Warwick, RI

Fairfield Marriot Hotel in Warwick RI

Long Island Paranormal Investigators attended the 2nd TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) Paranormal Weekend in December 2006 hosted by Dave and Tim of Darkness Radio. As with the first TAPS Paranormal Weekend it was held at the Fairfield Marriott hotel in Warwick, RI. This was LIPI’s third investigation at this hotel.

The weekend started with our arrival at the hotel Friday afternoon.

LIPI members arriving at the Fairfield Marriot hotel in Warwick RI

After checking in LIPI met up with Dave and Tim for the weekend’s itinerary. They also updated us as to newly reported paranormal activity at the hotel since the first TAPS weekend there.

Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes of TAPSFriday night TAPS founder Jason Hawes and co-founder Grant Wilson held a very informative question and answer discussion. Questions from the audience ran the gamut from topics about the show, up coming events, use of equipment, evidence they have collected, demonology, and  of course many questions about their own personal experiences.

Alas, Jason and Grant still would not talk about the personal experience they each had which inspired them to form a paranormal group and investigate ghosts and spirits for over 15 years.

After the Q&A members of LIPI spoke 1-on-1 with Jason and Grant for a more in depth discussion of the paranormal and paranormal investigations. LIPI EVP Specialist Jaiem Fleischmann discussed the use of portable barometers during paranormal investigations (as shown on the TV show when TAPS investigated Leb Castle in Ireland. Jason reported that TAPS family members in Ireland rely very heavily on barometric readings to determine likely manifestations of paranormal activity. It has been a reliable technique for them.

LIPI team with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of TAPS

LIPI member Samanth Miller with Jason Hawes of TAPS

LIPI member Samanth Miller with Grant Wilson of TAPS

After the discussion (and a brief stop at the Bickfords restaurant by the hotel for a snack) some members of LIPI joined Dave of Darkness Radio for a “hallway hang out” down on the “5th floor” (basement floor) of the Marriott for a wide ranging talk about the paranormal. Topics went far and wide from ghosts and spirits to UFOs and Big Foot. The “hang out” finally broke up during the wee-hours of the morning, mostly from sheer exhaustion.


LIPI team at TAPS headquarters



Saturday morning, after a great continental breakfast, we traveled to TAPS office headquarters in Warwick. It was mentioned that TAPS HQ may be moving to another location. At this time LIPI was unable to confirm this.





LIPI team at TAPS headquarters

At the TAPS office LIPI we met with TAPS investigators Paula Donovan, Steve Gonsalves, and Mike Dion as well as members of the TAPS Para magazine staff.

LIPI team with Paul Donovan of TAPS

LIPI team with Steve Gonsalves of TAPS

Of special (curious) interest was Jason’s Roto-Rooter van parked in back! Who would have thought a plumber’s van would be an icon?!

Jason Hawe's Roto-Rooter van

Even TAPS cars are “pimped out”!

TAPS pimped out car

Upon returning to the hotel, LIPI members were permitted special access to room 316 to conduct a brief investigation before the main investigation that evening. LIPI members used digital audio and photography, IR thermometer and the EMF Cell Sensor during the investigation.

It was confirmed the carpet in room 316 is different than the other rooms of the hotel. The staff of the hotel could not give an explanation of the difference.

The carpet in room 316 is different than the other rooms of the hotel.

Saturday evening LIPI joined TAPS members Steve Gonsalves, Karl Johnson (one the demonologist “twins”), Brian Harnois, Lisa Dowaliby, and Donna Lacroix for dinner and conversation.

LIPI members at dinner

It was Karl Johnson’s birthday Saturday night too!
(and that also means it was Keith’s birthday, but he was unable to attend this night)

Karl Johnsons birthday!

After dinner, back at the hotel, the weekend participants were divided into 3 groups. Two groups went with Steve and Paula to investigate the 3rd and 5th floors of the hotel, the third group remained to take part in a presentation by demonologist Adam Blai.

LIPI members with Adam Blai, demonologist

LIPI members debunk a high EMF reading in room 316


LIPI was assigned to the first group to go with Paula to room 316 on the 3rd floor. LIPI conducted a “lights out” investigation of room 316. A strong EMF reading was detected along the outer wall, far above accepted paranormal levels. LIPI was able to identify the source as high power light on the outside of the building. The electric wires for the light probably run through that wall. The EMF reading was debunked.





LIPI members with TAPS investigator Paul Donovan in room 316

After investigating the room LIPI took turns with the other participants in Paula’s group to perform a “lights out” investigation of the entire length of the 3rd floor hallway.

LIPI members investigating the 3rd floor hallway


TAPS investigator Paul Donovan discusses equipment with LIPI lead investigator Michael Cardinuto


During the investigation Paula showed our group a type of digital ambient temperature and humidity meter. She said it is very useful for measuring cold spots in the air as regular IR thermometers can only detect surface temperatures.







Our group then went down to the “5th” floor and met up with Steve Gonsalves for an investigation of room 506 and the hallway. Audio investigation of the area is extremely difficult due to the elevator mechanism and other heavy machines operating on the 5th floor. Also, EMF detection is impossible also due to the same machinery.

LIPI members investigating room 506

After nearly 2 hours investigating both rooms and floors, our group switched with the other half for them to have a chance to investigate the hotel. We then attended a brilliant presentation by demonologist Adam Blai (put in credentials from DR Stanley site). He first began with a description of the commonly used terms for mental illness and the proper clinical meanings of these conditions. It is often noticed that demonic possessions and/or hauntings are closely linked to people with mental illness. Adam then went into an in depth discussion of demons, some of the “rules” surrounding the confrontation of a demon or someone demonically possessed, the “chessboard” (his term for the on going battle between good and evil and those like himself who actively join the fight), precautions one should take when entering a potentially demonically haunted location, and ended with a stern warning not to play with demonology! He confirmed many of the points the presentation by Keith and Karl Johnson gave during the first TAPS Paranormal weekend in June 2006 (make as link!) including events happening in 3’s, 3am being the most active time for demonic activity and the power of prayer. He added several additional ideas such as his portrayal of the conflict between good and evil (the “chessboard” as he puts it – not to imply it’s a game but to show demonic hauntings and possessions are strategic and not just for random fright effect), the concept of 1-free-out all people receive (that a paranormal investigator unknowingly confronting a demonic entity can choose to leave the situation and not be harmed or followed by the demon), and the idea that some mirrors can be used by demons as a portal into locations.

After the presentation LIPI hung out with TAPS members and other weekend participants in hotel lobby for awhile before calling it a late night.

Sunday morning LIPI bid farewell to the TAPS, Dave and Tim of Darkness Radio, and the Fairfield Marriott and returned to Long Island, NY.

LIPI members returning to Long Island on the Orient Point ferry

Long Island Paranormal Investigators had a great time and enjoyed once again meeting with the members of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society), sharing ideas and experiences, and look forward to future get-togethers with TAPS.

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