(Family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In April 2008 Long Island Paranormal Investigators was contacted by this client to investigate reported paranormal activity in their Lindenhurst home. Although not fearful of the activity the client is seeking confirmation and additional information about it.

Picture of house
Investigation house in Lindenhurst, NY.

Historical background: According to the residents, they have lived in this house for over 20 years. In that time several family members have died in or near the home, including the grandfather and a child.

Reported paranormal activity:

The current owners have report often seeing a shadow being move through the kitchen into the hallway, through the living room into the hallway, and moving up and back along the hallway itself. Also, objects have been reported moved great distances from where they were placed. One of the residence believes the spirit of the grandfather may be in the house as he was very close to the younger son who has disabilities.

Pictures that claim to be moved.
The residence report these two pictures will be moved to other parts of the house.

The investigation team: The LIPI members who attended this investigation are Lead Investigators Mike Cardinuto, Rob Levine and Jaiem Fleischmann, investigator/case manager Thelma D’Amico, investigators/tech crew Mike Bainbridge and Paul Guarino.

The investigation setup: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed a “lights out” investigation of the house. Due to the small size of the residence and the narrow areas of reported acivity the Tech Team set up 3 DVR cameras. One camera was located in kitchen, one in the living room, and one looking down the hallway. A digital recorder was left on with the camera pointing down the hallway.

Paul setting up a DVR camera.
LIPI tech crew member Paul Guarino sets up a DVR camera in the hallway.

DVR camera in the kitchen.
DVR camera in the kitchen.

DVR monitor view.
The 3 camera angles as seen from the DVR.

A variety of EMF detectors such as the Cell Sensor and Digital EMF were also used. We used a variety of thermometers that includes surface IR temperature and ambient readings. We also used Digital voice recorders in hopes to capture EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and Digital and 35mm photos.

Preliminary case work with the client.
LIPI case manager Thelma D’Amico and Lead Investigator Rob Levine interviews the client before the investigation
begins while Lead Investigator Mike Cardinuto (right) takes EMF readings in the dining room.

The investigation:

Due to the small size of the house the investigation dividend into two groups. One group would investigate the areas of the house while the other team stayed back to watch the DVR monitor for any reported activity during the investigation. Half way through the investigation the groups would switch.

Rob takes photos and temperature readings
Lead Investigator Rob Levine takes photographs and ambient temperature readings
in one of the rooms where shadows are seen.

Mike Cardinuto records EMF readings.
Lead investigator Mike Cardinuto records EMF readings in the kitchen.

Thelma does EVPs in the kitchen.
Investigator/case manager Thelma D’Amico performs EVP recordings in the kitchen.

Rob monitors the DVR.
Lead Investigator Rob Levine monitors the DVR during the investigation.



Audio, Video and Photographs: No audio or video anomalies were found.

EMF: Several locations of EMF readings from 20mg to over 100mg were found as well as steady but high single-digit readings in locations where activity has been reported to be seen. It is possible the residence are hyper-sensitive to EMF and thus is the cause of some of the reported sightings.

Temperature/Thermal: No unusual variations in temperature were recorded.


Conclusion: At this time Long Island Paranormal investigators is unable to confirm paranormal activity at this residence based on the evidence from this investigation.


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