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Recent Investigations by Long Island Paranormal Investigators:

Islip Pavilion Theater
Islip, NY

Prolog: Long Island Paranormal Investigators was invited to perform an investigate at this old and historic theater in Islip. The theater is under going major renovations following years of neglect and the employees and volunteers have reported unusual events.

Mike in the theater
Investigators Mike Bainbridge in one of the larger theater auditoriums.

Historical background: The theater was built in the 1930's to be a Vaudeville theater. In the 1950's live shows were replaced with movies. The theater closed in the 1980's and has fallen into a state of steep disrepair. However, a committee has been formed to restore the theater as both a stage and movie venue. Restoration work is on going.

The upstairs play stage
The play stage on the upper floor of the theater.


Reported paranormal activity: Employees of the theater and historical committee have reported hearing the sounds of breathing and what appears to be a human heart beat in several locations throughout the building. Many employees will not be in the building alone at night. 

Talking to theater employees
LIPI Lead Investigators Mike Cardinuto (left front) and Robert Levine speak
with one of the theater's employees about activity at the location.

Exploring the theater
LIPI investigators explore the back stage areas of the theater.

The investigation team: Long Island Paranormal Investigators present on the case were Lead Investigators Michael Cardinuto, Robert Levine, and Jaiem Fleischmann, along with  LIPI investigator Mike Bainbridge, Themla D'Amico and LIPI guest Jean Hennessy.

In the setup area
LIPI investigators in the staging area.

The investigation setup: LIPI conducted a "lights out" investigation. The Tech Department set up a DVR camera in one of the theater's movie rooms that was reported to have most of the activity. Digital audio recorders and other equipment used included digital cameras, TriField and K2 EMF meters, TH-2A and IR thermometers were also used during the investigation

Setting up equipment
LIPI investigators setting up the DVR system for the investigation.

View of the DVR setup
View of the three DVR cameras set up for this investigation.

The investigation:

LIPI members were divided into 2 teams for the investigation. Each team investigated a different area of the theater, rotating periodically so that all get a chance to investigate the full location. The investigation lasted for approximately four hours.

Mike and Thelma in the theater
Investigators Mike Bainbridge and Themla D'Amico in one of the theater auditoriums.

Investigating an auditorium
LIPI investigator Thelma D'Amico takes video on one of the theater auditoriums.

Packing up after the investigation
LIPI investigators packing up our equipment at the conclusion of the investigation.


Audio: No EVPs were collected. Ambient noise from the street out side echoed through the theater making audio contaminated and difficult to analyze.

Video and Photographs: Dust severely hampered the use of our cameras. No paranormal activity was seen.

EMF meters: Our K2 meters picked up some sporadic results. However the amount of loose wiring and open electrical systems in the theater due to the repair work probably accounted for the readings. None of our other EMF meters had any paranormal readings.

Conclusion: At this time Long Island Paranormal investigators can not confirm or debunk the presence of paranormal activity in the Islip Pavilion theater. A follow up investigation will be scheduled as soon as possible.

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