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Investigations by Long Island Paranormal Investigators:

Rolling Hills Asylum
Bethany, NY

Long Island Paranormal Investigators: Investigation August 2007

Long Island Paranormal Investigators: Investigation July 2008

Long Island Paranormal Investigators: Investigation July 2009


Rolling Hills Asylum
Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany, NY.

Rolling Hills Asylum, Bethany NY
Side view of asylum building.

Prolog: In August 2007 Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed our first investigation of this historic location in Bethany, NY. We scheduled a "We're Alone!" (only the Long Island Paranormal Investigators group, by ourselves, locked in the building for the full night!) investigation with Rolling Hills owner Lori Carlson. LIPI performed a lights out investigation using digital video recorders, digital and analog audio recorders, IR and thermal thermometers, IR vision systems, EMF and other electronic sensors.

Relaxing the day before we leave.
LIPI members (L to R) Mike Cardinuto, Mike Bainbridge, Craig Sordyl and guest Jaquline Morena
gather at the home of LIPI member Jaiem Fleischmann the night before we depart for Rolling Hills.

Sunrise on the road
Sunrise on the NYS Thruway, heading up to Bethany NY.

Historical Background: Rolling Hills has a long and tormented history as a former poor house, insane asylum, orphanage, and nursing home. Genesee County purchased this property in 1826 and opened its doors to the poor in 1827. They took in paupers, the insane, orphans, transients, unwed mothers, the elderly, and anyone who could not support and care for themselves. They were completely self-sufficient as they farmed on the 100's of acres owned by the county. By the 1950's, the property was used for a nursing home only. The residents were moved to the new facility in Batavia in 1974. The building sat empty for nearly 20 years when it was then opened in 1992 as Carriage Village, a mall of unique shops.

The former name for Rolling Hills
An artist painting of the Carriage Village mall that was later renamed as Rolling Hills.

The name was changed to Rolling Hills Country Mall in January, 2003, and became a co-op in January, 2004. The mall has recently closed. (source: Rolling Hills Ghost Hunts)

Official records show that 1750 people are buried on site at Rolling Hills. Most likely the true number of people buried is much higher.

Official diagram of the Rolling Hills land
Official/historical survey diagram of the Rolling Hills land, circa April 1939.

Artifacts from Rilling Hills operations

Artifacts from Rilling Hills operations

Artifacts from Rilling Hills operations
Old keys and other artifacts from the operation of Rolling Hills Asylum.

Location facts about the Rolling Hills Asylum:  

  • The East and West wings combined are 65,000 square feet (not including the underground tunnels or outer barns and other smaller buildings).

  • The corner acreage of 11.87 acres was bought privately from the county by Lori Carlson and her husband (the current Rolling Hills Asylum owners).

  • The original Rolling Hills Asylum buildings were built from the late 1790's thru early 1800's.

  • The original Rolling Hills Asylum buildings built during the above period are no longer standing. Only a few old barn buildings remain.

  • The current Rolling Hills Asylum West Wing (the Y-shaped building) was constructed in 1938.

  • The Rolling Hills East Wing (the Country Mall wing) was added in 1958.

Paranormal history:
Rolling Hills Asylum is very well known for shadows and EVPs as well as other unexplained phenomena in a number of locations, such as:

  • Lori told us that especially between 3am and 5am on the 1st and 2nd floors of the East Wing shadows are seen.

  • In the Christmas room toys can be seen to have moved from  where they were left as though someone had been playing with them.

  • On the 2nd floor of the East Wing the sound of foot steps and sliding can be heard coming from above - but there is no 3rd floor!

  • EVPs are often taken in the first meat locker in the kitchen area.

  • The apparition of a man with a goat-Tee mustache has been seen walking around.

  • Even right outside the cafe area apparitions have been seen. An old woman has been seen going into the woman's restroom.

Below is a famous picture of a shadow being taken by a member of the Rolling Hills Ghost Hunting Society. The figure behind the woman (her name is Grace, a mall employee at the time) is the shadow. This picture was taken in the hallway of the East Wing. This is the exact same spot that Long Island Paranormal Investigators' Craig Sordyl reported seeing a shadow during our investigation as well!

