(Family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In February 2008 Long Island Paranormal Investigators was contacted by this client to investigate possible paranormal activity in their Huntington Station home.

Historical background: At this time LIPI is currently doing research on the history of this location to see if there may be a reason for this home to be haunted. This page will be updated after research for more information.

Reported paranormal activity:

Client emailed us a picture captured at a birthday party of what they believe to be a shadow person. Looking at the picture there is no doubt that this picture is a little weird. Behind all of her friends at the party there was a tall black shadow. Long Island Paranormal Investigators could not recreate or debunk during our investigation.

Possible shadow picture
(NOTE: This photograph was provided to LIPI by the client. As such we are unable to confirm accuracy.)
Picture from the client that appears to show an unexplained shadow.

Shadow picture close up
Close up of unexplained shadow.

Other paranormal activity reported activity by the client age 25, roommate age 26, roommate age 24, friend age 23 and Mother include:

  • Foul smells in the basement that come and go randomly
  • Client, an old roommate and two friends often hear footsteps when no one is walking on the floor at no specific time or day.
  • They hear knocking and banging when no one else is home or the household is asleep for the night.
  • They also hear voices both whispering, singing and humming.
  • In January client was lying on her bed with her dog when she claimed to see a full apparition by her front door.
  • Her dog also reacted to a presence by barking and looking in the same spot in the room client saw apparition. Client describes the apparition as tall, thin, black with spiky hair.
  • Clients friends, family and guests have had experiences of getting there hair gently tugged or feeling light taps.

The investigation team: The Long Island Paranormal Investigators members who attended the investigation were Lead Investigators Mike Cardinuto and Rob Levine, investigators Cheryl Wittmann, Dimitrios Haritos and Chris Haritos.

The investigation setup: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed a “lights out” investigation of the house. The Tech Team set up 4 DVR cameras. One camera was located in the master bedroom where client claimed to see an apparition, the second camera was located in the living room where the shadow person was located in the picture she sent us. Camera 3 was set up down the hallway toward the other two bedrooms where they hear footsteps, banging and voices and camera 4 was located in the garage where they also hear whispering and its the entrance way to the basement where they have experienced foul smells they cannot explain.

K2 in bedroom/office
LIPI Tech crew setting up the DVR cameras before the investigation.

A variety of EMF detectors such as the Trifield meter, Cell Sensor, K2 meter, EMF enzone and Digital EMF. Several Geiger counters that pick up Microwave, radio and gamma radiation were used. We used a variety of thermometers that includes surface IR temperaturereadings, ambient and a data logger which records temp on a grid to download into your computer every 10 seconds. We placed the data logger where clients claim to feel cold spots most. We also used Digital voice recorders in hopes to capture EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and Digital and 35mm photos.


The investigation:

The investigation broke into teams and took turns investigating the areas of the house while the other team stayed back to watch the DVR monitor for any reported activity during the investigation. This is so that we did not capture each others footsteps across the floor or pick up the other teams voices while trying to find the scientific explanation for the client’s experiences.

K2 in bedroom/office
Probationary Investigator Chris Haritos investigating the garage with the EMF Enzone.

K2 in bedroom/office
Photograph of the computer room.

K2 in bedroom/office
LIPI testing to see if a spirit would move the items on the basement floor.

K2 in bedroom/office
Probationary Investigator Chris Haritos and Investigator in Training Dimitri Haritos investigate the basement.

K2 in bedroom/office
Photograph of the living room.

K2 in bedroom/office
Lead Investigator Rob Levine checking for EMF in the basement of the home with an EMF Enzone.



Audio, Photographs and Video: No paranormal activity was recorded.

Long Island Paranormal Investigators did not pick up any paranormal activity on any of our equipment nor did anyone on the team have any personal experiences to support the presence of paranormal activity in this home.

We did find a high EMF reading in the clients’ living room and garage. Exposure to high EMF can have side effects on a person such as migraines, nausea, dizziness, the feeling of being watched and optical illusions. The clients do not feel threatened by the activity but if they should they can call us at any time for a follow up investigation, answer questions or just tell us there stories.


Conclusion: Although we cannot explain the picture of the shadow captured by the client, at this time Long Island Paranormal Investigators does not have enough evidence to call the home haunted at this time. LIPI will follow up with the clients to determine if a second investigation is needed.


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