(Family name not published upon request)

Prolog: In April, 2009 Long Island Paranormal Investigators was invited to investigate this residence in Wantagh on Long Island by the residence of the home. LIPI members performed a lights out investigation using digital video recorders, digital and analog audio recorders, IR and thermal thermometers, IR vision systems, EMF and other electronic sensors.

Basement room.
The basement room where shadow activity is reported.
Note the lamp on the back wall in the middle is the one seen moving on the DVR video.

Reported Paranormal Activity: The home owners reported to have seen lights turn on and off in the main floor of the house, as well as objects moving on their own in the stairwell, seemingly thrown at them. In the basement, shadow people have been seen by the bar, and closet doors open on their own, even when locked and latched.

Basement bar where shadows are reported.
The bar in the basement where shadows are reported to be seen moving from behind.


Upstairs hallway.
The stairway leading upstairs.
(Note: Orbs are dust.)

The investigation team: Long Island Paranormal Investigator members who attended the investigation were Lead Investigators Rob Levine and Jaiem Fleischmann; Investigators Michael Bainbridge, Matt Avellino, and Jean Hennessy; and LIPI Official Guest Karen Bendror.

The LIPI team in the living room.
Long Island Paranormal Investigators prepare for the investigation.

The investigation setup: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed a “lights out investigation” at the residence. The DVR system was set up in the dining room, on the main floor. This would also be used as the LIPI command center to distribute equipment and check readings throughout the night. Two DVR Cameras were set up on the first floor of the house, one in the dining room and one in the kitchen. A third DVR camera was set in the stairwell to the second floor, and the fourth in the basement, viewing the bar area. A thermometer was also left in the basement on the bar, and one on the stairwell to the second floor to check for any temperature changes.

View of DVR camera screen.
View of the DVR monitor screen.

The investigation:

LIPI’s initial investigation of this home was for 3 hours to accommodate the schedule of the family. The group was split into two teams, the basement and first floor were investigated thoroughly.  The two teams alternated investigating the first floor and basement throughout the night.

Karen and Mike Bainbridge in the basement.
Mike Bainbridge and Karen check EMF and thermometer measurements in the basement.

LIPI members also swept the two floors for anomalous EMF readings. Investigators also checked continuously with the IR thermometers looking for cold spots (or hot spots) and recording the time and temperatures of the stairwell and basement from the mounted digital thermometers. Throughout the investigation several LIPI investigators took numerous photographs with digital cameras.  After three hours of investigation, it was time to call it a night.


Recording readings
LIPI investigators log their readings before switching locations.


Audio: Digital audio did not find any possible “EVP” records.

Photographs: Photography did not capture anything paranormal or other anomalies.

EMF: Readings in the home were consistent and in normal ranges. Despite being an old house the wiring appeared to be in good condition.

Temperature: Nothing unusual was recorded at the location.

Video: On the DVR camera placed in the basement, a floor lamp moves on its own while investigators are in the area. It is undetermined as to what may have caused this movement, though all investigators are sure that no one moved it accidentally. (Video clip of the movement will be posted soon.)

Personal Experiences: Investigators Jaiem Fleischmann and Michael Bainbridge, and guest Karin all witnessed strange movement of shadows in the basement.


Conclusion: Due to the type of activity witnessed it was decided that a second investigation would be required before any conclusion can be passed on whether or not the location is haunted. A Second investigation was performed in late June 2009. The evidence is still being analyzed.


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