(Family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In November of 2009 the Long Island Paranormal Investigators received a request to investigate a personal residence in Miller Place, New York.

Private home, Miller Place, NY
Private Home in Miller Place, NY.

Reported paranormal activity:

The homeowner has claimed that he was pulled into the above ground pool, when he was checking the temperature of the water. The daughter had claimed that the apparition of a face appeared on her window, staring at her.

Pool in back yard
Pool in back yard.
The husband reports having twice been pulled into the pool from the deck by an unseen force.

A common claim among all of the people in the house has been seeing a gentleman dressed in modern clothes wearing a baseball cap. Friends of the family have also reported seeing this figure, and in one instance, having a conversation with it.


The investigation team:

The following Long Island Paranormal Investigators members were present on the investigation of the house: Lead investigators Michael Cardinuto and Robert Levine oversaw the investigation, Specialist and Case Management Department member Carolyn Braband and investigator in training and Tech Chris Vickers. Investigator Peter Ferraro was present and assisted the investigation with both equipment analysis and empathic duties.

LIPI team setting up.
The LIPI team setting up for the investigation.


Investigator Chris Vickers in the daughter’s bedroom.

The investigation setup:

The investigation was scheduled to run from 9pm till 1am the following morning. Investigating members split into two teams. Michael Cardinuto led one team with Robert Levine, and Carolyn Braband and Peter Ferraro led the other team with chris Vickers. The teams alternated between investigating the floors and backyard of the house. The teams investigated the entire house including the backyard, where DVR cameras were placed in areas with the most paranormal claims. There were also thermometers placed around the residence.

DVR camera view
View of the DVR cameras setup for the investigation.


The LIPI team setting up for the investigation.

The investigation:

Team 1, which consisted of Mike Cardinuto, Robert Levine, and Carolyn Braband started their investigation downstairs and then worked their way to the back yard. Team 2, which consisted of Peter Ferraro and Chris Vickers started their investigation on the upstairs floor; checking the claims of the bedrooms.

Caroyln by the pool
Carolyn Braband takes radiation readings and EVP recordings by the pool.


Lead Investigator Mike Cardinuto with Investigator Carolyn Braband
in the backyard near the swimming pool.
(Independent news photographer Antonio Bolfo lurking in the background.)


Mike Cardinuto, Carolyn Braband, and Antonio Bolfo having a discussion
about the investigation in the downstairs living room.

Typically while actively investigating the teams would use their equipment throughout the rooms, checking for an increase or jump on their meters. Teams swept the house for electro-magnetic fields, temperature changes, drafts, poor wiring, loose floorboards, and an array of different possibilities.

Antonio Bolfo taking photographs in the upstairs den.

Investigator Chris Vickers investigating in the upstairs hallway.


View of the backyard.



Audio: Nothing conclusively paranormal was collected.

Photographs and Video: No paranormal activity was captured on photographs or video.

EMF: There were some minimal EMF spikes throughout the house. However, generally they were traced back to non-paranormal sources such as an alarm clock in the daughters room.

Temperature: Temperature readings inside the residence were viewed as normal readings.

Personal Experiences: No personal experiences were reported.

Empathic Report Empathic Specialist Peter Ferraro: When I arrived at the residence I sensed something undetermined of an energy somewhere in the backyard of the residence. After interviewing the owners wife she validated that this is where she believes the activity began. It was reported that her husband was pushed in the pool in rear of the home by some unknown force.

I also sensed something in the daughters room unknown energy. It was later told upon the interview after the walk through and validated by the family.

The image I received was that of a bearded man with a cap or some other kind of hat. This spirit is known to the family as Fred. I cannot confirm nor deny any presence in the home, as this may be a clairvoyant image of the possible activity rather than a presence during the investigation.

Conclusion: Long Island Paranormal Investigators was unable to confirm or debunk the presence of paranormal activity in the home. LIPI will remain in contact with the family and will return for further investigation if necessary.


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