(Family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In April 2008 Long Island Paranormal Investigators was contacted by this client to investigate reported paranormal activity in their Bellrose (Queens) home.

Picture of house
Investigation house in Bellrose, NY.

Historical background: According to the residents, the house was built around 1946 and had only had 1 prior owner. In 1988 there was a tragic fire that claimed the lives of 2 small boys. One was 4 years old and the other was just an infant. From what we were told, the oldest boy had run out to the back door to tell his mom, who was outside at the time, that it was hot. When he ran back inside the door locked behind him and his mother couldn’t get back inside the house. The electrical fire spread quickly and there was no way to get to the kids. When the fire department arrived and tried to get up the stairs to the children were, the stair case collapsed. Unfortunately the 2 little boys perished. The 4 year olds’ body was found underneath the crib in the nursery. Reportedly he died of a heart attack from the trauma. That room is the kids room of the current residents.

Reported paranormal activity:

The current owners have been living in this house for 8 years and the activity began a few months after moving in. When the daughter was a few years old, she would claim to see “angels” and would hear what sounded like a child’s voice asking her to play. The 2 younger kids are not comfortable sleeping in their room alone. They believe that the spirit of husband’s mother, who passed away, can also be felt every once in a while. But they don’t think that that is the cause for the strange phenomena. They also believe that 2 of the children are sensitive to the phenomena, which could explain why the 2 kids are experiencing events the most.

Other paranormal activity reported over the years:

  • Attic Bedroom:
    • Footsteps when no one is in the room.
    • Knocking on the walls & ceiling.
    • Shadows
    • Bed shaking
  • Kids Bedroom:
    • Sound of a child’s voice
    • Toys turning on & off
    • Feelings of uneasiness
  • 2nd Floor Hallway:
    • Feelings of dread & uneasiness
    • Footsteps
  • Master Bedroom:
    • A cross (which is no longer there) had turned upside down
    • The oldest son feels uneasy in this room.
  • Basement:
    • The dryer door has been know to open on it own after it had just been closed.
    • The stereo has been turned on & off.
    • Shadows
  • Other:
    • Dogs growl & bark at nothing.
    • Smell of cigar smoke.
    • Feeling of someone brushing past you.

The investigation team: The LIPI members who attended this investigation are Lead Investigators Rob Levine and Jaiem Fleischmann, investigator/case manager Thelma D’Amico, investigator/sensitive Peter Ferraro, and investigators/tech crew Craig Sordyl and Paul Guarino.

The investigation setup: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed a “lights out” investigation of the house. The Tech Team set up 4 DVR cameras. One camera was located in basement room, one in the master bedroom looking down the hallway, one in the second floor children’s room, and one in the third floor bed room. Our wireless motion sensor was placed in the basement laundry room. Our digital thermometers were place in the basement room and stairway to the third floor.

Craig sets up DVR
LIPI tech crew member Craig Sordyl sets up the DVR.

Paul runs DVR wires.
LIPI tech crew member Paul Guarino runs DVR cables to the second and third floors.

DVR screen with cameras setup
The camera angles as seen from the DVR.

A variety of EMF detectors such as the Cell Sensor, K2 meter, and Digital EMF. Several Geiger counters that pick up Microwave, radio and gamma radiation were used. We used a variety of thermometers that includes surface IR temperature and ambient readings. We also used Digital voice recorders in hopes to capture EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and Digital and 35mm photos.

Long Island Paranormal Investigators equipment cases.
Some of the Long Island Paranormal Investigators equipment used during this investigation.

Case manager with the client.
LIPI case manager Thelma D’Amico interviews the client before the investigation begins.

The investigation:

Due to the small size of the house the investigation dividend into two groups. One group would investigate the areas of the house while the other team stayed back to watch the DVR monitor for any reported activity during the investigation. Half way through the investigation the groups would switch.

Case manager with the client.
Basement room where shadows are seen.

Laundry room.
Basement room where shadows are seen.

Radio that turns on.
Stereo in the basement room the reportedly turns on and off by itself.

Craig takes EMF readings
Investigator Craig Sordyl takes EMF readings in the basement.

Peter takes EMF readings
Investigator and sensitive Peter Ferraro takes EMF readings on the stairs leading to the basement.

Second floor hallway
Second floor hallway where shadows are report to be seen.

Second floor mast bedroom
LIPI investigators in the Second floor master bedroom.
Note: The crucifix on the wall to the right is where a prior crucifix would be turned upside-down.

Second floor kids bedroom
Second floor kids bedroom where voices are heard.

Stair way to third floor bedroom
Stairway to third floor bed room. Note digital thermometer on the wall.

Third floor bedroom
Investigating the third floor bed room where shadows are also reported being seen.

Craig records his readings
LIPI investigator Craig Sordyl records his readings and observations taken during the investigation.

Rob and Thelma watching the DVR
LIPI investigators Rob Levine and Thelma D’Amico monitoring the DVR during the investigation.

Peter records his observations
LIPI empathic specialist Peter Ferraro records his observation at the end of the investigation.


Photographs: Digital and 35mm photos revealed no paranormal activity.

Video: DVR and Hi-8 video revealed no paranormal activity.

EMF: EMF readings ranged from 0 to 2.5 throughout the house. These low level make it unlikely the home owner’s observations of paranormal activity are the result of EMF sensitivity or Fear Cage phenomena.

Temperature/Thermal: No unusual variations in temperature were recorded.

EVP 1:

Date: April 2008
Description: This low Class B EVP as recorded on the second floor in the master bedroom. Present were LIPI Lead Investigator Jaiem Fleischmann, investigators Craig Sordyl and Peter Ferraro. This EVP gives every indication of a small child screaming or crying loudly, which would be understandable if a child perished in the house fire.

Personal Experiences on Site

  • Date: April 2008
    Location: Second floor master bedroom
    Description: While investigating this room investigators Jaiem Fleischmann, Craig Sordyl and Peter Ferraro heard taps several times. They appeared to be coming from the third floor. However, no one was on the third floor.

  • Date: April 2008
    Location: Second floor master bedroom
    Description: Lead investigator Jaiem Fleischmann and investigator/case manager Thelma D’Amico reported having feelings of intense uneasiness in the mast bed room that was not experienced in other parts of the house.

Conclusion: At this time Long Island Paranormal investigators is unable to confirm or debunk the presence of paranormal activity at this residence. LIPI will remain in contact with the family and perform a follow up investigation if reported activity continues or increases.


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