Shadow man in East Wing
Photograph of a "shadow man" in the East Wing of Rolling Hills.
(picture courtesy of Lori Carlson & RHGHS. Reprinted with permission.)

Close up of Shadow man in East Wing
Close up of the "shadow man" in the East Wing of Rolling Hills.
(picture courtesy of Lori Carlson & RHGHS. Reprinted with permission.)

The asylum also has a reputation for strange noises and objects moving on their own.

The Investigation Team: Nine members and guests of Long Island Paranormal Investigators took part in this investigation. The investigation was lead by LIPI lead investigator Michael Cardinuto. Additional team members were investigators Jaiem Fleischmann, Michael Bainbridge, Craig Sordyl, Justin DiGangi, Cheryl Wittmann, Thelma D'Amico and guests Jessie McCarthy and Jaquline Morena.

Investigation background: Due to the distant nature of Rolling Hills Asylum from our home base in Ronkonkoma, NY it was decided to take a 3-day weekend to both maximize our investigation time as well as be in the best physical and mental condition for paranormal investigation.

We made excellent time driving up I87 then across I90 to our hotel in Batavia, NY (about 20 minutes from Bethany).

Stopping on the road
Long Island Paranormal Investigators stops on the road for a snack.

Arriving in Batavia, NY
Arriving in Batavia.

Arriving in our hotel

Going to our rooms.
Arriving at our hotel in Batavia.

After checking into our hotel we decided to go over to Rolling Hills to confirm our directions and take some outside daytime photographs.

Rolling Hills Asylum, Bethany NY
Front view of asylum building.

Rolling Hills Asylum, Bethany NY
Main entrance side of the asylum.

Back view of Rolling Hills.
Rear view of Rolling Hills Asylum.

Country Mall sign
Country Mall sign from when the mall was open.

Jaiem Fleischmann exploring the grounds.
LIPI member Jaiem Fleischmann is really happy to be investigating Rolling Hills!

Craig Sordyl videos the front of Rolling Hills
Long Island Paranormal Investigators member Craig Sordyl takes video of the front of Rolling Hill.

Posing off in front of Rolling Hills
Long Island Paranormal Investigators members (L to R) Thelma, Mike Bainbridge and Cheryl
posing in front of Rolling Hills.

LIPI checks out the back of Rolling Hills
LIPI investigators check out the back of Rolling Hills.

After taking a good daytime look around Rolling Hills we went back to the hotel for a "power nap" before the night's investigation. We were scheduled to meet Rolling Hills Owner Lori Carlson at 9pm to begin our investigation.

Justin loads the video equipment
Long Island Paranormal Investigators Tech Manager Justin DiGangi loads
our DVR equipment for the night's investigation.

LIPI gets a quick dinner
Long Island Paranormal Investigators gets a quick dinner at the
Ponderosa restaurant in Batavia before the investigation.

 So after a quick dinner we drove over to Rolling Hills for our investigation.

Outside Rolling Hills at night.
Long Island Paranormal Investigators Lead Investigator Mike Cardinuto (left) and Tech Manager Justin DiGangi
outside Rolling Hills a little before 9pm the night of our investigation.

Outside Rolling Hills at night.
LIPI explores the grounds of Rolling Hills at sunset before our inside investigation begins.

LIPI ladies at Rolling Hills
LIPI members Cheryl Wittmann (left) and Thelma D'Amico (right) with LIPI guest Jaquilne Morena (middle)
outside a barn on the grounds of Rolling Hills.

A back door into Rolling Hills.
A back door into the old Rolling Hills Asylum kitchen.

Staging equipment before bringing it into Rolling Hills.
Lead investigator Mike Cardinuto checks the LIPI equipment before it
is brought into Rolling Hills for the Night.

Craig gets into the spirit!
Craig gets into the spirit of the night!

At 9pm Lori arrived and let us into the building. We quickly moved our gear into the old Cafe area. That would be our HQ/Command Center for the investigation. We could keep lights-on all night and close the double doors so as not to effect the dark of the rest of the area.

The Cafe area was our HQ for the night.
We setup our HQ in the Cafe room for the night's investigation.

Watching the DVR
Long Island Paranormal Investigator Jaiem Fleischmann (right) and LIPI guest Jessie McCarthy
monitor the DVR in HQ while other investigators perform their investigation sweeps.

