(Family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In June 2008 Long Island Paranormal Investigators was contacted by this client to investigate possible paranormal activity in her Hicksville apartment.

The apartment
Investigation apartment in Hicksville, NY.

Historical background: According to the resident, there is no known unusual events in the apartment or the complex that might account for paranormal activity.

Reported paranormal activity:

The client feels that spirits, both benevolent and malicious visit her in her apartment. She claims that religious statues have been knocked over and that spirits will cause her to spill beverages on herself.

Other reported activity includes:

  • Several religious statues have had their heads/hands fall off.
  • Her rosary beads would break constantly with no explanation.
  • While getting up off the couch, she was pushed back down.
  • She’s had her leg pulled while in bed.
  • She was laying in bed & felt someone sit on the bed & there was no one there.
  • Stereo would turn on & off.

Religious items.
The residence report these two pictures will be moved to other parts of the house.

The investigation team: Long Island Paranormal Investigators present on the case were Lead Investigators Michael Cardinuto and Robert Levine, Investigators Justin DiGangi, Thelma D’Amico, and Amanda DeCarlo.

The investigation setup: LIPI conducted a “lights out” investigation on a June evening. Due to the extremely small size of the apartment equipment use was limited. The Tech Department set up 3 DVR cameras around the apartment. One was located in the kitchen where beverages that could be spilled were stored, while one other was in the living room where one of the statues was located, and the third was located in the bedroom. Other equipment used included digital cameras, TriField EMF meters, digital audio recorders, and temperature reading devices.

DVR camera and monitor
LIPI tech crew DVR camera set up and monitor.


DVR screen
View of the DVR monitor for this investigation.

The investigation:

LIPI members were divided into 3 teams for the investigation. One team investigated at a time while the other two teams waited for their turn in a different part of the complex so as to not overcrowd the site. The investigation lasted for approximately three hours. The resident and her friend remained in the apartment with the investigating team during the investigation.


Audio, Video and Photographs: No EVPs, video or photographic evidence has been collected so far from this location.

Conclusion: At this time Long Island Paranormal investigators have not been able to collect any evidence from this location. A follow up investigation is being schedule. Any further results will be posted here.


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