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Recent Investigations by Long Island Paranormal Investigators:

Stanley Hotel
Estes Park, CO

Long Island Paranormal Investigators: Investigation March 2007

Long Island Paranormal Investigators: Investigation November 2008

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park CO
The Stanley Hotel (front view facing North)

Sign at the entrance to the Stanley Hotel.

Prolog: In March of 2007 Long Island Paranormal Investigators took part in a 4 day retreat and investigation at the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. The weekend was hosted by TAPS and Darkness Radio. It included lights-out investigations at the hotel with TAPS founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, as well as several discussions lead by well known leaders in the paranormal field including John Zaffis, Adam Blai, Patrick Burns, Chris Flemming, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Chad Calek/Adrian Vallera, Mark Macy, J. and Allan Danelek.

LIPI Members Attending: The following Long Island Paranormal Investigators members were in attendance at this event: Michael Cardinuto, Robert Levine, Jaiem Fleischmann, Michael Bainbridge, Cheryl Wittmann, Justin DiGangi, and Craig Sordyl.

Historical Background: The Stanley Hotel was built by F.O. Stanley, inventor of the Stanley steam engine. Construction began in 1907 and the main hotel building was completed in 1909. Originally the hotel property covered 190 acres. Today, the hotel includes the main building, the Manor House building, the Concert Hall, several administration and employee buildings, and a number of more private villas covering a 55 acre area.

View of the rear of the Stanley (facing South)
The Stanley Hotel (rear view facing South)

The hotel was made famous to fiction and paranormal enthusiasts by well known horror writer Stephen King in his book “The Shining”. It’s interesting to note the original movie (the one with Jack Nicholson) the hotel scenes were actually filmed in England. The more recent made-for-TV remake movie was filmed on location at the hotel however. King stayed at the Stanley during the winter in the 1970’s in room 217 (in the original movie room 237 was said to be the haunted room). During his stay he claimed to have experienced several paranormal events. That, combined with the remoteness of the hotel and the onset of winter gave him the idea for writing "The Shining".

Mountain view from the front of the Stanley
A mountain view from the front of The Stanley Hotel.

Another nountain view from the front of the Stanley
Another mountain view from the front of The Stanley Hotel.

Another Mountain view from the Stanley
A close-up mountain view from the The Stanley Hotel.

Rock formations around the Stanley
Rock formations around The Stanley Hotel.

Another view of the Stanley
Another view of the front of The Stanley Hotel.

Another view of the Stanley
A view of the mountain range behind the Stanley Hotel (left).

There is also a small pet cemetery located on the property. This is said to have been the inspiration for Stephen King's story "Pet Cemetery".

Pet Cemetery at the Stanley Hotel
A small pet cemetery at the Stanley Hotel.
Said to be the inspiration for Stephen King's story "Pet Cemetery"

Today, several places in the hotel are claimed to be haunted. In the main building rooms 217, 324, 401 and 418 are often reported as the most active (during their first investigation at the Stanley, TAPS founder Jason Hawes stayed in room 401 where he videoed a door opening and closing on it’s own, and a glass breaking for no apparent reason). Additionally, all of the 3rd and 4th floor hallways are said to be haunted. The sounds of children playing can supposedly be heard. In the main floor Piano room the piano is said to play by itself. In the Manor house, room 1302 is also said to be very active. And in the concert hall both the hall room and the lower level is said to be active.

Local Wildlife: The Rocky Mountains and Estes Park is home to a wide variety of local wild life. A few of the local inhabitants we were fortunate enough to be able to observe during our stay.

Elk (male)
Elk thrive in the area of at Estes Park and are seen daily in the town.
This is a handsome male.

Elk (female)
A female elk.

Mule Deer
Mule Deer. This one is wearing a radio tracking collar for study.

Wyoming Ground Squirrels
Wyoming Ground Squirrels are everywhere!

Mountain Blue Bird
The beautiful Mountain Blue Bird!

Raven birds were common.

A Magpie bird.

A coyote was spotted along the road side during our stay but didn't sit still long enough for a photograph.

