(Family name not published upon request)

Private house in West Babylon, NY

Prolog: In July 2007 Long Island Paranormal Investigators received an urgent request for an investigation at a private residence in West Babylon, NY on Long Island.  LIPI members performed a lights out investigation using digital digital video recorders, digital and analog audio recorders, IR and thermal thermometers, IR vision systems, EMF and other electronic sensors.

Historical Background: The home’s residence state they have frequently seen shadows and mists, objects moving in the home (especially coins literally flying across the room, often at them!), unfamiliar voices and heavy breathing, foul smells, bright orbs appearing and moving very fast past them, and the sound of furniture being moved but nothing is out of place. Both the husband and wife as well as the teenage son & daughter have all experienced these phenomena. However, the majority of the activity seems to be centered around the husband. When he is in the house is when most of the activity occurs. The husband states he has experienced 2 near-death experiences in his life, one from a near-drowning as a child and the other in a motorcycle accident as an adult. The home itself was purchased from a family who had an ill elderly member live in the house during the final days of his life. It is believed (but unconfirmed) that he did in fact die in the house.

The residence further state that the majority of severe activity occurs at night, typically between 3-4am. This is of great significance as much of what has been described is similar to descriptions of demonic activity. Although LIPI normally does not investigate demonic cases, we felt it was important to try to help these people, even if we later had to refer them to more experienced demonologist assistance.

In preparation for this investigation, based on the possible demonic nature of the haunting, Long Island Paranormal Investigators contacted several well known demonologists including Adam Blai and John Zaffis for advise. We were advised the following:

  • If your religion includes confession I would go shortly before the investigation so as to not have the vulnerability of serious un-confessed sin on you.
  • Memorize the Saint Michael prayer.
  • Take a blessed symbol of whatever good faith you ascribe to.
  • Pray for guidance during the investigation, especially if confusion sets in to the group.
  • Try to avoid provocation (throwing holy water, calling out the demons or invoking God or Jesus and commanding them) unless you are prepared for the fight that might come.
  • If something follows any of you home or attaches itself get to a priest and have some basic deliverance prayers said over you so it doesn’t settle into your life and start tormenting.
  • Take it slow and don’t be shy about having a group meeting outside of the house to discuss things as demons can often cause weird thinking and confusion when you are in proximity to them.

Master Bed Room
Master bed room where the parents state objects move and shadows have been seen.

Children's Bed Room
The daughter’s bed room where voices and mists have been seen.
Note the digital thermometer mounted on the dresser top.

Basement storage room
Basement storage room. Note wheel chair on bottom right.
This belonged to the former owner who died in the house.

The Investigation Team: Six members of Long Island Paranormal Investigators took part in this investigation. This investigation was lead by LIPI lead investigators Michael Cardinuto and Rob Levine. Additional team members were investigators Jaiem Fleischmann, Cheryl Wittmann, Justin DiGangi, and Thelma D’Amico.

The Equipment Setup: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed for a lights out investigation at the residence. One DVR camera was setup in the master bedroom, one in the daughter’s bed room, one in the basement storage room and one facing the upstairs staircase (we were unable to place a camera in the upstairs bedroom for the investigation).

LIPI command center for this investigation was set up in the home office room just off the dinning room. This would be our location to monitor the DVR cameras, coordinate investigation teams throughout the night, and centralize our investigation equipment.

Basement storage room
Lead investigator Mike Cardinuto prepares equipment for the night’s investigation in the command center.

We also placed a digital recorder on the dresser in the master bedroom next to a penny (for move reference). And we placed our wireless motion sensor in the basement storage room.

Digitial audio recorder in the master bed room
A digital audio recorder placed in the master bed room.
To test for objects moving we also put a penny next to it.

Throughout the night’s investigation we used our IR Thermometers to check for cold spots in the various rooms. Additionally, we placed one of our digital thermometers in the master bedroom and the other in the daughter’s bedroom. During the investigation we noted the temperature it was reading.

