(Family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In October 2009, the Long Island Paranormal Investigators received a request to investigate a family residence in Sayville, NY.

House in Sayville, NY
The residence in Sayville, NY.

The house consists of three levels plus attic, and a separate car garage. Inside the home reside seven people of varying ages. All of the residents appear to be your everyday typically normal family. The majority of the activity seems to be centered on the mother/ home owner of the house and one of her daughters. Her two daughters are sixteen and ten years old.

Historical background: The family living in the house stated the building was built back in the 1800’s. They have lived at the site for seven months and the activity began since they moved in. The family felt that it coincided with the tragic death of a 19 year old boy who lived there before them. The Uncle of the boy, who lives next door, had claimed that the boy died in a car accident and was a “troubled teen” growing up.


Reported paranormal activity:

There have been many possible paranormal accounts reported by the residents of which here listed are some of the claims. The girls reported one day while the mother came home from work seeing a boy sitting in the front seat of her car when she pulled up. When she walked in the front door, her daughters asked why she had brought one of her students home from work. Startled, the mother said she did no such thing and that nobody was in the car with her when she pulled up. When they girls looked back out to the truck, the boy was gone. When describing what he looked like, the description matched the boy who was killed in the car accident.

Detached garage
The detached garage.

The home owner has also claimed that she had been touched while bending over to get something out of the oven. Thinking it was one of her daughters trying to get her attention, she turned around and no one was there. She has also experienced footsteps walking through her dining room, kitchen, and right out of the back door. She also reports that the clocks in the house always get reset which makes everyone late for school/work etc. Another claim was that lights get turned on and off, stereo and AC gets turned on in the girls room.

One of the daughters also has had some activity around them. Every night she would put her medication on the nightstand next to her bed and every morning it would be moved in the same spot under the nightstand. One day the mother had her medication in the locked trunk of her car. When she went to go retrieve it, the bottle was gone and never to be found after.

The resident that lives in the attached apartment has also seen shadows moving through the house as well. He also recalled the clocks in his place to be thrown off as well.

The investigation team: Long Island Paranormal Investigator members who attended the investigation were lead investigators Michael Cardinuto and Rob Levine, investigators Carolyn Braband, Christina Frank, and Caren Bendror.

Living room where things are said to move.
The living room where it is reported objects have been seem to move on their own.

The investigation setup: The investigation was scheduled to run from 9pm through 1am the following morning. Two investigation teams were organized. One team was led by Michael Cardinuto and the other was supervised by Carolyn Braband. teams alternated between investigation the residence and observing the DVR monitor which was set up in the kitchen. The teams investigated upstairs bedrooms on the third floor, downstairs den and dining room, the basement, the attached apartment, and the grounds outside of the home. The DVR system was set up in the dining room, two rooms upstairs, and the basement. There were also thermometers spread around the residence as well.


Taking measurments in the living room.
Lead Investigator Mike Cardinuto taking equipment readings in the living room.

The investigation:

Team 1 was led by Carolyn Braband. They were the first team to investigate the residence. Team 2, led by Michael Cardinuto stayed at base and monitored the DVR system for the first half of the investigation but then later spread out around the outside of the house to investigate as well. While actively investigating, the teams would begin on the third floor and work their way down to the first floor.

Illiciting a response from a ghost.
Lead Investigator Mike Cardinuto attempts to illicit a response from a ghost to touch his hand
during the investigation.


Returning from investigating second floor.
Investigators Carolyn Braband, Christina Frank, and Auxilliary Investigator Caren Bendror
returning from investigating the residence’s second floor.

Both teams swept the residence for electromagnetic fields, temperature changes, drafts, poor wiring, loose floor boards, and an array of different possibilities.

Taking EMF readings.
Lead Investigator Mike Cardinuto taking Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) measurments in the daughters bedroom.
Possibly the bedroom of a former resident, and now spirit.


Audio: Nothing conclusively paranormal was collected.

Photographs and Video: Nothing paranormal was collected from cameras and video used during the investigation.

EMF: There were some high EMF spikes throughout the house. However, they were traced back to non-paranormal sources such as wiring, and an electrical box.

Temperature: Temperature readings inside the residence were viewed as normal readings.

Personal Experiences: A few investigators thought they heard footsteps and a door close at one point of the investigation. One of the investigators thought she felt a tug on her earring as well. There were also uneasy feelings being felt by two of the investigators. However, nothing was able to be substantiated through analysis.

Conclusion: Long Island Paranormal Investigators was unable to confirm or debunk the presence of paranormal activity in the home. LIPI will remain in contact with the residence and will return for further investigation if necessary.


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