the woods at night. Cold spots and hot spots have also been reported here. Legend also has it that there are demonic rituals that occur at the tree, which causes strange feelings while walking around the area.

Smithtown Armory

Smithtown Armory

A Brief History: The Smithtown Armory is located at 148 Smithtown Boulevard Nesconset, New York. The armory was originally constructed in 1961. The property the armory sits on is approximately 7.6 acres. Arms as well as ammunition were stored and issued to authorized users at the armory. Weapons were also maintained and repaired here. In 1961 the 587th Transportation Squadron was stationed here and in 1986 the Support 71st Infantry was stationed here. In 1991 the armory was closed and in 1992 is sold to the town of Nesconset. The armory remained vacant until 2010. Today the armory is the Nesconset branch of the Smithtown Special Library District.

Haunted History: There have been reports of soldiers walking around the grounds of the newly reconstructed library, and then just disappear. People have reported feelings of being watched and cold spots inside of the library.

Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts Theatre

Smithtown Center for the Perfoming Arts Theatre

A Brief History: The Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts Theatre is located at 2 E. Main Street in Smithtown, NY. It opened in 1932. It was a one-screen movie house with over 500 seats and a balcony. It is not confirmed but a manager that used to work there said that vaudeville shows were performed at the theatre possibly before it was a movie house. It was purchased by United Artists and became a discount second run movie house. You could see films that had already been out for a while for about $2. It eventually closed up and could have been demolished, but over 8,000 Smithtown residents signed a Save The Theatre petition and it became a live theatre playhouse in October 2002. Now the theatre host concerts and live shows.

Haunted History: A little known fact it that when it was a discount theatre, the projectionist would operate both the Smithtown and Northport Theatres simultaneously by driving back and forth. Tragically one night somewhere in the Kings Park area, the projectionist was killed in a car accident. Another former projectionist who worked their later claims you could see his ghost on the balcony. Also claims were that if projection equipment were to break, it would mysteriously be fixed by the next day before the service technician would have arrived.

Smithtown General Hospital

Smithtown General Hosiptal

Historical Facts: Smithtown General Hospital was not a big hospital. The facility was not the greatest around, that’s why it closed in the late 1990s. The hospital closed due to the amount of funding needed to keep it running, and the amount of lawsuits it had. In the winter of 2007 the building was finally demolished.

Haunted History: Supposedly on the second floor by the surgery rooms there is a lady in a white gown that still walks the hallways of Smithtown General Hospital. It is said that because this is a hospital and people have died here that this place is the final resting ground of there life and there spirits still lie within the walls of Smithtown General Hospital.

South Heaven UFO Crash

(Although not a traditional paranormal ghost or spirit haunting, the tale of the alleged UFO crash in South Heaven deserves mention on this page.)

Of perhaps all of the paranormal stories and tales which have arose from the Long Island area, the South Haven UFO crash of 1992 is undoubtedly the most acclaimed.

Motorists traveling Eastbound on Sunrise Highway in Shirley, NY, on November 24 at approximately 7:15 pm have claimed to witness a long, tubular shaped object crash into the strip of forest dividing Sunrise Highway from Montauk Highway (part of the Pine Barons area) and creating a brilliant white flash followed by a fire. Within the time frame of a few seconds, formations of black unmarked helicopters began to surround the area as well as military road blocks dispatched from the nearby Brookhaven National Laboratory. Suffolk County police and firemen were turned away from the scene as military personnel flooded the area surrounding the crash, their vehicles and uniforms bearing no insignia.

While there were dozens of eye witnesses that evening, town and police records do not recognize that any incident having had occurred that day at that location. Residents of the area who would frequently pass through the wooded area in question on a daily basis stated that the perimeter was blocked off and carefully guarded by Suffolk police officers for weeks to follow this event When the officers were questioned as to why the woods were blocked off they were told it was because of duck hunting season. Local residents also recall during this time a series of electronic failures and malfunctions including television interference, drained car batteries and telephones ringing with no one on the other end.

