(Business name not published upon request)

Prolog: In October 2009 the Long Island Paranormal Investigators received a request to investigate a business in Bay Shore, New York.

Business office in Bayshore, NY
Business office in Bay Shore, NY.

The business was a medical billing office, which had a total of 7 rooms. Of the seven rooms, six were offices and one was a coffee room. The majority of the activity seems to happen when the women in the office are around.

Historical background:

No historical information about the building was available from the client. The area is not generally know for any exceptional historical events.


Reported paranormal activity:

One of the employees made a claim that he heard voices talking in the back room, when nobody else was in the building. The women in the office have all felt that something has touched them on the head.

Business office in Bayshore, NY
Investigator Matt Avellino observing the DVR Camera System during the investigation.

A common claim between all of the employees has been paper clips. They all have said they have seen paper clips go flying across the room, and on occasion have even been hit by one.

Paper clips are reported to hit the office workers.

The investigation team:

The following investigators were present on the investigation of the medical office: Lead investigators Michael Cardinuto (LIPI Founder) and Robert Levine (LIPI Co-Founder) oversaw the investigation; Also present were Assistant Technology Department Manager Matthew Avellino, Tech Specialists Chris Vickers and Christina Frank, Investigator-In-Training Joseph Byron. Investigator Peter Ferraro was also present and assisted the investigation with both equipment analysis and empathic duties.

Lead Investigator Robert Levine measuring electro magnetic field levels
in the hall between offices within the business.

The investigation setup:

The investigation was scheduled to run from 9pm till 1am the following morning. Investigating members split into two teams. Michael Cardinuto led one team and Robert Levine supervised the other. The teams alternated between investigating the medical billing office. Matthew observed the DVR monitor during both teams’ investigations. The teams investigated all 7 rooms in the office, where DVR was placed in areas with the most paranormal claims. There were also thermometers placed around the office.

Equipment setup
A DVR Infra Red camera setup in the office.

The investigation:

Team 1 was lead by LIPI Lead Investigator and Co-Founder Robert Levine. They were the first team to investigate the medical billing office.

Lead Investigator Robert Levine moving through the main billing assistants area.

Investigator in Training Christina Frank and Probationary Investigator Joe Byron in a side office room
conducting electronic voice phenomena (EVP) experiments.

Investigator Matt Avellino enjoying a free doughnut while getting chocolate all over himself.
(Good job Matt!!)

A continuation of Matt’s battle with his doughnut.

Team 2, led by LIPI Founder Michael Cardinuto stayed outside the office and checked out the hallway and lobby to the main building. Typically while actively investigating the teams would use their equipment throughout the rooms, checking for an increase or jump on their meters.

The main staircase to the Office Building.

The second floor hallway of the building where unexplained phenomena is reported to occur.

The building’s fire exit stairway.
Note the the original 80 year old brick wall on the right!

Outside the front of the Office Building.

Teams swept the offices looking for electro-magnetic fields, temperature changes, drafts, poor wiring, loose floorboards, and an array of different possibilities that could explain the cause of the reported events.


Audio: Nothing conclusively paranormal was collected.

Photographs and Video: No paranormal activity was captured on video.

Two photographs contain unexplainable objects. The 2 photos were taken with the flash off and both contain a white streak moving across them. The objects couldn’t be traced to any light source.

Light streak - first picture
First picture of unexplained light streak. (no enhancement)

Light streak - first picture ENHANCED
First picture of unexplained light streak. (Enhanced)

Light streak - second picture
Second picture of unexplained light streak. (no enhancement)

Light streak - second picture ENHANCED
Second picture of unexplained light streak. (Enhanced)

Same room, no light streak
Same room a few moments later, no light streak. (no enhancement)


EMF: There were some EMF spikes throughout the office. However, generally they were traced back to non-paranormal sources such as wiring.

Temperature: Temperature readings inside the office were viewed as normal readings.

Personal Experiences: Investigators did not report any personal experience on site.

Empathic Report from Empathic Specialist Peter Ferraro: While doing the initial walk through I had sensed an energy in one of the rooms. The reported activity was that the lights and computers are said to go on and off by them selves. The business owner validated the possible activity. In the managing secretary office I sensed an unknown energy coming from the back wall. This undetermined as to what this possible field was.

During the investigation I received an energy of a heavy set male who have been in this location for quite sometime. The validation by the owner is that there was a male who worked in this building for almost 50 years.

While working with the K2 meter questions were asked in regards to this possible validation. It appeared that we did get a response from the K2 meter.

The energy I received was validated by the staff as a heavyset man that once occupied the building. They believe this is the possible spirit energy causing the activity. It’s reported that this possible spirit worked or owned the building for 50 years. I believe this location to have spiritual activity. Evidence would have to be collected to make a determination weather the location is haunted.

Conclusion: Long Island Paranormal Investigators was unable to confirm or debunk the presence of paranormal activity in the business location. LIPI will remain in contact with the business occupants and will return for further investigation if necessary.


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