Historical Facts: The State University of New York at Brockport, NY began its existence in 1841 while known as the Brockport Collegiate Institute. In 1942 it became known as SUNY Brockport. The University resides in upstate New York, alongside the Erie Canal. Today the University is a bustling community which supports the town that essentially grew up around it.

Like many colleges, SUNY Brockport is said to have a lesser known paranormal population. One of the most well known of these campus locations is Hartwell Hall. This building is one of the oldest on the campus. Over the years the cleaning staff has claimed to hear people in the halls, and doors opening and closing when no one else in the building. One person has claimed to feel someone grab her shoulder while she was cleaning a classroom. When she turned around there was no one else there. The same person claims that one day she slipped off a ladder and some unseen force caught her and gently placed her on the ground. Hartwell Hall used to have an active pool in its basement. While it’s no longer there, splashing is sometimes still heard by those who enter the basement.

One other account of paranormal activity is from a suite at Mortimer Hall. Mortimer Hall is one of the older dorm complexes on the campus. The suite is said to be the home of a spirit who committed suicide there in the 1970s. A brief examination of this story seems to support the suicide claim. The girls staying inside the suite claimed to have personal items disappear and reappear shortly after in different locations. The personal effects weren’t moved by the girls. One of the students woke up one night to a bright light hovering above her bed. She says it hovered there for a short period of time, then moved to a corner and disappeared as she called her boyfriend in fear. Lights in the room were said to turn themselves on in the middle of the night.

Observed Activity At This Site: During an investigation to SUNY Brockport and Mortimer Hall, the lights in one of the rooms did turn themselves on twice in the middle of the night, on different nights. There was no one around who could have turned them on as a prank.


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