Gettysburg, PA

Prolog: In late March 2010 Long Island Paranormal Investigators was invited to investigate a private house in Gettysburg, PA. LIPI chose to perform the investigation over the course of two nights thus allowing for smaller groups of LIPI investigators to work at the house each night and to visit the historic Gettysburg Civil War battle field over the course of a weekend.

The LIPI at Gettysburg
Long Island Paranormal Investigators at Gettysburg.


The LIPI team at Gettysburg
The LIPI team at Gettysburg, with long-time LIPI friend psychic Tiffany Johnson (3rd from left).

The investigation team:

Attending this trip were LIPI investigators Mike Cardinuto, Jaiem Fleischmann, Matt Avellino., Carolyn Braband, Christina Frank, Brian Turnoff, Chris Vikkers, Tim Bonett and Long Island Paranormal Investigators guest Joy Nilsson.

Day 1:

Long Island Paranormal Investigators left Long Island early in the morning Friday for Gettysburg.

On the road
On the road to Gettysburg.


The LIPI entering Gettysburg
The LIPI team arrives in Gettysburg.

Arriving mid-morning, Long Island Paranormal Investigators checked into the 1863 Inn which is next to the Jennie Wade House, near Cemetery Hill and across from the Gettysburg National Cemetery and Evergreen Cemetery.

Our hotel in Gettysburg
Arriving at the hotel (background) in Gettysburg.

The Jenny Wade House
Sign outside the Jenny Wade House in Gettysburg.

A brief stop for breakfast at the Avenue Dinner across the street and then Long Island Paranormal Investigators went up to Cemetery Hill.

Breakfast the first day
Long Island Paranormal Investigators having breakfast early in the morning in Gettysburg.

LIPI going to Cemetery Hill
Long Island Paranormal Investigators going to Cemetery Hill.

Cemetery Hill
Cemetery Hill, Gettysburg

Cemetery Hill
The view towards the battlefield from Cemetery Hill.

Cemetery Hill
One of the many memorials on Cemetery Hill.


Long Island Paranormal Investigators then went across to the National Cemetery and visited the site of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

Gettysburg National Cemetery
Entrance to Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Gettysburg National Cemetery
Sign at entrance to Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Graves rows
Graves of fallen soldiers at Gettysburg National Cemetery.


Grave markers at Gettysburg National Cemetery
Grave markers in Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Graves of unknowns
Graves of unknowns at Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Memorial in cemetery
Memorial in Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Civil War canon in cemetery
One of the surviving Civil War canon in Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Site of Gettysburg Address
LIPI at the sight of Abraham Lincolns’ Gettysburg Address.

Site of Gettysburg Address
Plaque at the sight of Abraham Lincolns’ Gettysburg Address.

LIPI then went to the Evergreen cemetery to visit the grave of Jennie Wade, the only civilian of Gettysburg killed during the battle in town.

Evergreen Cemetery
Lead Investigator Mike Cardinuto at the entrance to Evergreen Cemetery.

Jennie Wade grave
Jannie Wade’s grave in the Evergreen Cemetery.

Jennie Wade grave
Marker inscription on Jannie Wade’s grave in the Evergreen Cemetery.
“Jennie Wade
Aged 22 yrs 2 mo
Killed July 3, 1863 while making bread for the union soldiers”


With the long drive and that night’s private house investigation pending, LIPI decided to see a few of the historic sites in town and save the battlefield visit for the second day. When Long Island Paranormal Investigators returned to town some members walked over to the Farns Worth House and the original home of Jennie Wade.

Homestead Orphanage
The Homestead house, a former civil war orphanage.

Farnsworth House
Long Island Paranormal Investigators at Farnsworth House.

Farnsworth House court yard
The Farnsworth House court yard.

Farnsworth House side view
Side view of the original Farnsworth House.
The white marks on the side of the building are bullet holes from Union snipers.

Close up of bullet holes
Close up of the bullet holes.

LIPI at Farnsworth house
The LIPI team strolling the grounds of the Farnsworth House.

Jennie Wade birth place
Jennie Wade’s original birth place.

