Private house in Honesdale, PA

Honesdale, PA

Prolog: In January 2007 Long Island Paranormal Investigators was invited to investigate this residence in the Historic section of Honesdale, PA by the owner Michael Quinn. LIPI members stayed at the residence for 2 days and performed a lights out investigation using digital video recorders, digital and analog audio recorders, IR and thermal thermometers, IR vision systems, EMF and other electronic sensors.

Walk through of house with owner

Walk through of house with owner
House owner Michael Quinn (right) shows LIPI members the reported “hot spots”
during our initial walk through of the residence.

Historical Background: Michael Quinn stated he has owned the residence for over 10 years. The building is 120 years old. The original building had burned to the ground before he purchased the property and was rebuilt. The original building’s foundation is clearly visible in the basement.

The original foundation of the house.
The foundation of the original house can clearly be seen in the basement.
Note the orbs are dust, not paranormal activity.

The owner states that his previous second floor tenant had frequently seen a shadow move along the wall between the small bedroom (her child’s bed room) and the bathroom. The woman had told Michael that he son who slept in the small bedroom had often said he was talking to a dark figured person in the corner.

Small childs bedroom where a dark figure is said to be seen.
Corner view inside the small/child’s bedroom where the bed had been. It was reported the child often
spoke to a dark figure in the corner across from the bed.
(Note: The bright flat object at the bottom-right of the photo is the top of the DVR camera housing.)

She also reported hearing a “bouncing” sound like a ball bouncing along the roof of the house. Unfortunately, the former tenant of the second floor herself was not available for an onsite interview.

LIPI also interviewed the current first floor tenant Elizabeth Dunning. She confirmed hearing the bouncing ball sound. She also reported feelings of extreme uneasiness and of being watched when she would pass the through the side stair way from the house’s side door to the first floor apartment.

Side enterance stair way to second floor apartment
Side stairway to second floor apartment where first floor tenant says she often
has the feeling of being watched.

She as well as Michael and the former tenant had all stated also seeing a the figure of a white apparition in the second floor living room and on the steps leading from the front door to the upstairs.

Front door stair way where white apparaition has been seen.
Front door stairway to second floor apartment where a white apparition is said to have been seen.


The Investigation Team: Five members of Long Island Paranormal Investigators took part in this investigation. This investigation was lead by LIPI lead investigator Michael Cardinuto. Additional team members were investigators Jaiem Fleischmann, Michael Bainbridge, Craig Sordyl, and Justin DiGangi.

The Equipment Setup: Long Island Paranormal Investigators prepared for a lights out investigation the first night at the residence.

Some of the paranormal investigation equipment used.
Some of the paranormal detection equipment used during this investigation.

We set up DVR IR cameras in the small/child’s bedroom, the living room (on the book shelf looking North-to-East), at the bottom of the front door stair way (looking up the stairs), and in the side door stairway.

DVR camera set up at bottom of front door stair way.
DVR IR camera setup at bottom of front door stairway.

We also placed a Hi-8 (8mm) video camera on night shot in the living room that looked across the room North-to-West. This criss-cross viewing pattern would prove important during our analysis of the investigation’s collected adata.

Hi-8 8mm camera set up in living room.
Hi8 8mm digital video camera setup in living room.
The DVR IR camera is on a bookshelf on the far left (off screen) facing the opposite side of the room.

We placed our digital thermometers in the living room and small bedroom, and suspended the probes from the ceiling to constantly monitor the room temperature, checking for unusual changes.

Digital thermometer mounted in living room.
Digital thermometer mounted in the living room. Note temperature sensor probe hanging from the ceiling.

Throughout the night’s investigation we used our IR Thermometers to check for cold spots in the various rooms. And we placed a digital audio recorder in the small bedroom for a continuous record during the investigation to collect EVPs (additional digital and analog recorders were carried by LIPI during the investigation as well).

And we placed our wireless motion sensor in the basement of the house.

Wireless motion sensor in the basement.
Wireless motion sensor mounted in the basement. Note: orbs are dust, not paranormal activity.

Finally, the kitchen area was setup as the LIPI command center for this investigation. This would be our location to monitor the DVR cameras, coordinate investigation teams throughout the night, and centralize our investigation equipment.

The kitchen being used as LIPI command center.
LIPI Investigator Justin DiGangi (left) sets up the DVR system while
Lead Investigator Mike Cardinuto prepares the Hi8 video camera.

