Suffolk County, Long Island NY
(Name and address of fire house withheld upon request)

Prolog: In 2007 Long Island Paranormal Investigators was invited to investigate this fire house located in Suffolk County, Long Island. LIPI has performed several investigations at this location and it continues to remain an active investigation site.

Suffolk Fire Department house
Fire house in Suffolk County on Long Island.

Suffolk Fire Department house
Inside the fire house.

An old fire truck.
An old style fire truck on display in the fire house.

Reported Paranormal Activity: Several paranormal experiences have been reported at this location:

  • The crew of this fire house, especially the late night shift has reported hearing the sounds of people having conversations in the hallways and kitchen room when no one was there.

  • The sounds of people in the bar and main dining room are also heard.

  • The door between the main dining room and the visitors entrance is reported to burst open but no one is there.

  • The sound of people walking across the wood dance floor in the main dining room can be heard.

Additionally, this fire house has had the loss of several long time members (30+ years). Although these people died of natural causes offsite it is believed the spirits of these long time members still remain in the fire house.

The Investigation Team: Six members of Long Island Paranormal Investigators took part in this investigation. This investigation was lead by LIPI lead investigators Michael Cardinuto. Additional team members were investigators Jaiem Fleischmann, Michael Bainbridge, Dimitri Haritos, Thelma D’Amico and Cheryl Wittmann. Prior investigations have included LIPI Investigator Justin “Credible” DiGangi.

The Equipment Setup: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed for a lights out investigation at the fire house.

LIPI in the HQ area setting up.
LIPI investigators setting up for the investigation in the HQ area.

DVR cameras where setup in the basement bar area and dining area, the main floor door between the dining room and visitors entrance, and in the main floor dining room itself.

DVR cameras setup in the dining room area
Investigators Dimitri Haritos (left) and Mike Bainbridge setup DVR IR cameras
in the main dining room area.

DVR screen
Our DVR screen for the investigations.

Our digital thermometers were set in the main floor kitchen and basement storage area.

Digital thermometer
Digital thermometer in the main floor kitchen.

The temperature data logger was set on the bar. Digital recorders were left on the bar and in the main floor kitchen. During our investigations we also used our digital cameras, 35mm cameras, as well as our thermometers and EMF meters. And out wireless motion sensor was placed on the edge of the wood dance floor in the main dining room to “watch” for movement on the floor.

Long Island Paranormal Investigators was also permitted to use one of the fire department’s thermal imaging cameras during our investigations.

Cheryl with a thermal imaging camera
Investigator Cheryl Wittmann using the thermal imaging camera.


The Investigation:

Main Dining Room

It was reported that foot steps can be heard walking across the wood dance floor in the main dining room.

Dance floor in main dining room
Wood dance floor in main dining room. Note that orbs are dust.

LIPI investigators spent many hours observing this room and using EMF and temperature sensors.

Main Floor Kitchen

It  reported that a 30+ year member of this fire house would come to the kitchen 7 days a week for his morning coffee and donut. The day he didn’t come they knew something was wrong and later found out he had passed the night before.

Kitchen table where the fireman had breakfast every day
The table in the main kitchen where the veteran fireman had his donut and coffee every morning.

EVPs being performed in kitchen.
Investigators Thelma (left) and Cheryl perform EVPs at the table in the kitchen.

Fire house members believe the spirit of the long-time fireman still comes to this table in the kitchen.

Thelma with camera on flash
This is a picture of Investigator and Case Manager Thelma D’Amico in the kitchen.
Photo is taken with a digital camera and flash.

Thelma with camera and no flash\
This is a picture of Thelma in the kitchen.
Photo is taken with a digital camera and no flash.

Thelma with thermal image camera
This is a picture of Thelma in the kitchen.
Photo is taken using the thermal image camera. Note the heat reflecting off the stove to the right.

Basement Bar and Dining areas

The basement bar and dining area is under renovation. Heavy construction/renovation work has been known to bring about dormant paranormal activity.

Cheryl using the therlam camera in the basement dining area.
Investigator Cheryl Wittmann using the thermal camera in the basement dining area.

Thelma Cheryl in the basement bar area.
Investigators Cheryl (left) and Thelma in the basement at the bar.

Thermal image reflection from glass.
The reflection off a glass wall of a thermal image of three Long Island Paranormal Investigators
can clearly be seen on the thermal imaging camera.

EMF readings are difficult in this area do to the number of wires running through the walls and ceiling. Also, water and heat pipes in the structure make lots of noise (banging and rattling) that is hard to discern between nature and paranormal activity.

Class room where voices are heard.
A classroom/storage room where voices have been heard on prior investigations.

During the investigation near the bar, a doorway covered in think black plastic (to keep dust in during renovation) moves notably, seemingly in response to questions. No significant draft or breeze can be detected.

Door way with possible movement.
The plastic cover on this doorway near the bar has moved significantly in response to questions.


Fire House Tower

Although no specific paranormal activity has been reported in the tower, the fire house crew states they have a feeling of uneasiness when they go into the tower area.

View from the tower down the access stairs
Looking down the access stairs inside the tower.

Mike Bainbridge and Cheryl in the tower
Investigators Mike Bainbridge and Cheryl Wittmann take readings in the tower.

Later on during the night a second group of investigators was sent down to the basement. Peter Ferraro had claimed that he had felt a presence there. So the team members started to check there equipment to see if there was any unusual readings, and they also did an EVP session.

The Findings:

Personal Experiences on Site

Location: Basement bar area
Description: While asking EVP questions the black plastic covering the door way “puffed” significantly. No breeze or draft was detected.

Debunking note: It was shown that when the door between the main dining room and the visitors entrance was opened that caused enough air movement through the hallway and down the stairs to move the plastic covering

  • Location: Basement bar area
    Description: Movement could be seen on the the black plastic covering the door way from both the bar and hallway sides. No breeze or draft was detected. At one point movement resembling a finger dragging across the plastic was clearly seen.
  • Location: Basement classroom/storage area
    Description: Voices could be heard in the room even though no one was there.
  • Location: Main floor kitchen and adjacent hallway.
    Voices sounding like a conversation was heard coming from the kitchen and hallway when no one was there.

Conclusion: Despite a number of personal experiences over the course of several investigations Long Island Paranormal Investigators has so far been unable to document evidence of paranormal activity at this location. LIPI continues to investigate this location and will post additional pieces of evidence when found.


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