Though not technically an investigation, Long Island Paranormal Investigators had a great time meeting the team from Pennsylvania State University’s Paranormal State (PRS) group. PRS were at Katie’s bar in Smithtown for the showing of an episode of “Paranormal State” that was filmed at the bar. LIPI members and guests attending this showing include Mike Cardinuto, Rob Levine, Jaiem Fleischmann, Craig Sorydl, Dimitri Haritos, Abby Haritos, Chris Haritos, Thelma D’Amico, Cheryl Wittmann and Jean Hennessy.

Both groups exchanged experiences when investigating Katie’s of Smithtown (click here to read about our investigation at Katie’s), stories and points of view about the paranormal. We agreed to stay in touch and maintain professional communications between our groups.

Thanks to Katie’s owner Brian Karppinen for hosting this party!

Katies of Smithtown
Katie’s of Smithtown.

LIPI and PRS take a picture
Long Island Paranormal Investigators and Paranormal State investigators in a group photo.

The LIPI crew
The LIPI crew at the episode premier. (Right to left) Dimitri Haritos, Abby Haritos (center), Mike Cardinuto,
Jaiem Fleischmann, Rob Levine and Jean Hennessy.

Mike and Dimitri
Mike Cardinuto (left) and Dimitri Haritos enjoy a drink before PRS arrives.

Jean and Rob
Jean and Rob having fun before PRS arrives.

Thelma and Abby
Thelma and Abby relaxing PRS arrives while Dimitri acts goofy behind them.
It’s all in fun!

Craig having a drink
Good thing Craig isn’t investigating tonight!

Paranormal State arrives
The Paranormal State group arrives in time for the show.

Paranormal State speaks to the group
Ryan Buell from Paranormal State (center) speaks to the attendees about the group
about the investigation at Katie’s.
Left to right:
Brian Karppinen (Katie’s owner), Elfie Music, Ryan Buel, and Sergey Poberezhny.

Ryan with Thelma and Abby
Ryan Buell, Director/Founder of Paranormal State meets Abby (right) and Thelma.

Ryan with Dimitri and Rob
Ryan Buell speaks with Dimitri and Rob.

Katrina with Abby and Dimitri
PRS member Katrina Weidman with Abby and Dimitri Haritos.

Thelma with Ryan
Thelma with Ryan – This was the highlight of her night!

Katrina speaks with LIPI
Katrina Weidman speaks with LIPI members about investigations.

Katrina with Jaiem
Katrina Weidman with LIPI investigator Jaiem Fleischmann.

Mike, Dimitri and Chris with Ryan
Left to right: Mike Cardinuto, Dimitri and Chris Haritos with Ryan Buell of Paranormal State.

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