We also took a number of digital photos and 35mm photographs.

LIPI command center for this investigation was set up in the home office room just off the dinning room. This would be our location to monitor the DVR cameras, coordinate investigation teams throughout the night, and centralize our investigation equipment.

The Investigation: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed a 6 hour investigation of this residence. Our group was divided into 2 investigation teams that took turns investigating the locations. Teams remained in contact via Motorola-class walkie-talkie radios.

We began with a general EMF sweep of the home with lights on to determine the base readings.

EMF sweep in the basement.
LIPI investigator Cheryl Wittmann performs an EMF sweep in the basement.
The wire junction box circled was found be “leaking” over 199mg EMF!

We immediately began documenting extremely high EMF readings. Readings were confirmed with the digital EMF, Cellsensor, Electrosensor and EMF Enzone meters. In the living room we found EMF readings of 20-30mg near the front bay windows. No radio or other electronic devices were on in the room (the ceiling light and fan were only in the single digits) In the master bed room we also recorded EMF of 20-30 in the door way and near the dresser. In the closet EMF jumped to 70mg. In the daughter’s bed room (especially in the door way) EMF of 40-50mg was noted. And down in the main basement room EMFs from 40mg to over 100mg was noted. Surprisingly the circuit breaker box was not a source of EMF. It was the wires and the junction boxes. One junction box had a transformer attached to it (for the door bell?) that was emitting over 199+mg!

Much lower/normal EMF readings were found in the kitchen, dining room and home office room.

LIPI investigators were able to trace the locations of high EMF in the basement to the corresponding locations on the main floor in the master bedroom, daughter’s bed room doorway and the main bathroom.

Rob takes 35mm photos in the master bed room
Lead investigator Rob Levine takes 35mm photos in the master bed room during the investigation.

After performing our EMF sweep and taking base temperature readings we went lights out and begin the full investigation. Long Island Paranormal Investigator teams of 3 rotated turns investigating the house and watching the DVR.

LIPI 4 camera DVR screen
A screen shot of our 4 camera DVR system.

During the night we performed numerous EVP session as well as run straight-record audio recorders.

Finally, after over 6 hours of investigation it was decided to conclude the investigation at 4:00am. We had collected more than 24 hours of video, 15 hours of audio, and hundreds of photographs.

Taking a break
Long Island Paranormal Investigators (left to right) Thelma, Michael and Rob
take a brief rest and coffee break during the investigation.
The DVR and audio recorders are still running.

Findings: This investigation revealed the following evidence and experiences:

  • Unfortunately due to an unforeseen work schedule change the husband was unable to be at the house for the majority of the investigation. So we were unable to confirm how much (if any) paranormal activity was centered around him being there.
  • Temperature remained fairly constant throughout the night.
  • The high EMF readings continued at the same levels even with all lights and other devices switched off.
  • Very few dust orbs were observed on both the DVR and photography.
  • The wireless motion sensor did not detect any movement in the basement storage room.
  • On several different occasions during the night several investigators reported hearing the sound of a deep *SIGH* being heard. No one in the area had sighed.
  • The 3-4am period passed without incident.
  • Near the end of the investigation Justin said he saw on the DVR a mist form in the doorway of the master bedroom. The video is still under reviewed.
  • At several locations on the main floor the smell of cat urine was found to be very strong. This could be the source of the unpleasant odors.
  • Video, digital photos and 35mm photos did not reveal any paranormal activity.

Conclusion: At the conclusion of this investigation Long Island Paranormal Investigators was unable to document evidence of paranormal activity. This may have been due to the husband not being there during the investigation as he is stated to be the focal point of the activity. The extremely high EMF readings may be causing EMF sensitivity to the family. LIPI remains in communication with this family had will be conducting a follow up investigation soon. Any additional evidence or experiences will be noted on this page.


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