The Bermuda Triangle goes from Bermuda to Miami, Miami to Puerto Rico, and Puerto Rico to Bermuda. In the Bermuda Triangle there are many unexplainable occurrences that occur there. One strange occurrence is the extremely high magnetic fields located in the area. Many pilots and boat captains have claims of traveling through the triangle and having complications with their electronic gauges. Some of the gauges that they claim to have disruptions through are their compasses, fuel gauges, voltage gauges, etc. from the high magnetic field located in the area. In theory, some investigators believe that a high magnetic field given off from a ghost will cause the gauges on their equipment to suddenly have erratic movement.


Some of the equipment that we use that can be disrupted be a high magnetic field is listed below.


   Compass                                 EMF Cell Sensor                     Energy Loss Meter           Natural Tri-Field Meter


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