(Family name not published upon request)

Private house in Bellport, NY

Prolog: In February 2007 Long Island Paranormal Investigators was invited to investigate this residence in the Bellport, NY on Long Island by the residence of the home.  LIPI members performed a lights out investigation using digital video recorders, digital and analog audio recorders, IR and thermal thermometers, IR vision systems, EMF and other electronic sensors.

Historical Background: The home’s residence state they have seen faces in the mirrors of the main bedroom. The mirrors have been cleaned repeatedly but the faces return. The also state objects have moved, mainly in the upstairs part of the house; Object have been seen apparently tossed down the upstairs steps when no one was upstairs; The report very uneasy feelings when sitting in the upstairs den area; The residence state something shakes the bathroom door handle and sometimes they find the bedroom closet doors open. Some electronic devices in the living room have repeatedly malfunctioned for no apparent reason.

Den area
LIPI empathic specialist Peter Ferarro takes EMF readings in the den area where the residence say the feel uneasy.

Den area
Lead investigators Rob Levine (left) and Mike Cardinuto take EMF and thermal readings in the den area.

The Investigation Team: Seven members of Long Island Paranormal Investigators took part in this investigation. This investigation was lead by LIPI lead investigators Michael Cardinuto, Rob Levine, and Moshin Marghoob. Additional team members were investigators Jaiem Fleischmann, Peter Ferraro, Cheryl Wittmann, and Justin DiGangi.

The Equipment Setup: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed for a lights out investigation at the residence. Two DVR cameras where setup in the main bedroom upstairs where the residence say they have seen faces in the mirrors and doors/draws seem to open on their own.

Mo coordinates the setup of the DVR cameras
Lead investigator Mo coordinates the setup of the DVR cameras.

DVR cameras setup in the bed room
This photo reflected in the mirror shows the setup of 2 DVR cameras in the main bedroom
where the residence say they have seen faces in the mirrors.


A third DVR camera was setup looking up the main stair case in the house.

DVR cameras looking upstairs
A DVR camera is setup to look up the main stair case where object appear
to have been tossed down with no one there.

A  fourth DVR camera was placed in the upstairs hallway facing down the hallway towards the den area. Finally, we placed a digital video camera in the living room facing the kitchen area.

Video camera setup in the living room area.
Hi8 8mm digital video camera setup in living room.

We placed our digital thermometers in the living room and in the den area and suspended the probes to constantly monitor the room temperature, checking for unusual changes. Finally, we placed a digital audio recorder on constant record in the den area next to the digital thermometer to try to pickup any EVPs.

Throughout the night’s investigation we used our IR Thermometers to check for cold spots in the various rooms. The wireless motion sensor was not used on this investigation due to the small size of the home.

Finally, the main hall way area was setup as the LIPI command center for this investigation. This would be our location to monitor the DVR cameras, coordinate investigation teams throughout the night, and centralize our investigation equipment.

Video camera setup in the living room area.
LIPI Lead Investigator Rob Levine and Investigator Justin DiGangi (right)
monitor the DVR system during the investigation.

The Investigation: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed a 3 and a half hour investigation of this  residence. Our group was divided into investigation teams that took turns investigating the upstairs locations. Teams remained in contact via Motorola-class walkie-talkie radios.

Video camera setup in the living room area.
LIPI Lead Investigator Rob Levine takes EMF readings with the Cell Sensor in the main bedroom.
Note the durst orb just to the left of Rob’s face. It is not paranormal.

LIPI investigators swept all the rooms for anomalous EMF readings. Investigators also swept all locations continuously with the IR thermometers looking for cold spots (or hot spots) and recording the time and temperatures of the living room and den area from the mounted digital thermometers. Throughout the investigation several LIPI investigators took numerous photographs with digital cameras.

Lead investigator Rob Levine and Investigator Cheryl Wittmann take notes
on EMF and temperature readings in the den area.

Mike checks the camcorder
Lead investigator Mike Cardinuto checks the video camera in the living room.

Finally, after over 3.5 hours of investigation it was decided to conclude the investigation.

Findings: This investigation revealed the following evidence and experiences:

Observations and Personal Experiences on Site

  • On several occasions during the night temperature variations were detected in the main bedroom. The room however is a corner room which are typically colder than inside rooms. The night was also a very cold and windy night. And the room has a ceiling trap door to the attic crawl space. Digital audio, photography and EMF sensors did not detect any paranormal activity.

  • EMF readings in the house didn’t change much from the baseline readings. Most rooms were from zero to under 1.0 with a notable exception of a “hot spot” in the wall of the upper hallway near the den area. The reading was very steady, probably the result of wires in the wall.
  • One item of interest: During an EVP session in the bathroom with Lead Investigators Mike Cardinuto and Moshin Marghoob when Mo was trying to provoke a response the EMF Electrosensor jumped significantly. The jump appeared to be in response to the provocation. It only happened once however.

  • Digital photography and DVR video showed only dust orbs. 35mm photography was not used in this investigation.

  • EVP recording on our digital audio recorders were inconclusive. Due to the small size of the house sound traveled easily and talk in other rooms of the house contaminated many of the recordings.

  • On several occasions we invited the home residence to take part in the investigation, specifically to be present during EVP sessions, hoping this would draw out any entities in the area. The residence said they felt uneasy during the sessions, however no EVPs were recorded.

Conclusion: While the jump on the EMF Electrosensor during the EVP provocation attempt is curious this alone can not be held as conclusive proof of paranormal activity. The cold of the evening and draftiness of the residence make temperature readings unreliable. LIPI is unable to confirm or debunk the existence of paranormal activity at this location. We will remain in close contact with the home owner and may schedule an additional investigation of  the house if further activity is reported.


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