(Family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In September 2009 the Long Island Paranormal Investigators received a request to investigate a family residence in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York. The family living in the house stated to LIPI that the building was approximately one hundred years old. They have lived at the site for eight years and that the activity began around 2008. The family felt that it coincided with the daughters moving up to the top floor of the house. Previously this was an unused section of residence.

Ronkonkoma house

The house consists of three levels plus attic, and a separate car garage. Inside the home reside ten people of varying ages. All of the residents appear to be your everyday typical people whom you could just as easily come across anywhere. The majority of the activity seems to be centered around the children of the home. The girls are fifteen and sixteen years old. There is also a three year old boy residing in the house.

Reported Paranormal Activity: There have been many possible paranormal accounts reported by the residents, of which here listed are some of the claims. The girls report feelings of being watched while in their rooms. One of the girls reportedly awoke with blood on her, but no source could be found. They have claimed to be scratched and to sometimes hear what sounds to be hushed voices. At one point they admit to have used a Ouija board with possible negative consequences. Their mother then placed a blessed crucifix over the board, prayed, and then snapped the board in two pieces. She then disposed of it.

One of the girls also made the following claim: She claims that she told one of her friends about her home being haunted. In an effort to prove it she placed her jewelry on her table and told the spirit to move it to show it was real. They then looked away and when they later took a look at it again, it was all re-arranged.

One of the daughters has been told that she is sensitive to the paranormal and can see things that appear. She doesn’t like to go to the top floor of the home alone. The other daughter while a believer is not as affected by the occurrences.

While members of LIPI case management were discussing the case with the residents they were told that lately the three year old boy has been having trouble sleeping. He reportedly keeps telling his mother that he sees monsters in his room. It has not been determined if this normal behavior of a three year old, or something else. Family members claim that they do not discuss paranormal events with the young child. A member of LIPI’s Psychology department suggested that the mother ask her child to draw a picture of what he sees next time it occurs. This could perhaps be used to get a better idea of what is occurring.

There have also been claims of seeing a young girl roaming the floors of the house. The family stated that they were told that a long time ago there was a young girl who died in the house of pneumonia. They feel that perhaps this is her. Long Island Paranormal Investigators will attempt to look into the history of the property for the residents and see what they can turn up.

The investigation team: The following investigators were present during the investigation of the residence. Lead Investigators Michael Cardinuto and Robert Levine oversaw the investigation. Also present were Assistant Technology Department Manager Mathew Avellino, and Investigator Carolyn Braband whom assisted Robert Levine in case management duties. Investigator Peter Ferraro was present and assisted the investigation with both equipment analysis and empathic duties.

LIPI team in the kitchen
The LIPI team setup in the kitchen at the start of the investigation.

The investigation setup: The investigation was scheduled to run from 9pm till 1am the following morning. Investigating members split into two teams. One team was led by Michael Cardinuto and the other was supervised by Robert Levine. The teams alternated between investigating the residence and observing the DVR monitor which was set up in kitchen. The teams investigated the downstairs central room and stairwell, as well as both of the girls bedrooms on the third floor, and second floor stairwell area. The DVR System down the stairs, and on the second floor landing. There were also thermometers spread around the residence.

DVR screen
View of the DVR monitor screen.

The investigation:

Team 1 was led by Robert Levine. They were the first team to investigate the residence. Team 2, led by Michael Cardinuto stayed at base and monitored the DVR System. The teams alternated between active investigating and DVR monitoring. Typically while actively investigating the teams would begin on the third floor and work their way down to the first floor. Teams swept the residence for electro-magnetic fields, temperature changes, drafts, poor wiring, loose floor boards, and an array of different possibilities.

Peter and Carolyn
Empathic Specialist Peter Ferraro and Investigator Carolyn Braband take EMF and temperature
readings during the investigation.

Robert takes radiation measurements
Empathic Specialist Peter Ferraro and Investigator Carolyn Braband take EMF and temperature
readings during the investigation.

Main hall way
View of the main house hallway. Note DVR camera at top of steps.


Audio: Nothing conclusively paranormal was collected. On one of the audio devices there was some noise, but nothing that could be cleared up enough to distinguish it as something paranormal.

Photographs: Nothing paranormal was collected from cameras used during the investigation.

EMF: There were some EMF spikes throughout the house. However, generally they were traced back to non paranormal sources such as wiring.

Temperature: Temperature readings inside the residence were viewed as being in normal ranges.

Video: Nothing paranormal was captured on video.

Personal Experiences: A few investigators thought that they saw things in shadows of the house. One investigator thought he saw possibly a short figure walk through a room in the distance. There were instances where investigators thought they heard sounds in surrounding rooms. However, nothing was able to be substantiated through analysis.

Empathic Report from Empathic Specialist Peter Ferraro: Prior to the investigation at the LIPI office I spoke to Investigator Matt Avellino in regards to the images I was receiving from the home. I sensed very strong predominantly red images.

When the team arrived at the home of the client there were many validations to this image. The house was red, the inside of the home was red, and one room was decorated with red. I don’t believe this had anything to do with investigation. Just a validation of the clairvoyant images of the home.

On the second floor landing on the right side I picked up the image of a female child around 10 years old. Also, the owners of the residence felt chills not coming from any other source in this location. The owner of the home validated this as were the claims that were given to Long Island Paranormal Investigators when the client asked for this investigation to be done.

I also picked up a possible energy of a child’s voice that had been heard in the home. This was also validated by the home owner as a possible laugh that sounded like it was coming from a child. This energy seemed to be coming from a computer room off of a living room on the 2nd floor level.

The third floor had some possible paranormal activity. The was a report stating that a child was seen next to a banister stairwell in a third floor bedroom. The owners daughters, 15, and 16 years old had experienced this event. We also picked up spikes in the electromagnetic field. I found it interesting that I sensed energy in this bedroom, and the owners daughters also validated my feeling as they had both claimed that a possible apparition was spotted next to the banister.

Lead Investigator Rob Levine, Investigator, Investigator in training Carolyn Braband, and myself were conducting an EVP session when picked up a possible paranormal reading on the Zap Checker as well as on the Digital EMF. In conclusion I cannot confirm, nor deny the presence of a possible spirit. I do feel there is activity in the home, and LIPI should conduct a follow up investigation.

Conclusion: Long Island Paranormal Investigators was unable to confirm or deny paranormal activity at this location. The homeowner did request a house cleansing to try and remove possible activity. This will be conducted by Empathic Specialist Peter Ferraro and the visiting Rev. M. Waterman where a simple service will be conducted to cleanse the home. A follow up investigation will be scheduled after the cleansing.


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