The Investigation: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed a 5 and a half hour investigation of this second floor apartment area of this residence. Our group was divided into three investigation teams: One to investigate the living room and larger bedroom area; One to investigate the small bedroom area; And one to remain at the command center to monitor the DVR system. Teams would rotate assigned areas during the night to give everyone a chance to investigate each location. There would also be at least two investigations of the basement. Teams remained in contact via Motorola-class walkie-talkie radios.

Craig checks the small bedroom.
LIPI investigator Craig Sordyl checks for EMF and radiation measurements in the small bedroom area
using the Electrosensor and digital Geiger counter.


Mike Cardinuto checks the stairway.
LIPI Lead investigator Mike Cardinuto checks the hallway and stairs after an odd noise is heard. Nothing was found.

LIPI investigators swept all the rooms for anomalous EMF readings. Most rooms were from zero to under 1.0 with a notable exception of the basement. Investigators also swept all locations continuously with the IR thermometers looking for cold spots (or hot spots) and recording the time and temperatures of the living room and small bedroom from the mounted digital thermometers. Throughout the investigation several LIPI investigators took numerous photographs with both digital cameras and 35mm cameras.


DVR unit running during investigation
The DVR was continually monitored during the investigation.


LIPI investigators also performed two investigation sweeps of the basement area. The high concentration of dust made photographs of the area unreliable as dust orbs were everywhere.

LIPI investigators check out the basement.
LIPI investigates the basement. Notice all the dust orbs and loose electric wires.


Also, EMF readings were impaired due to all the unshielded electric wires and the circuit breaker boxes. The basement was, however, exceptionally quiet was did allow for several attempts at EVP recording.


Notice all the wires and the circuit breaker boxes.
All the exposed wiring and double circuit breaker panels made EMF readings impossible in the basement.

Finally, after over 5.5 hours of investigation it was decided to conclude the investigation and get some rest to review the collected video and audio the next day.

Findings: This investigation revealed the following evidence and experiences:

  • On two separate occasions during the night the temperature in the kitchen dropped noticeable. Several spots of cold air were felt in the room. No drafts could be felt coming from the windows, vents or doors. IR thermometers showed drops of almost 10 degrees in many areas but was sporadic and seemed to be moving. Digital audio and photography taken during these periods did not collect any additional evidence.

Mike Cardinuto after a long night of paranormal investigation
Lead investigator Michael Cardinuto looks very tired after a full night of paranormal investigation.

  • EMF readings in the apartment didn’t change much from the baseline readings.
  • Digital photography showed only dust orbs. 35mm photos are still being processed and are pending review.
  • EVP Specialist Jaiem Fleischmann captured this 35mm photograph outside the house on the first night of investigation:Mist outside the house

    He does not smoke nor was there any other source of smoke or vapor (it was a dry night) in the area. The image is still being analyzed.

  • Our DVR system did record an unusual white image that appeared to be figure walking through the living room. However, after over an hour of analysis and comparing the DVR recording to the Hi8 recording the “figure” was debunked as being the light cast from a flashlight  one investigator was handing over to another.

LIPI investigators reviewing the collected evidence
LIPI investigators Michael Bainbridge, Justin DiGangi and Craig Sordyl review the DVR recording
as well as digital & analog audio recordings.

  • Digital audio did, however, twice capture the reported “bouncing ball” sound. One was recorded in the bathroom and one in the basement. In both cases no one heard anything during the investigation and the sound was only noticed upon reviewing the audio files.
  • The second night at the house out digital audio recorders were left on in the living room and small bed room but not EVPs were recorded.

EVP 1:

Date: January 2007
Description: First occurrence of the “bouncing ball” sound. Recorded in the apartment bathroom. Background sound is running water from the sink being used as a white noise source.

EVP 2:

Date: January 2007
Description: Second occurrence of the “bouncing ball” sound. Recorded in the basement of the house. Note voice is that of EVP Specialist Jaiem Fleischmann.

EVP 3:

Date: January 2007
Description: This EVP of the “bouncing ball” was recorded in the small bedroom during the investigation.

EVP 4:

Date: January 2007
Description: This EVP was recorded in the small bedroom during the investigation. We believe it’s a voice saying “I want mommy”.

Conclusion: While the evidence from digital audio seems to have confirmed the “bouncing ball” phenomena both the residence’s owner and the current tenant reported, this alone can not be held as conclusive proof of a haunted location. LIPI is unable to confirm or debunk the definite existence of paranormal activity at this location.

LIPI investigators present our evidence to the home owner.
LIPI investigators present our collected evidence to Michael Quinn the home owner.

We will remain in close contact with the home owner and may schedule an additional investigation of  the house if further activity is reported.


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