Warwick, RI

Paranormal X The Gathering event

Rolling Hills Asylum
Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany, NY.

In September 2007 Long Island Paranormal Investigators took part in the first Paranormal-X: The Gathering evening event and dinner. This meeting was held in Warwick, RI, organized by Scars magazine to benefit the operation and maintenance of the Rolling Hills Asylum. The event was highlighted by presentations by many well known and experienced paranormal investigators including Brian Harnois, Keith & Carl Johnson, Sandra Johnson (Keith’s wife), Donna Lacroix, Paula Donovan, Lisa Dowaliby, Karen Mossey and Tom D’Agostino. Unfortunately Andy Andrews was unable to make it at the last minute.

Leaving LI via the Orient ferry
LIPI on line to board the Orient Point ferry to New London.

LIPI left Long Island early that Friday, took the Orient Point ferry to New London, CT and traveled to the Airport Sheraton in Warwick. Arriving mid-afternoon we checked in to our rooms, and went down to the meting.

The event began with an informal meet and greet outside the Sheraton’s grand ballroom. Brian, Donna, Lisa, Karen, Keith, Carl and Sandra, and Tom were all on hand as well as Lori Carlson, the current owner of the Rolling Hills Asylum.

Lori Carlson with LIPI
Rolling Hills owner Lori Carlson talking with LIPI members about the facility.

It was great seeing everyone again. We also met with some of the friends and members of the New England Paranormal group and got caught up on recent investigations our two groups had undertaken.

LIPI with Donna La Croix
LIPI with Donna Lacroix.


LIPI with Lisa Dowaliby
Lisa Dowaliby with members of Long Island Paranormal Investigators.

By early evening we all had gathered in the ball room for the nights’ events and dinner. The meal was served buffet-style with a great selection of salad, pasta, chicken and beef. And those awesome desserts!

During dinner presentations were conducted by the various Paranormal-X investigators.

Karen Mossey presents about EVPs
Karen Mossey gives a presentation about EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).

Karen Mossey gave an overview presentation of EVPs, gave tips on conduction EVP sessions, what to look for during EVP playback, and played several examples of EVPs she had recorded during her investigations.

Keith, Sandra and Carl Johnson
Left to right: Carl, Sandra and Keith Johnson.

Keith & Carl Johnson and Sandra Johnson presented a slide show about demons and demonology. They explained what is know of the nature and organization of demons, how to spot possible demonic activity, and discussed some situations they have been involved with.

Keith Johnson talks about demons and demonology
Keith Johnson talks about types of demons.

Like all experienced demonologists they reiterated extreme caution when dealing with demons.

Brian telling a funny story about his paranormal adventures!
Brian telling a funny story about his adventures as a paranormal investigator.

Brian and his beautiful new daughter!
Brian with his beautiful new daughter Mackenzie Lee!

Brian Harnois provided some funny stories of investigations he had been on with Jason and Grant (TAPS) and other adventures. He described some events that happened personally with paranormal activity and answered a number of audience questions about equipment, places and techniques.

The Divas of Darkness
Left to right: Paula, Donna and Lisa – The Divas of Darkness!

Paula, Donna and Lisa – the Divas of Darkness (or as another presenter called them “The Angles of the Afterlife”!) – gave a combined presentation. Paula spoke of the physics that may relate to the paranormal. Specifically she talked about Wave Theory and Quantum theory as possible ways to model paranormal activity. She also explored some of the criticisms often laid on the equipment paranormal investigators use and how they may be some merit to them but for practical reasons it’s the best we can do. Donna spoke of the personal and spiritual connection that can be applied to paranormal investigation. She explained the importance of researching as much background about the location you are investigating and people you are trying to help. Lisa continued Donna’s train of thought adding the importance of understanding how different cultures and faiths view ghosts, spirits, the dead etc. and how those views can influence the ways paranormal activity is reported.

Tom D'Agostino
Tom D’Agostino discusses the vampire legends of New England and the basis in science.

Tom D’Agostino presented several of the myths of vampires in 18th and 19th century New England. He gave the historic accounts and offered logical explanations for why people of the time might actually believe in vampires for the cause of sever illness (most notably tuberculosis or “consumption” as it was commonly called).

Overall, Long Island Paranormal Investiagtors had a great time at the first Paranormal X event. It was good to see everyone again and get caught up. We hope to meet up with everyone at the next gathering soon!


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