Union CemeteryUnusual orbs photographed at Union Cemetery.

Historical Facts: Union Cemetery is a historical cemetery located on Long Island, NY. Although people are no longer being buried there, it was used up until recently. The cemetery dates back to the 1700s. Union Cemetery is a site of perceived paranormal activity. In the 1990’s a man lured a young girl to the cemetery at night with the promise of vampire/occult rituals. Once she arrived he beat and raped her. She survived the attack and the man was convicted.

Bench at Union Cemetery
Memorial bench in the cemetery.

Observed Activity At This Site: According to an interview with another Long Island based paranormal investigation organization an apparition was spotted on the premises one evening. As the story goes during an investigation of the property the investigating organization split into two teams. One team went off to investigate a few rows down from the second team. One member sat on a bench (shown above) in the middle of a section of the cemetery. While seated, a white figure proceeded to walk past him. The other team, a few rows down also viewed the white figure. However, from their vantage point they thought they were just viewing one of the other members walking down the row. It wasn’t until after they radioed the member to ask what he was doing, did they learn that it wasn’t him.

LIPI investigators at the cemetery
Long Island Paranormal Investigators performing an investigation in the cemetery.

On a previous LIPI investigation done by one member and a member of another organization, both members reported a strong feeling of someone standing right over their shoulder in the same location. Neither investigator told the other one until after the investigation was concluded.

We have also recorded several unusual “hot spots” of electronic activity on our Zap Checker meter along the back fence area. No apparently telephone, radio or electric towers are present in that area.


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