Trout streams
The local rivers and streams are home to brook trout and native cut throat trout.


Day 1 (Thursday)

LIPI members left LaGuardia Airport in New York, and arrived at Denver International Airport on Thursday March 28th.

LIPI at the airport going to Denver.
LIPI members waiting to board our plane in New York.

LIPI members on the plane to Denver
Long Island Paranormal Investigators member Justin DiGangi listens to in-flight music
while Craig Sordyl and Mike Cardinuto use the time to review investigation reports.

After claiming our luggage we picked up two rental cars and headed off into the mountains.

Snow on the ground near Denver airport as we head to The Stanley.
Snow on the ground at Denver airport as we head to the Stanley Hotel

Snowing in Denver!
The LIPI team stops for a bite outside Denver Airport before heading on to the Stanley Hotel.

Denver airport is at 5,000 feet above sea level while the Stanley Hotel in the Rocky Mountains is at 7,500 feet! Snow flurries were on and off so travel was a bit slower allowing for an element of safety caution. Nevertheless, the drive from the Airport to Estes Park was quick and uneventful. But the scenery was awesome!

Going up into the Rocky Mountains
Heading up into the Rockies near the town of Lyons.

Roads cut through sheer mountain rock!
Roads cut through solid mountain rock!

The scenery was so breath-taking we had to stop for pictures and to marvel at it all!

LIPI vehicles for this trip.
LIPI Lead Investigators Mike Cardinuto and Rob Levine at a scenic pull-over near
Roosevelt National Park during our trip from Denver Airport to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

LIPI members pose at a hiking entrance to Roosevelt National Park
The LIPI investigation team poses for a photo at one of the hiking entrances
to Roosevelt National Forest park in the Rocky Mountains.
(L to R: Craig Sordyl, Jaiem Fleischmann, Rob Levine, Michael Bainbridge,
Michael Cardinuto, and Justin DiGangi infront)

Arriving at Estes Park, CO.
Arriving through the mountains at Estes Park, CO.

The Stanley Hotel seen from across Lake Estes
The Stanley Hotel as seen coming into Estes Park from across Lake Estes.
The lake is a popular fishing spot for trout and tiger muskie.

Long Island Paranormal Investigators arrived at the Stanley early in the afternoon and checked in. Our group had rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the main building, and one of the private villas behind the main building. After a brief unpacking LIPI immediately set out to explore the buildings and grounds and perform some pre-investigation research.

An early steam powered automobile
An early automobile that was power by steam from a Stanley steam engine
is on display in the hotel lobby outside the MacGregor room.

A portrate painting of J.O Stanley
A painting of J.O. Stanley in his workshop hangs near the automobile in the lobby.


The other end of the Stanley Lobby
The other end of the Stanley Lobby. The piano room is on the right and the Billiards room is on the left.


The Piano room and Billiards room are said to be focal points of paranormal activity and would defiantly be concentrated on during the investigation.

The piano in the Piano room
The famed haunted piano in the Piano room.

LIPI members in the piano room.
LIPI investigators (L to R) Mike Bainbridge, Mike Cardinuto and Justin DiGangi in the piano room.

The Billiards room
The famed Billiards room. Note the orb on the right is just dust.

We explored the 3rd and 4th floors of the main building to get a better idea of the layout during day light hours.

LIPI investigators on the 3rd floor of the Stanley Hotel
Long Island Paranormal Investigators investigators on the 3rd floor.

We then headed over to the Concert hall building and, finding it was open, decided to perform a brief daytime investigation.

The Concert Hall Building
The Stanley Hotel Concert Hall building.

Inside the Concert Hall facing the stage
Inside the Concert Hall building facing the stage.

Craig shoots digital video inside the concert hall
LIPI video specialist Craig Sordyl takes digital video inside the Concert Hall building.

LIPI members investigate the lower level of the Concert Hall.
LIPI members investigate the lower level of the concert hall.

In the early evening we met with Jason and Grant of TAPS in the main building. It was good to see and speak with them again and  since our last meeting in Warwick, RI last December. There were also members of other paranormal investigation groups from around the country in attendance. LIPI members enjoyed discussing experiences and techniques with fellow investigators.