After we met Lori and brought in our gear she gave us a tour of the facility to highlight the active locations of the asylum.

Lori Carlson with LIPI
Rolling Hills owner Lori Carlson talking with LIPI members about the facility.

Lori takes LIPI on a bried tour
Lori guides LIPI on a brief tour of the facility.

The Equipment Setup: Long Island Paranormal Investigators prepared for a lights out investigation.

LIPI DVR setup
A screen shot of our DVR setup. Camera 1 was in the basement tunnel next to the well;
Camera 2 was facing into the first floor (East Wing) hall way; Camera 3 was in the Christmas room;
Camera 4 was in the basement recreation room.

DVR camera in the recreation room
A DVR camera (lower left) points into the basement recreation room.

We set up two DVR IR cameras as described above. We put our Hi-8 video camera in the 3rd floor piano room and our HD video camera in the 3rd floor nurse's office.

Hi-8 video camera in the piano room
Tech manager Justin DiGangi and investigator Thelma D'Amico setup
the Hi-8 video camera in the 3rd floor piano room. It was very hot up on the 3rd floor!

A digital thermometer was placed in the basement Christmas room and the basement morgue room. Finally, we placed our wireless motion sensor at the far end of the 2nd floor hall way (East Wing).


The Investigation: Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed a 6f hour investigation of the asylum. Our group was divided into 2 teams that took turns going out into the building and stay behind to watch the DVR at HQ.  Teams would rotate assigned areas during the night to give everyone a chance to investigate each location. Teams remained in contact via Motorola-class walkie-talkie radios.


Investigating the basement floor:

The Christmas Room

This room was where both the orphans and local children could come to meet Santa Claus. It has been reported that toys will move, the rocking horse will swing, people will feel as if someone is holding their hand, and if you sit on the bed you will feel as if a child is jumping on it.

The Christmas room
The Christmas room in the basement. Note the toys on the floor (the rocking horse and earth mover)
that were marked to see if they moved. Also note the bed on the back left.

The Christmas room
Investigator Mike Bainbirdge checks EMF readings in the Christmas room.

The Christmas room
Investigator Mike Bainbirdge checks EMF while trying to feel for the bed moving.
Note the white wire on the upper right - the probe from one of our digital thermometers.

The Recreation Room and Chapel Room

This room was a recreation room for the residents/patients. On the side is a smaller room that was used as a chapel and for smaller meetings/events. It is aid photographs of this room sometimes have people sitting in the chairs. The chairs themselves have been seen to move. In the chapel room the noise of things moving has also been heard.


The recreation room
The recreation room in the basement. Note the dust orbs. Not paranormal.

The chapel room
The chapel room in the basement.

The hallway from the christmas room to the recreation room
The hallway from the recreation room looking towards the Christmas room.


The Tunnel

Shadows have been seen in the tunnel and the storage room at the end.

The basement tunnel
The basement tunnel that runs along the asylum's well area (on the left)

The basement tunnel
LIPI investigators head down the basement tunnel.

Storage room
The storage room at the end of the tunnel.

The Original Morgue Room

The original morgue is said to have many EVPs.

Morgue room
The old morgue in the basement.

Morgue room
Lead investigator Mike Cardinuto notes the digital thermometer temp on the morgue.


The Kitchen and Meat Freezers

The main kitchen for the facility is in the basement. When the facility was operating as an orphanage and asylum food animals were slaughtered and butchered on site. During the Tuberculosis epidemics of the 1940's and 1950's when the morgue was full bodies were put in the meat freezers. It is reported that sometimes nearly-dead patients were put in the freezer too to die. EVPs and strong negative feelings are encountered in the first freezer unit (the other two are less active).

The kitchen
The kitchen.

First freezer unit.
First freezer when you enter the kitchen. Said to be the most active of the freezer rooms.

Meat hook
The meat hook that transported the asylum's meat (and possibly TB patient bodies) into the freezers.

First freezer unit.
Investigators Mike Bainbridge (left) and Jessie McCarthy check EMF and Geiger counter readings in the freezer.


The Basement Electric Shock Therapy Room

The hospital/asylum used electric shock therapy. One of the therapy rooms is in the basement. As you could imagine, it s considered a hot-spot for EVPs.

