(Family name not published upon request)

Private house in Ronkonkoma, NY

Prolog: Long Island Paranormal Investigators was contacted in October 2006 to investigate this residence on Long Island in Ronkonkoma, NY. LIPI members performed a “lights out” (total darkness) investigation of the residence using digital video recorders, digital and analog audio recorders, IR and thermal thermometers, IR vision systems, EMF and other electronic sensors.

Historical Background: The current home owner states that paranormal activity in the form of strange sounds have been heard on the rear bedroom. A family member of the prior owners who was stricken with cancer lived in the rear bedroom and rang a bell when calling for assistance. It is not known if this person died in that room. The owner also states that the family dog would sit at one spot in the basement apartment and bark at the empty air. Further, family members would often feel someone is watching them on both levels of the house but no one was around. Additionally, when trying to open a door in the basement apartment often feels like someone is holding it closed when no one is there. No ghost or spirit images or other paranormal manifestations have been reported.

Findings: LIPI members also reported feelings that someone was watching them. On the digital video set up in the rear bedroom, the audio detected the sound of what seems like a bell (the sound file being processed and will be posted as soon as possible). This is constant with the historical background and paranormal reports from the home owner. No other potential paranormal or EVP sounds were recorded either on digital video, digital audio or analog audio.

The door in the basement was checked and felt “sticky”. This could be the source of the difficulty opening it. LIPI feels this aspect of the investigation has been debunked.

A sharp rise in EMF was detected in the living room area but was determined to be from a clock behind the couch.

Digital photography captured the following image:

Possible paranormal orb.

This orb is in the same location in the basement apartment the owner states the family dog will sit and bark at (the other orbs in the image have been determined to be dust). LIPI can not confirm or debunk this orb as being paranormal in nature.

Follow Up Investigation: At the request of the home owner LIPI returned to this house in January 2007 for a second follow up investigation. We used the same electronic sensors as during the October 2006 investigation as well as a 4 IR camera DVR system during a “lights out” night investigation.

Setting up the DVR system
Lead Investigator Mike Cardinuto sets up one of the DVR IR cameras to monitor a room
where possible paranormal activity has been reported.

One interesting occurrence happened in the basement apartment in about the same location as where a bright orb was photographed during the first investigation. The Zap Checker and Electrosensor units both recorded sporadic readings. However, this spot is in the vicinity of the home’s oil burner unit and could have been detecting the electrical signals from the unit.

No other potential paranormal activity was detected.

Conclusion: While several interesting pieces of evidence were collected during both investigations, Long Island Paranormal Investigators are unable to confirm with certainty the presence of a haunting or paranormal activity at this residence. LIPI will remain in contact with this home owner and return to the house if any further potential activity  is noticed.


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