(Family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In September 2010 members of the Long Island Paranormal Investigators were called in to investigate paranormal claims coming from a house in Patchogue, New York. The home was approximately 65 years old. The residents are the original owners. The people living there consisted of the parents, their two daughters, a son in law, and two grandchildren. Also residing in the home are 2 Jack Russell Terriers.

Private home, Patchogue, NY
Private Home in Patchogue, NY.

Reported paranormal activity:

The homeowners had various paranormal claims. It is believed that the dogs will watch things that no one else can see. The homeowners will see the dogs eyes following something and staring, but are unable to figure out what the dogs are watching.

Private home, Patchogue, NY
The living room where the investigative team set up their HQ.

One resident claims to have heard a voice say her name while she was in the kitchen approximately 3 years ago. She was with a friend who also heard the voice. She says that the television and radio were off. The windows were shut and no one else was around.

Private home, Patchogue, NY
View of the stairwell leading to the bedroom where a spirit of a man has been witnessed.

The two year old granddaughter has conversations with something that her mother cannot see. When her mother asks her who she is speaking to she tells her it’s the man and points. It doesn’t appear to correlate with any television show or book the daughter is read before bed. On one occasion she pointed to ceiling in the bedroom and asked her mother if the man up there was going to sleep as well.

Private home, Patchogue, NY
The boiler room section of the basement. High levels of EMF have been recorded there.

The investigation setup:

The technology set up was conducted by Lead Investigator Mike Cardinuto. Case Management was handled by Lead Investigator Rob Levine and Investigator Jamie Feldmann. Investigator Peter Ferraro was present to set up thermometers around the residence and to conduct empathic work. Investigator Carolyn Braband assisted in various facets of the case.

Private home, Patchogue, NY
Investigators Jamie Felmann, Peter Ferraro, Mike Cardinuto, Carolyn Braband,
a long with Rob Levine (taking photo) prepare for the investigation.


View of DVR camera angles.
View of DVR camera angles.

The investigation:

The investigation ran from approximately 9pm till around 1am. DVR surveillance cameras were set up the bedroom of the two year old and her mother, the dining room, basement, and kitchen. They investigators split into three teams. They were Rob and Peter, Carolyn and Jamie, and Mike working independently. The investigators used a wide variety of equipment. These included, cameras, audio recorders, and EMF meters.

View of DVR camera angles.
Investigators Jamie Feldmann and Carolyn Braban taking temperature readings in the living room.


View of DVR camera angles.
Mike Cardinuto teaching Peter Ferraro how to use the Ion Counter.


View of DVR camera angles.
Investigator Peter Ferraro taking EMF readings in the basement.

View of DVR camera angles.
View of the basement near where the computer room is.



Audio: Nothing deemed to be paranormal was collected.

Photographs and Video: Out of 116 photographs taken none were classified as paranormal in nature. Video taken during the investigation showed nothing paranormal.

EMF: High levels of electromagnetic fields were discovered in a section of the basement. It appeared that electrical power was being conducted through copper piping attached to the basement ceiling. There were higher than desired levels were also discovered near the bed head board of one of the beds in the bedroom. It should be noted that EMF levels near the two year old girl’s bed were normal.High levels of EMF are considered disruptive to a person’s well being. It can have an impact on sleeping patterns, cause headaches, nausea, and various other symptoms.

Temperature: All temperature readings were deemed to be in normal ranges and of no concern.

Personal Experiences: No personal experiences were reported.

Conclusion: Nothing paranormal was found during the course of the investigation. However, follow up investigations would better help to ascertain as to what is happening in the client’s home and to determine what the cause of the reported claims are.


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