Long Island Paranormal Investigators
Long Island Paranormal Investigators

Name: Robert Levine

Founder/Lead Investigator

Member since:
March 8, 2003

Sales Consultant

Department Head:

Field Investigations:


Religion Specialist
Para Psychology Specialist
EVP Specialist
Photography Specialist
Case Management

Related College Courses

Bachelor of Science Degree
Human Relations
Abnormal Psychology
Social Psychology
Sociology of the Paranormal
Adolescent Psychology
Sociology of Deviant Behavior
Behavioral Psychology
Psychology of Aging

Media Appearances

Fear Net Streets of Fear Mt. Misery Road
Hofstra University Hanging Tree
WPIX 11 Kings Park Psychiatric Center
Travel Channel Most Terrifying Places in America  Mt. Misery Road
NBC 4 Sagtikos Manor
WPIX 11 Hanging Tree

Robert Levine


Honorary Achievement Award
Certificate of Training
Lead Investigators Certificate
Best of Long Island 2012
Best of Long Island 2013
Best of Long Island 2014