(Family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In January 2008 Long Island Paranormal Investigators was contacted by the home owner and his girlfriend to investigate their house in Lynbrook, NY. The owner and his girlfriend had reported unusual activity in the house for several years but have grown more active and intense lately.

House in Lynbrook
The house in Lynbrook, NY.

Historical background: The current home owner said the house is a typical Long Island cape style house built in the 1950’s. The prior home owner had made a full work room in the basement of the house and had done extensive detailed work to the house of the years that family lived there.

Work bench in basement
The work bench in one of the basement rooms from the prior owner of the house.

He personally has owned and lived in the house for the last 15 years. The owner said he has done renovations to the house constantly over that period of time and feels perhaps the prior home owner isn’t happy with his changes. He does not know if there were any deaths or other significant events in the house prior to his ownership.

Discussing the case with John
The home owner (seated left) discussing the activity he has experienced in the house
with LIPI before the investigation starts.

Reported paranormal activity:

  • In the upstairs backroom bedroom/office the owner has reported seeing shadows and hearing knocks and raps from the walls.
  • In the upstairs main room the owner has reported hearing more knocks and raps, seen shadows moving in the bedroom/office down the hall, and has had the door on the crawls space rattle when there is no wind.
  • A hand print in the dust on the bedroom/office night stand is clearly seen. The home owner says this print is the second time they have found such a print on this stand.
  • In the kitchen the owner’s girlfriend has experienced two cold spots.
  • In the main bedroom the owner reported the door handle has turned and rattled when he was alone in the house.
  • In the basement, the owner’s girlfriend says she has the feeling of being watched when she is down there doing laundry.
  • In the basement workroom the owner reports strong feelings of uneasiness and being watched.
  • The family dog will often stare and growl at the air. The dog will also not go into the upstairs back bedroom/office. If she is taken into the room she will immediately leave.

Hand print
The hand print on the upstairs bedroom/office night stand.
It appears to be a left hand print, possibly a woman’s based on the size of the print.

Night stand in the office room
This picture shows the location of the night stand in the upstairs bedroom/office.
Note the white is powder put there by Long Island Paranormal Investigators to try to capture another hand print.

The investigation team: The investigation of this home was lead by Investigator Jaiem Fleischmann. Also attending this investigation were LIPI Investigators Dimitri Haritos, Paul Guarino, Thelma D’Amico, and Justin “Credible” DiGangi. LIPI official guest Amanda DeCarlo also joined the team for this investigation.

The investigation setup: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed a “lights out” investigation of the house. Our DVR cameras were set up in the upstairs bedroom/office, upstairs main room, basement main room and basement work room. Our digital thermometers were placed in the upstairs bedroom/office and the basement work room. Digital audio recorders were left in the basement work room and the upstairs crawl space. Investigators also used digital cameras, K2 meters, Digital EMF, EMF Enzone, Geiger counters, volt meter, compass, TH-2A thermometer and IR thermometers. We also put a fresh coat of powder on the upstairs night stand where the hand print was in the hope of something leaving another hand print during the investigation.

Hand equipment
Our hand equipment used during this investigations.

Dimitri at the DVR
Dimitri helps coordinate adjusting camera angles on for DVR system.

DVR camera view
The camera view as seen by our DVR system.

The investigation:

The team was divided into two groups that rotated between the upstairs and basement bar room. Teams took turns investigating both locations and performing EVP sessions.


Upstairs area

LIPI investigators spent time in both the back bedroom/office and main room. EVP sessions, EMF readings and photographs were used during the investigation of these areas. Much time was spent asking for activity and EVPs in these locations.

K2 in bedroom/office
Long Island Paranormal Investigators member Paul Guarino uses a K2 meter to check
for EMF at the crawl space door in the upstairs bedroom/office.

In bedroom/office
Long Island Paranormal Investigators member Paul Guarino and guest Amanda DeCarlo in the upstairs bedroom/office.
Note the orb on Amanda’s hair is dust.

Crawl space door
The crawl space door in the upstairs main room that is reported to have rattled and the lock jiggle.