Jennie Wade birth place
Plaque at Jenny Wade’s birth place.

That evening Long Island Paranormal Investigators had dinner at O’Rourke’s Restaurant in Gettysburg.

Mike at dinner
Mike Cardinuto enjoying his dinner.

After dinner LIPI went to the private house for the investigation. Half the Long Island Paranormal Investigators team stayed at the house for the investigation, the other half went to the Sachs Bridge area.

LIPI setting up at the house
LIPI setting up cameras for the first night’s investigation.

The team regrouped back at the private house several hours later to conclude the nights’ investigation and break down equipment. Then returned to the hotel.

LIPI investigtors exhausted
LIPI investigators Carolyn Braband and Christina Frank exhausted from the first night of investigating.


Day 2

The second day at Gettysburg Long Island Paranormal Investigators ventured over to the battle field park, first stopping at Devil’s Den and the Sniper Hole.

Bottom view of Devils Den
View of the sniper rocks at Devil’s Den from the bottom of the road near the Slaughter ditch.


Devils Den
Devil’s Den.

LIPI  at Devils Den
Investigator Matt Avellino describes the history of Devil’s Den.

View of Little Round Top from Devils Den
View of Little Round Top from Devil’s Den.

Sharpshooter spot
LIPI investigators at the Confederate Sharpshooter’s spot at Devil’s Den.

LIPI speaking with other investigators
LIPI investigators talking with other paranormal investigators at Devil’s Den.

Diagram of the battle at Devils Den
This diagram shows the battle at Devil’s Den and at Little Round Top.

Long Island Paranormal Investigators made a brief stop at the Wheat Field battlefield.

LIPI at the Wheat Field
LIPI investigators walking through the Wheat Field battlefield at Gettysburg.

Memorial inscription at the Wheat Field
A memorial inscription on one of the monuments at the Wheat Field battlefield at Gettysburg.

Long Island Paranormal Investigators then went to the site of Picket’s Charge and the Wheat Field.

Canon ball hole in building
An actual canon ball hole in the side of a house from the time of the civil war.
The building is known as the Trostle Barn.
(highlighted for clarity)

Rev. William Corby monument
Statue of Reverend William E. Corby.
At this location he gave general absolution to some of the “Irish Brigade”
before they went into the second days fight (July 2nd) in the Wheat Field.
According to Rev. Corby, the absolution wouldn’t work if the soldier was killed
while running away from the enemy.

Plaque at Rev. William Corby monument
Plaque at the statue of Reverend William E. Corby new Picket’s Charge.

High Water Mark at Pickets Charge
The High Water Mark area at Picket’s Charge.

Stone fence at Pickets Charge
Stone fence at the line of Picket’s Charge.

High view of Pickets Charge battlefield
High view of Picket’s Charge from top of a near by monument.
The High Water Mark is on the far right.

Talking with other visitors
LIPI members discuss the history of Picket’s Charge with other Gettysburg visitors.

And finally up to Little Round Top.

Woods at Little Round Top
The woods surrounding Little Round Top.

Matt describes the battle at Little Round Top
Investigator Matt Avellino describes the battle of Little Round Top.

View downward fro Little Round Top
The view of the Slaughter pit and Devil’s Den from the top of Little Round Top.

Memorial to Col Vincent
Memorial stone inscription to Col. Vincent at Little Round Top.

Memorial to Col ORorke at Little Round Top
Memorial monument  to Col. O’Rorke at Little Round Top.

Afterwards, with the second night’s investigation pending, LIPI decided to take an afternoon rest in preparation of a long night.

The second half of the team investigated the house while the first half from the night before went to Sachs Bridge. On the way the team stopped by the Cash Town Inn.

Cash Town Inn at night
The Cash Town Inn at night.

Historical sign at Cash Town Inn
Historical sign out the Cash Town Inn

At Zacks Bridge
LIPI investigators at Sachs Bridge.


Day 3

After an fun but exhausting investigation Long Island Paranormal Investigators packed up and left Gettysburg early for the long trip back to Long Island.

Packing up to leave Gettysburg
Long Island Paranormal Investigators packing up to return home.

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