Warwick, RI

Fairfield Marriott Hotel, Warwick RI

The Fairfield Marriott hotel in Warwick is a very unusual place. The lower/basement level is floor 5 in the elevator. The bottom button actually says “5” instead of “Basement” or “Lower”.

Fairfield Marriott hotel 3rd floor hallway investigation
LIPI members investigating the hallway on the 3rd floor.

LIPI members investigating the “5th floor” on the lower level.

Paranormally, this hotel is said to be haunted by two ghosts. First, the 3rd floor room 316 is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young woman who committed suicide in the hotel. EVPs have been recorded in that room and other various rooms on the 3rd floor.  Second, on the lower level “5th floor” the ghost of an old man who died in room 506 level is said to wander the hallway. Guests have reported seeing an old man walk up to them, open his mouth as to speak but nothing comes out. Some who have seen the man say he appears dressed as a farmer. Shadows have been reported in this hallway too.

It is interesting (and curious) to note that the carpet color in rooms 316 and 506 are different for all other rooms in the hotel! Whether or not this is related to the deaths in these rooms is unknown. Hotel staff could not give an explanation for the different carpet in these two rooms.

The carpet in room 316 is different than the other rooms of the hotel.
Note the color of the carpet on the floor is different from the wall trimming in room 316.
In all other rooms the floor and trimming color is the same.

LIPI members and Paul Donovan of TAPS investigate room 316.
LIPI members with Paula Donovan of TAPS investigating room 316.

Observed Paranormal Activity: Other non-LIPI investigators have claimed to record EVPs in room 316. Unfortunately heavy electrical interference from elevator equipment housed on the lower level makes EMF and other electronic sensors useless for paranormal investigations on this level. Investigations continue.

LIPI and Steve Gonsalves of TAPS investigate the lower level hallway.
LIPI members with Steve Gonsalves of TAPS investigating the “5th floor”  hallway.

Observations and Personal Experiences from Fairfield Marriott Hotel

  • Date: May 2006
    Description: During an investigation of the lower level “5th floor” EVP Specialist Jaiem Fleischmann reported seeing a shadow figure move quickly out of the doorway of room 506 into the hall, turn around, and go back into the room. The room was checked and no one was in it.
  • Date: May 2006
    Description: While performing an EVP session in room 506 Lead Investigator Moshin Marghoob and EVP Specialist Jaiem Fleischmann turned off the A/C unit to reduce background noise. During the recording session after asking the 3rd question the A/C turned on again. The investigators checked the control and it was in the OFF position. The unit remained on for approximately 20 seconds then shut off.
  • Date: August 2006
    Description: During an investigation of room 316 while performing EVP sessions LIPI members felt a cold draft move through the room even though the doors and windows were closed and the A/C was off.


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