Basement electric shock therapy room.
The basement electric shock therapy room.
This room is directly beneath the Cafe HQ/Commend Center room!

Inside the shock therapy room.
LIPI investigators inside the basement shock therapy room.

The Basement Cafeteria Room

This was one of the eating facilities in the hospital and asylum.

The basement cafeteria room.

Justin DiGangi checks temperature readings in the basement cafeteria room.

Old Boiler Room

This is the old boiler room.

Original foundation
Stones forming part of the original foundation can easily be seen.

Boiler room
The old boiler room.
The doorway on the left leads to the room where the door seemed to close on Jason Hawes.

It is said that people who try to walk down the first set of steps into the room have "something" push them down.

The steps people get pushed down
The first set of stairs leading into the boiler room.
People report being pushed down the steps by something unseen.

The safe set of steps into the boiler room
The "safe"  set of stairs leading into the boiler room.

This room is infamous from the episode of "Ghost Hunters" when Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson investigated the small room inside the doorway pictured above. In that episode the door seemed to close on Jason by itself yet the hinges were nearly 'frozen' solid with rust.

The door
A closer look of the door (inside on right) that seemed to close on it's own.

Unfortunately in the time since that episode so many people have pushed and pulled on the door it now swings much more freely.

Closing door room
The door that seemed to close on it's own. Note the sign is new since that show.

Inside the "choking room"
LIPI investigators Cheryl Wittmann (left), Justin DiGangi (behind) and Jaquline
take readings inside the "choking room".

People standing in side the room report having an unseen entity try to choke them!

Investigating the first floor:

The East Wing:

The main part of the first floor is the East Wing. It is a long hall way with rooms on both side. When Rolling Hills was a hospital and asylum these rooms housed the patients. In more recent times it is where the mall stores operated.

The East Wing at sunrise
The East Wing at sunrise. This hall way is well known for shadows and odd noises.

The East Wing at night
The East Wing ramp approach at night. Incredibly dark hall way!

The East Wing at night
Inside the East Wing hallway at night.

The end of the East Wing at night
The end of the the East Wing hallway at night.
Look how dark it is!

Craig in the first floor East Wing
LIPI investigator Craig Sordyl takes EMF readings in the East Wing hallway.

Mall store items
Some items from the former mall stores remain in the rooms.
These appear to be from an estate sale.

Investigating the second floor:

The East Wing:

The second floor East Wing hallway is also very well known for shadows and noises like people walking on the roof.

East wing hall way
Second floor hallway, end of the hall way where the wireless motion sensor is.

East wing hall way
Second floor hallway, other end.


Old Wing:

The old wing of the second floor, part of the original hospital and asylum, is equally as active.

Walk way to second floor
Walk way from first to second floor hallway.

East wing hall way
Second floor hallway.

Bath room on second floor
Second floor bath room.

Second floor electric shock room
Second floor electric shock room. This is where Dustin from TAPS had his ear pulled.

Investigating the third floor:

Much of the 3rd floor was used as a "haunted house" event several years ago (before Lori bought the facility). Many of the walls have bats, rats and skulls painted on them (with glow-in-the-dark eyes too!).

The Piano/Organ room

The piano/organ is said to start paying on it's own.

Third floor organ/piano room
Third floor piano/organ room. Note the painted bats from when it was used as a "haunted house".


Craig films the piano
Investigator Craig Sordyl videos the organ.

Another view of the piano/organ room
Another view of the piano/organ room.

Fake blood in the bathroom
Fake blood from the haunted house is still in the bathroom just outside the piano/organ room.


The Head Nurse's Office

The other end of the 3rd floor has the head nurse's office. In this room doors are said to open and close, chairs move on their own.


Hallway to the nurse's office.
Hallway leading to the nurse's office.
Note our HD camcorder on a tripod on the desk filming the room.


The nurse's office.
Inside the head nurse's office.


Nurse's bed room
Nurse's bed room just off the nurse's office.

Investigating other areas:

After the night's investigation inside the main building Lori took us to explore some of the outside buildings.

Well Building

Rolling Hills Asylum receives it's water from an underground well. During a daytime tour of the grounds someone had reported seeing a man's face looking out from the window in the well building.