Dinner the first night was at a quiet local restaurant.

Later that evening Dave Shrader, co-host of Darkness Radio and organizer of this event, gave Long Island Paranormal Investigators special access to room 401 for our own investigation. (Thank you Dave!)

Rob Levine checks weather, solar and geomagnetic activity
LIPI Lead Investigators Rob Levine checks current weather, solar
and geomagnetic activity before starting the investigation.

Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed a 5 hour investigation in room 401 using digital audio, digital and 35mm photography, EMF and temperature sensors. See our findings at the bottom of this article.

Outside room 401. Note the dust orbs.
Outside the famous room 401. Note the dust orbs. Not paranormal.

Investigating the closet door in room 401
LIPI members investigate the closet door in room 401 that was seen on an episode
of Ghost Hunters to open and close on its own.

Awating an event in room 401
LIPI investigators Rob Levine (reclining) and Craig Sorydl patiently await to see
if a paranormal event occurs in room 401.

Objects left on the night stand for an event in room 401.
Objects including coins, a dollar bill, a pen, an empty glass and a digital recorder
were left on the night stand next to the bed in room 401 to see if anything moved them.

LIPI broke into groups and rotated investigating room 401, the Piano and Billiards rooms.

The Billiards room side foiler room
LIPI members investigate the Billiards foyer room.

After a long night of investigation even paranormal investigators have to sleep and we finally called it a day at about 5am Saturday.

Day 2 (Friday)

Despite a brief few hours of sleep Long Island Paranormal Investigators members were up early to attend the range of discussions offered this trip.

The first discussion was by Rosemary Ellen Guiley on the subject of Shadows.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley presents on Shadows
Rosemary Ellen Guiley presents on the subject of Shadows and Shadow beings.

She has spent years researching the shadow people (shadow entities) phenomena and cataloging accounts of encounters with shadows. She stated her studies show that:

  • Most shadow entities appear while a person is asleep, or about to fall asleep/wake up.
  • They usually enter a room (or building) through a door way but have been seen coming right through solid walls.
  • Encounters can be occasional or throughout a person's life time. Sometimes they seem to "follow" a family from one generation to another.
  • Encounters can start when people move to a new location. They sometimes are seen lurking in woods and undeveloped areas around buildings.
  • The most commonly reported physical characteristics of a shadow are:
    • Tall 5-6 feet, sometimes 7 feet
    • Male in appearance
    • Dark and slim
    • Very black - "Blacker than black"
    • Looks like they are wearing a long black trench coat and a large brimmed hat
    • They appear to be 3-dimensional, opaque and seem to have physical mass
    • No eyes
    • Silent - they make no noise as they move but movement is clearly known
  • They react when their presence is noticed, usually moving away very quickly
  • They don't seem to obey common physical laws - can move through walls, unnaturally fast movement, can appear or vanish instantly.
  • People often feel a sinister or mischievous feeling when they are encountered.
  • Direct verbal communication is rare but some kind of thought-level communication sometimes appears to be occurring.
  • Pets often react very negatively to them and places they have been
  • They seem to "invade" your personal space
  • She described 6 sub-categories of shadows:
    • Sentinels - They stand in corners/edges and just watch us
    • Lurkers - They move through an area, often the same path over and over.
    • Predators - They seem to want to invoke intense fear/terror. Physical attack is sometimes reported.
    • Visitors - Groups of shadows. Often described as appearing other worldly.
    • MTB - Minding Their own Business, similar to Lurkers they seem not to notice us as they move through an area.
    • Omens - Often appear just before a bad luck event or death happens. Often follow a person or entire family for generations.
    • Haunters - Are associated with accepted haunted locations
  • Possible explanations for shadows include:
    • Ghosts/spirits
    • Shape Shifters
    • "Old Hag" legends
    • Thought Forms - beings that are formed out of our subconscious thought (like in the old movie "Forbidden Planet" with Walter Pigeon).
    • Ultraterrestrial beings - "Moth Man"
    • Extraterrertrial beings - May be related to the M.I.B. (Men In Black) reports
  • Things people can do to try to rid themselves of a shadow haunting:
    • Prayer
    • Spiritual cleansing
    • Mediate for emotional harmony
    • Change your environment
    • Sleep with the lights on (they rarely show during the day or in the light)

After Rosemary's presentation there was a preview of the new TV show "Terrornormal". It is a very intense paranormal investigation show. Looks very exciting.

