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Haunted Places and Centers of Paranormal Active:
Rhode Island

Fairfield Marriott Hotel, Warwick

Fairfield Marriott Hotel, Warwick RI

The Fairfield Marriott hotel in Warwick is a very unusual place. The lower/basement level is floor 5 in the elevator. The bottom button actually says "5" instead of "Basement" or "Lower" or something similar.

Paranormally, this hotel is said to be haunted by two ghosts. First, the 3rd floor room 316 is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young woman who committed suicide in the hotel. EVPs have been recorded in various rooms.  Second, on the lower level "5th floor" the ghost of an old man who died in room 506 on the lower level is said to wander the wall way. Guests have reported seeing an old man walk up to them, open his mouth as to speak but nothing comes out. Some report the man is dressed as a farmer. Shadows have been reported in this hall way too. Unfortunately heavy electrical interference from elevator equipment housed on the lower level makes EMF and other electronic sensors useless for paranormal investigations on this level.

Click Here to read about our investigations of this hotel.

Marble House, Newport

Marble House

A Brief History: Located at 596 Bellevue Avenue in Newport Rhode Island, Marble House was built between the years of 1888 to 1892. It was built as a summerhouse for Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt. On his wife Alva’s 39th birthday, Mr. Vanderbilt gave the house to his wife as a gift. Unfortunately, in 1895 the Vanderbilt’s divorced and Alva married Oliver H.P. Belmont and moved in with him. After her ex-husbands death, Alva reopened Marble House building a Chinese Tea House on nearby cliffs. It was here where Alva hosted several women’s rights rallies. She ended up selling the house in 1932, and it was then acquired by The Preservation Society in 1963. It is said that Marble House helped the transition of Newport into the lavish place it is today, and was deemed a National Historic Landmark in 2006.

Haunted History: Visitors have claimed to see a woman in century clothing walk through the halls and then disappear. Some do believe Alva Vanderbilt still roams the halls. Some refer to her as the Lady of Marble house. Marble House is also located near several other supposed haunted locations such as Belcourt Castle and The Breakers.

Precious Blood Cemetery, Woonsocket

Precious Blood Cemetery

A Brief History: Precious Blood Cemetery is located at Diamond Hill Road, Woonsocket Rhode Island and also continues into Blackstone Massachusetts. The front entrance is in Rhode Island but the majority of it is in Massachusetts. In May 13,1955 the cemetery stopped allowing people to be laid to rest there. August of 1955 the area was hit by two category 1 hurricanes. Much of the area was flooded due to the amount of rain that flooded the river that wraps around the back part of the cemetery and other bodies of water around of area. This caused the cemetery to flood in witch caused more then 50 caskets to surface and took with the current of the water and floated away. Some caskets traveled into the streets of the city while others went out to sea never to be seen again. Many remains were brought to the mausoleum of the cemetery after the two storms, where the remains were reburied and new headstones were made and in addition some needed new caskets.

The 51st Governor of Rhode Island, Aram Jules Pothier is buried here and has the largest mausoleum on the property.

Haunted History: Because of the occurrences regarding the hurricanes many people say that some of the bodies don’t match the headstones when they where relayed to rest. Because of this happening many think the spirits are searching for their beloved ones that they laid with before the flood. Many people also claim to have seen white glowing lights and disembodied voices from the cemetery grounds.

Sylvanus Brown House, Pawtucket

Sylanus Brown House

A Brief History: Located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island sits the Sylvanus Brown House, which was constructed in 1751. The house is named after Sylvanus Brown who lived in it from 1784 until 1824. Brown was a skilled craftsman who helped create machinery for Samuel Slater of the Slater Mill from 1789 to 1791. During the 1960s the house was relocated to its current location and turned into a museum dedicated to teaching people about cloth making in the late 18th century.

Haunted History: Even though the Sylvanus Brown House is now a museum, it may still have something residing inside it. On a couple of occasions people have reported encountering an apparition named Becca. Even when not in visible form people visiting the museum report hearing her running around inside the house, and sounds of laughter emanating from the rooms.

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