AKA: Lake Ronkonkoma Cemetery

Established in 1862 the Five Corners Cemetery (aka Lake Ronkonkoma Cemetery) is known to have many burials for war veterans. This particular cemetery has no stories behind it as far as anything paranormal. The story could be that this place might have some spirits of veterans that might haunt the place or just visit this cemetery.

Activity Observed: One LIPI member investigated the area on his own and got some interesting things. We received a photograph of an apparition which seems to appear as a soldier in the picture. Other members have reported hearing voices during investigations, often of children, when none are around. And battery operated equipment has failed in certain sections of the cemetery but appear to be functioning normally in others a few minutes later. Individual members on their own have reported photographing lights that give the appearance of an apparition (photos to be posted here soon). Further investigations are planned.


Strong paranormal evidence from 5 Corners Cemetery.
The above picture is the one of the most striking photos LIPI members have taken.
Some say they see a man standing at attention possibly raising his left arm (facing the camera) in a salute.
Others say they see a man standing and holding something in his left hand out in front of him (a sword?).
Still others they see the entire image as the face and neck of a woman with long hair.


5 Corners Cemetery

5 Corners Cemetery
Two additional photos from Five Corners Cemetery.

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