Next was a presentation by Patrick Burns of the show "Haunted Evidence". Patrick said he is often nicknamed the "Ghost Geek" because of his love of electronics and gadgets for investigation.

Patrick Burns
Patrick Burns of the show Haunted Evidence.

He gave a very good discussion on the topic of photography explaining how dust can give false orb images (he believes the vast majority of orb photos are just dust and things in the area), using a digital camera for IR photography. He suggested using a heat lamp bulb as an simple and cheap IR light source. Patrick also gave a good discussion of EMF meters including the Trifield Meter, suggesting the Trifield should be placed in a single location and monitored instead of trying to sweep an area with it. He said the meter is too sensitive to carry and is best to monitor a suspected "hot spot" location. He further discussed digital thermometers, suggesting not to use IR thermometers since they only detect surface temperatures not the ambient environment. He concluded with a discussion of recording techniques for collecting EVPs.

The final speaker of the day was psychologist/demonologist Adam Blai.

Grant Wilson of TAPS introduces Adam Blai
Co-founder of TAPS Grant Wilson (left) introduces psychologist and demonologist Adam Blai.

LIPI first met Adam last December during a weekend trip to Warwick, RI. Adam is a very knowledgeable psychologist and demonologist. Today's presentation was on the psychology of the paranormal. He explained how the mind works and how we can sometimes be tricked into think something is paranormal when it is not. He also explained many of the signs of mental illness in an effort to better prepare investigators for possible encounters with people who may need more professional help than paranormal investigators.

Adam explained a theoretical reason why people tend to see light/dark ghostly images from the corners of their eyes more than straight on. He said it could be due to the structure of the human eye, the distribution of rods & cones in the eye concentrates color in the middle part of our vision and light/dark on the edges. So anything in out peripheral vision would more likely appear light/dark than in color. He also strongly urged against using hypnosis as a research tool unless you are formally and professionally trained to do it, and even then with caution.

That evening, dinner was held in the MacGregor Room off the lobby of the main building.

Dinner at the Stanley
The LIPI team enjoying dinner at the Stanley Hotel on Saturday night.

During the meal a charity auction was held to raise money for a family fighting cancer. All attendees were very generous in helping the family.

After dinner, guests were divided into 2 groups. One group would perform the first night's lights-out investigation of the main building, room 1302 in the Manor Hall building and the Concert Hall. The other group would be in the MacGregor Room for a demonology presentation by Adam Blai followed by a Spirit Box/Frank's Box demonstration with Christopher Moon of Haunted Times magazine.

Lobby of the Manor Hall building.
Lobby of the Manor Hall building.

The stairway leading up to the second floor of the Manor Hall
The stairway leading to the second floor of the Manor Hall building.

Mike Cardinuto outside room 1302.
Lead Investigator Mike Cardinuto takes digital photographs
outside room 1302 in the Manor Hall building.

Rob Levine outside room 1302.
Lead Investigator Rob Levine uses a Trifield meter in the sitting area
outside room 1302 in the Manor Hall building.

LIPI was assigned to the group that was to perform the hotel investigation Friday night. We started out on the 4th floor. Long Island Paranormal Investigators divided into 3 groups. Two remained in the hallway (either ends) and one group went into room 401. The plan was to rotate locations every 20 minutes or so. Due to the large number of other people also investigating that night we were happy to have additional guests come with us on our investigation.

3rd floor hallway
The 3rd floor hallway during Friday night's investigation.

