(Family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In October 2008 the Long Island Paranormal Investigators investigated a residence in Calverton, NY.

Back view of home
The back view of the home.

Historical background: Calverton is known as an old town full of history. British troops were stationed in the area during the Revolutionary War. The residence was a twelve year old, two story house in a semi rural area. Before the house was constructed the property was undeveloped woods. Nearby the property are two cemeteries, both dating back to at least the 1800s. Also, the couple’s neighbor discovered a human pelvic bone and femur while digging nearby to set up flower beds.

The house is occupied by a husband and wife. They purchased the home 12 years prior to LIPI’s investigation. It is a two story home with a basement, set atop a small hill. The couple are fans of the television show “Ghost Hunters” which led them to try asking questions through audio recorders in their home. They noticed what seemed to be answers to their questions when they played back their recordings. The husband feels that he has some sensitivity to the paranormal.


Reported paranormal activity:

Husband and wife both feel that they have collected electronic voice phenomenon recordings throughout the house. During EVP sessions they claim to get responses to questions they ask the spirits, as well during random conversations that they have with each other. One EVP is said to sound like beating drums. They theorize that it may be from a spirit of a British soldier from the Revolutionary War era.

The husband refuses to spend time in the downstairs bedroom because of an uneasy feeling he gets while in there. He says that he hears noises and doesn’t feel that whatever is there wants the room to itself. Also, they claim to have seen shadow-like figures moving through the lower part of the house. There was one day where the clothes dryer turned itself on twice.

Bed in downstairs bedroom
The bed in the downstairs bedroom.

The investigation team: The Long Island Paranormal Investigators members present were Lead Investigator Rob Levine, Investigators Mike Bainbridge and Peter Ferraro. Also, assisting was Investigator in Training Andy Forte on his first residential investigation.

The investigation setup: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed a “lights out” investigation of the residence. Lead Investigator Rob Levine handled the oversight of the investigation, as well as handling case management duties. Mike Bainbridge and Andy Forte comprised the tech team and were responsible for equipment set up. Peter Ferraro conducted an empathic analysis of the residence.

DVR monitor view
This picture shows the DVR camera angles for this investigation.

LIPI set up 4 DVR cameras for the investigation. These were located in the two bedrooms, dining room, and computer room. There were digital thermometers set up in both bedrooms to look for cold spots. LIPI also used EMF meters including a Natural Tri-Field Meter, a Nikon D40 digital camera, digital audio recorders, dowsing rods, and Geiger counters.


Rob records digital audio
Lead investigator Robert Levine takes digital audio recordings in the bed room.


Andy checks EMF
Investigator-in-training Andy Forte checks EMF and air pressure in the bed room.


Rob checks EMF and IR temperature
Lead investigator Robert Levine takes for IR cold spots and EMF.



Photographs and Video: The digital camera revealed nothing paranormal in nature. Nothing unusual was observed  on the DVR system.

Thermal: No cold or hot spots were detected. The temperature on the bottom floor of the house was between 65-67 degrees Fahrenheit. The top floor ranged between 66-69 degrees Fahrenheit.

Audio: One recorder picked up a sound that was unable to be identified. It happened on eight occurrences throughout the recording. It has been determined not to be a sneeze or cough. Also, the homeowners don’t have a dog. The sound occurred both over investigator conversation as well during gaps of discussion.

EMF: Electro-magnetic fields appeared normal and non paranormal throughout the house.

Personal Experiences on Site

  • As Rob Levine and Andy Forte went to investigate the upstairs of the home, everyone else went into the downstairs kitchen. While upstairs they heard what sounded like something trying to open the door downstairs near the stairwell. They went to check it out and heard the noise a bit more, however no one else was there. The couple was in the kitchen with the remainder of the investigation team, and there was no one outside to found.

  • Andy Forte feels that while he was outside investigating behind the location that he felt something touch him on his shoulder. Unfortunately he had no device to record the event.

  • Peter Ferraro claimed to have empathically felt something linking to the American Civil War. The wife had a descendent who was an officer in the Union Army during the war. It is not known if this has any bearing on the case.

Conclusion: At this time LIPI is unable to reach a conclusion as to whether the residence is haunted, or not. There were a couple of things that caught our interest, however nothing conclusive enough to give a definite answer. A follow up investigation is in the works.


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