(Family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In December 2009 Long Island Paranormal Investigators received a request to investigate a family residence in Deer Park NY. The house consists of two stories plus a basement. Inside reside four people of various ages. The main focus of the activity tends to revolve around the 17 year old daughter.

Private home, Deer Park, NY
The home’s kitchen and HQ for this investigation.

Historical background:

Age of home is around 50+ years old. Family stated that Deer Park was known as an Indian reservation at one point. Some claims have been of a girl playing around upstairs with jacks and also playing with the 17 year old girl’s music stand. About a year ago in December the 17 year old girl’s boyfriend at the time was struck and killed in a car accident while crossing the street. He was also living with them at the time of this accident.

Reported paranormal activity:

There have been many possible paranormal accounts reported by the residents of which some of the claims are listed here. There has been smells of cigarette smoke and sage around the house. The wife has been experiencing lights above her bed at night. Whistling, knocking, and the sound of a bouncy ball in the upstairs hallway are heard at night. Music pages turn on daughter’s music stand. She also feels if someone is lying next to her at night. Whispering has also been heard in the spare room downstairs and the basement. Pictures on the walls also tend to tilt and figurines move on dressers when no one is home. Weeks after they moved in, there was a noticeable mist on the stairs going up to the bedrooms.

Private home, Deer Park, NY
The daughter’s bed room where paranormal activity around the bed and the closet was reported.


Private home, Deer Park, NY
The wife of the home reported she would not go into the basement after dark because of feeling
as if something we down there with her.


Private home, Deer Park, NY
Master bed room.

The investigation team:

Long Island Paranormal Investigator members who attended the investigation were Lead Investigator Robert Levine, investigators Carolyn Braband (2nd Lead) , Brian Turnoff, Chris Vickers, and newest Investigator-in-training Tim Bonnet.

Private home, Deer Park, NY
Lead investigator Robert Levine taking ambient temperature readings in the daughter’s bed room.


Private home, Deer Park, NY
Investigators Brian Turnoff and Investigator-in-training Tim Bonnett take EMF readings and perform
EVP recordings in the basement.

The investigation setup:

The investigation was scheduled to run from 9pm through 1am the following morning. Two investigation teams were organized. One team was led by Rob Levine, and the other was supervised by Carolyn Braband. Teams alternated between investigating the residence and observing the DVR monitor which was set up in the kitchen. The teams investigated upstairs bedrooms on the third floor, downstairs spare bedroom and the basement. The DVR system was set up in the dining room, two rooms upstairs, and the staircase. There were also thermometers spread around the residence as well.

Private home, Deer Park, NY
Investigators Brian Turnoff and Carolyn Baband monitor the DVR system during the investigation.

The investigation:

Team 1 was led by Carolyn Braband. They were the first team to investigate the residence. Team 2, led by Robe Levine stayed at base and monitored the DVR system for the first half of the investigation but then later spread out around the house to investigate as well. While actively investigating, the teams would begin on the third floor and work their way down to the first floor. Both teams swept the residence for electromagnetic fields, temperature changes, drafts, poor wiring, loose floor boards, and an array of different possibilities.

Private home, Deer Park, NY
Investigator-in-training Tim Bonnett takes EMF and IR temperature readings.

Private home, Deer Park, NY
Investigator Brian Turnoff caught napping on the job!

Private home, Deer Park, NY
Investigator Carolyn Braband on her second Lead during an investigator. Nice job!

Private home, Deer Park, NY
Investigator Brian Turnoff takes EMF and temperature readings in the dark bedroom.



Audio: Nothing conclusively paranormal was collected.

Photographs and Video: No paranormal activity was captured on photographs or video.

EMF: There were relatively normal EMF measurements throughout the house.

Temperature: Temperature readings inside the residence were viewed as normal readings.

Personal Experiences: During the investigation the residences’ mother and daughter reported feeling cold spots.

Conclusion: Long Island Paranormal Investigators was unable to confirm or debunk the presence of paranormal activity in the home. LIPI will remain in contact with the family and will return for further investigation if necessary.


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