(Location and family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In August, 2010, the Long Island Paranormal Investigators were called on to investigate paranormal claims from a family residing on Long Island, New York. The house is owned by a young couple in their early twenties. The house itself dates back to 1957. The current residents, one male, aged 24 years, and one female, aged 22 years old have lived at home for approximately one year. To their knowledge they know of one previous owner before them.

The property may have been host to tragedy. In December of 1947 a six year old girl died in a fire. Her father, a retired NYPD officer, heroically braved the flames and smoke, yet unfortunately was unable to get to his daughter in time to rescue her. All of the other residents managed to survive the incident. It was unknown as of this date whether this was the actual house or not. Also both previous owners died in the home.

Reported paranormal activity:

The residents have various claims of a paranormal nature. They claim to hear footsteps of someone walking up and down the stairs. There are also times where the residents feel as if someone is standing over them. On occasion they claim to hear whispering, but are unable to understand what is being said.

Both residents claim to have seen something moving around the house. The female client has claimed to have seen a dark figure watching her in the dining room. She also said, “I saw a man (not a shadow), wearing a white sweatshirt and jeans, back facing the garage looking straight at me towards the back of the yard.” The male client has claimed to have seen someone walk past him in the garage.

The most startling claim that the homeowners made was waking up to seeing the words “I hate you” scratched into the wall. A few days later a visiting relative came across the carvings “F U” near the first prior words.


The spare bedroom on the ground floor of the home.
Figures have been said so walk by not far from it.

The master bedroom on the second floor.
The homeowners claim to have had threatening messages inscribed on the wall.

View of the backyard.
Please note that the orbs seen are just particles of dust and dirt in the air reflecting off the camera flash.


The investigation team:

The following investigators were present during the investigation of the residence. Investigator Dimitrios Haritos oversaw his first residential investigation while being observed by the lead investigators. Rob Levine, Department Supervisor for Case Management handled case management duties. Investigator Peter Ferraro was in charge of setting up digital thermometers around the home. Investigator Tim Bonnett assisted in setting up equipment throughout the residence.

Investigators Tim Bonnett and Dimitrios Haritos.

The investigation:

The overall span of the investigation was approximately 4 hours. Investigators were broken up into the following teams; Rob and Tim, Dimitri and Peter, and Mike worked independently. During the investigation various equipment was used. Tools included digital cameras, DVR surveillance system, digital audio recorders, and various EMF meters.

View of the DVR system set up around the house.

Investigator Tim Bonnett with some of his equipment located in the dining room.

Digital Thermometer with pad used to record readings, MEL-8704 EMF meter with Digital Thermometer Probe,
and a TH2A Ambient Digital Thermometer.


Investigator Tim Bonnett in the backyard taking readings with a K2 Meter.



Audio: Nothing considered paranormal was captured on any of the present audio recorders.

Photographs and Video: Nothing paranormal was discovered during analysis of all video recorded and photographs taken.

EMF: Nothing Paranormal was detected. Overall, electromagnetic fields in the home were in safe levels. The alarm clock generated a high reading; However it was localized over the unit itself and did not appear to spread into the surrounding area.

Temperature: All temperature readings were considered normal in the location. Therefore, nothing was ruled to be considered paranormal in nature.

Personal Experiences: No personal experiences were reported.

Empathic Report Empathic Specialist Peter Ferraro: Usually when I investigate a private residence my organization requests that I remain outside the premises during a tour of the property so that I do not hear any claims a head of time. t I do not have any prior information relevant to the case in order to get a more accurate psychic impression of the possible activity.

As I walked through the home I sensed some energy from the upstairs bedroom. The homeowner later validated the activity in this room.

I also sensed an image of an elderly female in the front living room. The homeowner validated this potentially as an elderly woman who died in the home. She had been found in the front living room by a family member, and local fire rescue officials.

In the backyard I sensed a male spirit. This followed a claim that one of the homeowners had told the case management department. Another thing that caught my attention was the feeling of a hospital bed in an area where I was later told the prior resident slept when she was ill.

Currently at this time I cannot confirm, nor deny any paranormal activity at the location until further evidence is reviewed. What I witnessed may be a clairvoyant image involving history of the home, and/or property. Perhaps this is what the current residents are experiencing.

In my opinion, as a empathic investigator for the Long Island Paranormal Investigators, I believe that there may be some paranormal activity at the residence. I believe further that another investigation of the residence may be warranted in order to determine if the residence is haunted.”

Conclusion: After investigating the residence, Long Island Paranormal Investigators was unable to conclusively determine what the cause is to what the residents are experiencing in their home. LIPI has been able to determine that the location has safe EMF levels and nothing unusual or hazardous appears to be the cause. It is recommended that the case remains open, and that if the homeowners desire, another investigation should be conducted to compare results.


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