The Rolling Hills well system and storage tank
The well system and water storage tank.

Inside the well building tunnel
Lori leads LIPI investigators Cheryl Wittmann and Mike Cardinuto
along the tunnel that leads from the well building to the main building.


Doorway to the main building
This doorway leads to the basement tunnel in the main building.

Inside the window where a mans face was seen
This is the inside of the window where it had been reported a man's face was seen.
Lead investigator Mike Cardinuto shows just how high the window is (it's ground level outside the building).
For someone to be standing inside the building and be seen through the window the person
would either have to be nearly 7 feet tall or floating

One of the barns at Rolling Hills Asylum
Investigators Jaiem Fleischmann (back) and Mike Cardinuto at one of the barns
on the Rolling Hills Asylum land the morning after our investigation.

Morning after the investigation:

After a long and exciting night's investigation the morning was a welcome sight!

Morning the next day!
Morning at Rolling Hills after the investigation!


Morning the next day!
Morning at Rolling Hills after the investigation!


Morning the next day!
Packing to leave Rolling Hills.


After a very successful (and fun!) night investigation it was time to finally leave Rolling Hills Asylum and get some much deserved rest.

Leaving Rolling Hills
The LIPI vehicles leaving Rolling Hills Asylum after a great investigation!


After the Investigation:

We were exhausted! We went back to the hotel, got a quick continental breakfast and got some much needed sleep.

Mike and Jessie passed out tired!
Mike Cardinuto and Jessie McCarthy were out like a light when we finally got to bed!


Mike Bainbridge after a short nap.
Mike Bainbridge just wants to rest after the investigation!

Justin sleeps on the floor
The floor is fine for LIPI investigator Justin "Incredible" DiGangi.

Later in the afternoon, the LIPI team relaxed poolside. That night we had dinner at a local Applebees and got to bed early as we were getting up early for the long ride back to Long Island.

Relaxing back at the hotel
Long Island Paranormal Investigators relax poolside after a long investigation.

Sunrise on the way home.
 A beautiful sunrise the next morning on the interstate heading home to Long Island.

Fog on the way home
 A little fog on the road home.

Thick fog!
 Where did the sun go?

Findings: This investigation revealed the following evidence and experiences:

Personal Experiences on Site

  • Date: Friday August 3, 2007
    Location: Initial tour of asylum
    Description: During the initial tour of Rolling Hills, Investigator Mike Bainbridge said something touched him on the back of his neck shortly after coming up the ramp to the second floor of the East Wing. He turned around immediately and no one was behind him.
  • Date: Friday August 3, 2007
    Location: East Wing hall way, 1st floor
    Description: During equipment setup Investigator Craig Sordyl was startled by a shadow figure passing next to time. Craig was attaching a DVR camera to the railing at the entrance to the first floor East Wing hall way when he said a shadow figure moved quickly across the hallway next to him. He wasn’t expecting such an event so early in the night, much less before the investigation officially began.
  • Date: Saturday August 4, 2007
    Location: Christmas Room, basement
    Description: While taking digital photographs of the Christmas room in the basement Investigator Jaiem Fleischmann said that he saw a large black mass or orb-like object hovering in the air in front of him a he snapped a photo. At the same time Investigator Mike Bainbridge, also in the Christmas room, said his digital EMF meter jumped briefly from .01 to 2.4 then back down again.
  • Date: Saturday August 4, 2007
    Location: East Wing, 2nd floor
    Description: Throughout the night the sounds of foot steps and shuffling could be heard almost continuously in the second floor hallway of the East Wing. Often the sounds seemed to come from the ceiling even though there is no third floor on the wing! Other sounds clearly heard include the sound of door knob being turned and what sounded like keys being dropped.
  • Date: Saturday August 4, 2007
    Location: East Wing, 2nd floor
    Description: During an EVP and photograph session at the end of the second floor hallway (East Wing) LIPI  guest investigator Jessie McCarthy reported seeing a face in one of the door ways. In the morning, after speaking with Lori Carlson and looking at old newspaper clippings in the Rolling Hills Asylum museum room, Jessie identified the face as being Mr. Eream Happaugh.