Aerial photographs taken of the area show a section of trees flattened to the ground as if something had crashed through the forest. There was also heavy vehicle traffic during this time and the sounds of large machinery. The object described just before its descent into the trees matched that of a group of strange lights reported weeks earlier on Channel 12 News. Other theories include the crash of a top-secret military stealth plane or prototype unmanned drone.

Stony Brook Grist Mill

Stoney Brook Grist Mill

A Brief History: Stony Brook Grist Mill was originally built in 1699. In the early 1700s there was a major flood that washed the grist mill away completely. In 1751 Adam Smith started reconstruction of the grist mill. All of the machines used in the grist mill are powered by the water fall from millpond. The grist mill was used to grind grain into flour. The miller would get 1/10 of the flour produced as a form of payment. The local farmers would bring there grain to the grist mill to get it turned into flour, as well as many ships would travel through Stony Brook Harbor to get there grain turned into flour. Over the years the Stony Brook Grist Mill had over 2 dozen owners. Now the Stony Brook Grist Mill is a registered land mark and is open to the public weekly for tours.

Haunted History: People have claimed to have seen an apparition of a man in period clothing appear and disappear by the millpond. There have also been claims of people hearing screaming on the grounds were the mill is located.

Sweet Hollow Road, Huntington

Sweet Hollow Road

A Brief History: Sweet Hollow Road is located in Melville, New York. This road runs from Jericho Turnpike in West Hills through Broad Hollow Road in Melville . The area between Jericho Turnpike and Broad Hollow Road, in what is now Melville, was known as Sweet Hollow during the early 1800's. The road was named Sweet Hollow Road because at the time there was an abundance of wild honey in this area. Another story states that a farmer was traveling down this road and broke a barrel of honey therefore "sweetening the road". This road was originally a long trail that stretched through the woods and when it was turned into a road it kept the name Sweet Hollow. Today you can see many houses through the woods when traveling on this road. The surrounding area consists of a state park and county park with trails, a public horse stable, and a cemetery. There are an array of areas to where one can pullover, park, and explore. such as Mount Misery which is in close proximity to Sweet Hollow Road.

Haunted History: There are multiple legends associated with Sweet Hollow Road:

- The first legend purports that three boys committed suicide by hanging themselves from the Northern State overpass bridge on Sweet Hollow Road. The legend states that if you look up at the overpass while driving down the road you can see three bodies hanging from it.

- The second legend of Sweet Hollow Road tells the story of a bus full of children driving over the Northern State overpass bridge in bad snowy weather conditions. The driver loses control and the bus falls off the bridge killing everyone on board. There is no town record supporting this. It is said that if you drive directly under the bridge and put your car in neutral the children that passed away will push your car under the bridge so that no harm will come to you. It should be noted that there is an incline at this part of the road.

- The third legend surrounds a lady in white named Mary. Mary and her boyfriend were driving down the road one night when they got into a fight. During the fight Mary's boyfriend either pushes her out of the vehicle or she jumps out of the vehicle while it is in motion. After she falls out of the car she's hit by another vehicle driving down the road and killed. The legend says that when you are driving down Sweet Hollow Road you will see a lady in white on the side of the road, and while you are driving by she will jump in front of your car. The lady in white is thought to be Mary from "Mary's Grave". It is said you can find her tombstone and grave in the cemetery off of Sweet Hollow Road.

- The fourth urban legend involves a police officer that was shot and killed on Sweet Hollow Road. The legend says that when you are driving on the road you will get pulled over by a police officer. The police officer walks over to your vehicle, questions you, and than let's you go. When the cop turns around and walks to his car the back of his head is blown out from a shotgun blast. Again there is no town record of this event. -The fifth urban legend of Sweet Hollow Road is about ghost kids. It is said that in the 1930's there was a day camp located on Sweet Hollow Road. Some of the kids that went to the day camp were abused and some even killed. It is said that when you are driving down Sweet Hollow Road you will see a group of kids in 1930s clothing, walking on the side of the road and then they will just disappear.

Click Here for our investigations of this location.

NOTE: The legends of Sweet Hollow Road are also closely tied and intertwined with Mount Misery.

