Hotel Penn Stater, PA

(Though not technically an investigation, Long Island Paranormal Investigators had a great time at the 2008 Univ-Con Paranormal Conference in Pennsylvania.)

In September of 2008, members of LIPI had the opportunity to attended Univ-Con 7 in Pennsylvania. Univ-Con is a 3-day paranormal conference that was started in 2001 by Ryan Buell, director of the PRS & star of A&E’s Paranormal State.

Cheryl, Mike and Thelma at Univ-Con
(Left to Right) LIPI investigators Thelma D’Amico, Mike Cardinuto
and Cheryl Wittmann and Univ-Con 7.

Originally the event had been held at Penn State University. But due to it’s growing popularity, this year it was moved to the Hotel Penn Stater.

The conference is open to everyone, whether you’re an experienced paranormal investigator or just have a peeked interest in the field, there’s a little something for everyone. It offers everything from special guest speakers, lectures, workshops, discussion panels & even a ghost hunt/tour.

Throughout the weekend Long Island Paranormal Investigators had the opportunity to attend several great workshops and lectures that including:

  • “The Rise of Demonology/Demonology 101” by Keith and Sandra Johnson
  • “Ghost Anatomy” by Carl Johnson
  • “The 21st Century Ghost Hunter” by Brian Harnois
  • “Ouija-Why so Scared?” by Konstantinos
  • “Alternative Paranormal Investigations & Blood of Angels” by Michelle Belanger.

PRS discussion panel
Paranormal State (PRS) discussion panel at Univ-Con 7.

Keith Johnson
Keith Johnson of NEAR and TAPS presents on Demonology.

LIPI also attended several discussion panels such as “Paranormal State-The Experience: Religion & Spirituality” and “Paranormal in the Media” that included members of PRS, Brian Harnois, Keith & Carl Johnson, and Michelle Belanger. It was very interesting to see and hear all the different views and opinions from different people about this field.

Thelma with Dave
LIPI investigators Cheryl Wittmann (left) and Thelma D’Amico with
Dave Shrader of Darkness Radio.

Cheryl and Thelma with Dave
LIPI investigators Cheryl Wittmann (left) and Thelma D’Amico with
Dave Shrader of Darkness Radio.


Although it sounds like all work and no fun in between all the presentations and discussion  we did find time to see some old friends like Big Brian of Katie’s Bar, Dave Shrader of and Lori Carlson, owner of the Rolling Hills Asylum.

Cheryl and Thelma with Brian
LIPI investigators Cheryl Wittmann (left) and Thelma D’Amico with
Big Brian, owner of Katie’s Bar in Smithtown, NY.

All in all the weekend and experiences we had were really great. We plan on attending the conference again next year and are hoping to have our own discussion panel. We recommend anyone that is in this field to attend, not just for exposure but you’ll learn some new things and meet some really great people. Our experience was definitely a memorable one!


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