Waiting in the upstairs main room
LIPI member Paul Guarino and guest Amanda DeCarlo in the upstairs main room.
Note the DVR camera on tripod in the back bedroom/office.

LIPI investigators also checked the crawl space. Although it was cold and drafty there didn’t seem to be enough air movement to cause the door and latch to move as a result of windy.

Main Floor:

As activity on the main floor of the house was reported as very brief and occasional, Long Island Paranormal Investigators decided to concentrate our efforts on the upstairs and basement areas of the house during our initial investigation.

Watchingthe DVR in the kitchen
LIPI investigators Thelma D’Amico, Dimitri Haritos and Justin “Credible” DiGangi review the DVR
with home owner (back right) and his girlfriend (left).


Watching the DVR in the kitchen
LIPI investigator/case manager Thelma D’Amico takes notes on DVR activity
while the owner and his girlfriend also watch the cameras.

Basement floor

Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed numerous EVP sessions on the basement floor, especially in the work room. We also conducted a number of EMF sweeps to check for excessive amounts of EMF.

Basement main room
LIPI guest Amanda DeCarlo in the main basement room.
Note DVR camera on tripod (lower left).

Paul using the K2 Meter
LIPI investigator Paul Guarino using the K2 meter in the basement main room.
Note orb is dust.

Basement main room
The full view of the basement main room.

Writing desk in work room
A writing desk and chair in the basement work room. It was left there by prior owners of those house.

Paul using the K2 Meter
LIPI member Paul Guarino using the K2 meter in the basement work room.

Outside of house

Long Island Paranormal Investigators Paul Guarino surveyed the outside and perimeter of the house. No significant EMF readings were detected. Also it was noted that there are no trees or other objects that might be hitting the house and causing errant noise.

Recording readings and observations
LIPI investigators Dimitri Haritos and Thelma D’Amico record their instrument readings
and personal observations at the conclusion of our paranormal investigation.


Personal Experiences on Site

  • Location: Up stairs bedroom/office
    Description: During the initial walk through of the house LIPI investigator Thelma D’Amico felt light headed, dizzy and sick. She felt better after returning to the kitchen on the main floor.
  • Location: Up stairs bedroom/office
    Paul Guarino reported seeing a red dot/light in the room on the dresser then moved out of sight quickly.
  • Location: Up stairs bedroom/office.
    Description: Investigators Jaiem Fleischmann, Paul Guarino and Amanda DeCarlo heard two sets of four knocks that seemed to come from the closet during an EVP session.
  • Location: Up stairs bedroom/office.
    Description: While investigating the upstairs back bedroom/office, paranormal investigator Thelma D’Amico reported like the energy would come in waves. She felt very uneasy, dizzy and foggy. Then the room would feel cool and more comfortable, and easier to breathe. It would change like that back and forth. She also reported at one point feeling a lot of pressure on the front of her head and could not focus. It made her head very foggy.

  • Location: Basement floor work room
    Description: Investigator Thelma D’Amico reported the energy felt like it was heavy & the room felt very foggy. At one point she felt like she was going to fall over. She reported feeling very dizzy and off balance. Thelma also reports experiencing several floating cold spots that had a slight breeze to it. When checking the window, it was taped up and no air was coming through.
  • Location: Basement floor work room
    Description: Investigators Jaiem Fleischmann, Thelma D’Amico and Paul Guarino reported seeing the red dot/light repeatedly in the work room.
  • Location: Upstairs and Basement floors
    Description: All LIPI investigators report unusual and unexplained battery power drain and even total power loss. Even new lithium batteries were affected.
  • Location: Upstairs and Basement floors
    Description: All LIPI investigators using EMF meters report localized spikes and jumps in EMF readings.
  • Location: Basement floor
    Description: All LIPI investigators using EMF meters report high EMF readings from the ceiling, probably wires running through the ceiling.

Audio, Photographs and Video: No paranormal activity was recorded.

Conclusion: Despite the personal experiences during the investigation, based on the documented evidence Long Island Paranormal Investigators is  unable to confirm or debunk the presence of paranormal activity at this house. A follow up investigation is being planned.


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