The Radiation Theory states that when a ghost/spirit manifests in an area that the ghost/spirit will give off some kind of radiation, such as Gamma, Beta, Microwave, and/or Ultra Violet (UV).

Gamma Radiation: Can pass through most solid objects due to its extremely short wavelength. Two sources of gamma radiation are cosmic activity and radioactive materials.

Beta Radiation: Radioactive nuclei that sends out high-energy electrons with a negative charge. This radiation can pass though wooden walls and clothing.

Microwave Radiation: An extremely high frequency of electromagnetic waves and radio waves.

Ultra Violet (UV) Radiation: Wavelengths of Electromagnetic radiation shorter than visible light.

Some of the meters that we use to detect Radiation are listed below:


     Gamma Radiation                                                                                                                               Beta Radiation


                Microwave Radiation                                                                                                           Ultra Violet (UV) Radiation


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