    Face seen by Jessie McCarthy

  • Date: Saturday August 4, 2007
    Location: Nurse's office, 3rd floor
    Description: While investigating the nurse’s office on the third floor Investigator Jaiem Fleischmann reported a sweet/flowery smell similar to a woman’s perfume. No one in the room was wearing perfume or cologne.
  • Date: Saturday August 4, 2007
    Location: First floor woman's restroom
    Description: While going to the Woman’s restroom on the first floor (just outside HQ) the main door to the rest room began to close quickly on Investigator Cheryl Wittmann. The door had been left wide open all night and no one else was around at the time this happened.
  • Date: Saturday August 4, 2007
    Location: East Wing, 1st floor
    Description: At approximately 3:30am Investigator Thelma D’Amico was standing half way down on the walkway ramp leading downward from the second floor East Wing to the basement. She reported seeing the figure of a head and shoulders on the basement level just outside the Christmas room. No LIPI members where in the basement at the time. The full LIPI team immediately went down the ramp to the basement and searched the area for a person. No one was found, no sounds of foot steps (like someone running away) was heard, and the emergency exit door opposite the Christmas room was definitely closed tight.
  • Date: Saturday August 4, 2007
    Location: Cafeteria/dining room, basement
    Description: While investigating the dining room/cafeteria in the basement investigator Thelma D’Amico reported that something flipped a lock of her hair over her head towards her face. There was no breeze or draft in the room and she had been standing still.
  • Debunking Note: All night long we heard nearly continuous "bangs" and other sounds from the East Wing 2nd floor hall way. Rolling Hills owner Lori Carlson stated the heating system was off for the summer and most of the water, plumbing  & heating pipes beyond the Cafe area were disconnected. Further, a test was conducted where LIPI investigators were stationed in the East Wing 1st floor atrium and 2nd floor hallway. Those in the 1st floor atrium banged on the radiator pipes and the walls. The sound was barely audible on the second floor despite the intense activity on the first floor! We feel this debunks the idea that sounds from the first floor were carried up to the 2nd floor through the walls and pipes.

EVPs Recorded at Site
(Note: May require headphones to properly hear and review)

EVP 1 (full recording - 211kb)
EVP 2 (enhanced EVP - 55kb)

Date: August 2007
Description: This is a Class B EVP recorded in the in the East Wing 1st floor corridor at approximately 3:45am. The first voice is that of LIPI EVP Specialist Jaiem Fleischmann noting voices of other investigators in the area. The follows a soft female voice that appears to be saying "Are you there?".

EVP 3 (full recording - 184kb)
EVP 4 (enhanced EVP - 79kb)

Date: August 2007
Description: This EVP was recorded in the 2nd floor East Wing hall way just before we began using a white noise. It appears to be a female voice saying "He's alone here" or "Leave us alone".

EVP 5 (full recording - 184kb)
WARNING! - Extreme content!

Date: August 2007
Description: This EVP was recorded in the HQ/Cafe room at 3:30am (remember that directly below the Cafe/HQ room is the basement electric shock therapy room). The voices are the LIPI investigators organizing for the final "shadow search" of the investigation. There are two EVPs in this recording, one at the beginning and a softer one near the end. The content of this EVP speaks for itself. May be too intense for some people!

EVP 6 (full recording - 3.1MB)

Date: August 2007
Description: This recording was made in the 2nd floor East Wing hall way. The voices are LIPI EVP specialist Jaiem Fleischmann and Video Specialist Craig Sordyl. Note the banging and other background noises. This was very common only in this hall way - no where else in the asylum!


EVP 7 (full recording - 314kb)

Date: August 2007
Description: This recording was made in the 2nd floor East Wing hall way. Note the sound of glass being tapped or broken in the background. The voices that follow are LIPI EVP specialist Jaiem Fleischmann and other LIPI investigators.

EVP 8 (full recording - 697kb)

Date: August 2007
Description: This recording was made in the 2nd floor East Wing hall way at approximately 5:30am. First you will hear EVP specialist Jaiem Fleischmann ask for 2-taps as a reply to a question. Then you will here 2 taps! No one else was on the floor at this time.



Conclusion: Long Island Paranormal Investigators believes there is paranormal activity occurring at this location. A follow up investigation will be planned for July 2008. The results will be posted here.

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