Thatched Cottage

Thatched Cottage

A Brief History: The Thatched Cottage, located at 454 East Main Street in Centerport New York first opened its doors back in 1915. It was originally built as a restaurant and 26 years ago it was purchased by Ralph Colamussi. When he first purchased it, he ran it as both a restaurant and catering hall but the restaurant part was closed and they used the building for catering weddings, parties and other events. Recently after suffering damages and from Hurricane Irene and Super Storm Sandy The owners have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and is keeping the location open while his debt is reorganized.

Haunted History: There have been claims of seeing a lady in white roam around from room to room. There have also been claims of feeling unusual cols spots throughout the building.

Union Cemetery, Middle Island

Union Cemetery, Middle Island NY

A Brief History: Union Cemetery is located in Middle Island, New York on the south side of Middle Country Road, an extension of Jericho Turnpike. The cemetery is located about 2 miles from Coram in the township of Brookhaven. . The cemetery dates back to the early 1700's. The cemetery was originally a large farm. The farm was owned by Stephen Swezey in an area that was called at the time Middletown. Later the farm was converted into a cemetery. Various members of the Swezey family purchased parcels of land and were buried there. Parcels were passed down from generation to generation. Parcels were also sold to many prominent community members. These prominent community members included county clerks, town clerks, artists, and pastors that served at the church located on the property. In the 1990's a man lured a young girl into the cemetery at night. The man told the girl that she was going to be involved in a ritual. Instead she was beaten and raped. Fortunately the girl survived the attack. The man was later convicted of the crimes he committed against the girl.

Haunted History: According to an interview with a local paranormal group, members claimed to have seen an apparition walk across the cemetery and then disappear during an investigation in the cemetery. During the investigation the team split into two different groups and proceeded to different parts of the cemetery. A member of one of the groups reported that when he was sitting on a bench a white figure walked by him. A member of the other group that was close by also viewed a white figure walking by. Both thought that the figure they saw was a member of the other group. After radioing each other, it was determined that the white figure was not a member of either group. Many people claim to also fell cold spots while walking through the cemetery.

Union Cemetery, Sayville

Union Cemetery in Sayville

A Brief History: Union Cemetery is located at 210 Montauk Highway in Sayville, NY. The cemetery sits to the left of St. Ann's Cemetery and St. Ann's Episcopal Church. The two plots of land at some point in time were both separate cemeteries. This parcel of land was originally owned by the Smith and Suydam families. This land was a burial plot for both families but all denominations are buried there today. In September 1895, both Union and St. Ann's Cemetery, were purchased by the Vestry. Upon purchase both cemeteries became one although they were on separate plots of land. Reverend John H. Prescott wanted to convert the creek that lies along both cemeteries into a lake. Prescott's plan never happened and the creek still borders both plots of land today. This area is now a Suffolk County Nature Preserve and Watershed. Many different people are buried at Union and St. Ann's Cemetery including a Civil War General, a United States Diplomat, architects lawyers, physician, clergy, musicians, the poor and the rich.

Haunted History: Paranormal history of this location includes sightings and rumors of shadow people being seen on the grounds of the cemetery. There has also been claims of an apparition of a gray man with a beard and and a hat towards the back of the cemetery.

Wickham Farmhouse

Wickham Farmhouse

A Brief History: The Wickham Farmhouse was built in 1704 for the Wickham family. It is located on Main Road at Cases Avenue in Cutchogue, at the Village Green. In 1854, 21-year-old Nicholas Behan, an insane farmhand murdered James and Frances Wickham, and a 14 year old servant boy with an axe. He was later caught and hung in Riverhead. The house was given to the Cutchogue-New Suffolk Historic Council in 1965. It is open for tours in the summer along with a few other historic buildings, all in the Village Green.

Haunted History: In 1988, John and Anne Wickham awoke in the middle of the night to a dark figure standing over their bed. They sealed the bedroom and moved into another room to sleep. It is said you can still hear footsteps of the axe murderer on the second floor hall. The house has remained in the Wickham family throughout the years. The bedroom is still sealed to this day and nobody is permitted to enter it.

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