The investigation in the hallways was difficult. With all the people moving from room to room and also investigating the hallways EVP audio was heavily contaminated with background and ambient sounds. Photography, both digital and 35mm, didn't reveal anything paranormal. Temperatures ranged greatly between different areas in the hallways and the various rooms but nothing so dramatic as to be potentially paranormal. EMF readings were unreliable as both the geology the hotel is built on (a large deposit of magnetite rock) and the old wiring in the building effected the meters.

LIPI members re-investigated room 401 with members of the Terrornormal show and other investigators. Other investigators using K2 meters did get a little activity but could not be confirmed with other equipment.

Inside room 401
LIPI investigator Michael Bainbridge (right) using a video camera during the investigation of room 401
with a member of Terronormal (left with hat) and other investigators Friday night.


Inside room 401
A group of investigators try using K2 meters inside room 401 Friday Night.

After investigating the 4th floor, LIPI headed to the second floor to try to investigate room 217 (Stephen King's room). There were many people already awaiting entry to the room. So we decided to go to the 3rd floor and investigate the hallway. While on the 3rd floor we met up with psychic Tiffany Johnson. She told us there was a presence in her room (327) and invited us to investigate there while we wait for others to have their turn investigating room 217.

LIPI with psychic Tiffany Johnson
LIPI members with psychic Tiffany Johnson waiting entry to room 217.

Tiffany told us she has seen a little boy in her room earlier that day. She had also had several feelings from the room. Our investigation of room 327 yielded some unusually temperature changes and a few orbs but unfortunately no apparitions or other evidence was observed. However, Long Island Paranormal Investigators appreciates Tiffany's offer to let us investigate the room.

Craig Sordyl in room 327
LIPI investigator Craig Sordyl carefully watches a compass placed in the corner of room 327
where the apparition of a small boy was reported earlier that day by psychic Tiffany Johnson.


Inside room 327
LIPI investigator Juston DiGangi and psychic Tiffany Johnson. watch the bed in room 327
where a small boy's apparition was reported earlier in the day to shake the bed.

After investigating room 327 we were able to finally get into room 217. There Patrick Burns was assisting. He had a K2 and a Trifield meter setup. Working with Patrick we performed a number of EVP recordings. The Trifield meter did jump a few times as did his K2. However, we were unable to confirm the readings on our equipment.

Hallway outside room 217
The hallway outside room 217, "Stephen King's" room. Note the dust orb on the right.

Patrick Burns in room 217
Patrick Burns from Haunted Evidence and LIPI members in room 217.
Note the K2 meter in Patrick's hand and the Trifield meter on the wall above his head.

After room 217 we went over to the Concert Hall building. Upon arriving at the Concert Hall we met up with Jason and Grant of TAPS who were leading the investigations in the building. They suggested we try several areas on the lower level of the building and behind the stage area on the main floor.

LIPI members with Jason Hawes of TAPS
Jason Hawes of TAPS speaks with LIPI investigators regarding places to review inside the Concert Hall building.

LIPI members on the Concert Hall Stage area
LIPI investigators waiting patiently at the stage area of the Concert Hall for a paranormal event to be observed.
Audio and video is being used to document any such event.

Long Island Paranormal Investigators investigated the Concert Hall for about an hour. We performed EVPs on both the lower level and the main floor by the stage area. We were very excited hoping to observe some activity as we had heard reports of things moving on the main floor. Unfortunately we didn't observe anything during our time in the Concert Hall.

We returned to the main building and continued investigating the 2nd and 3rd floors. We also performed investigations in the Piano room.

Finally, in the very wee hours of Saturday morning we decided to all it a night and get a couple hours sleep.

Day 3 (Saturday)

Paranormal investigators get little sleep. LIPI was up early Saturday. After a quick breakfast we attended the presentation by Mark Macy on spirit photography. Mark gave a brief review of his background with the field, having met and worked with a number of researchers here and in Europe.

Mark Macy
Mark Macy presents on the subject of spirit photography.

Mark Macy's device
A device constructed by Mark Macy that is said to promote an environment for contacting spirits.
Air appeared to be drawn in from the bottom and blown out slots at the top.
LIPI was unable to determine the nature of this device.

Mark explained bout both photographic techniques he has used as well as audio techniques. He claimed that on the other side was a group of spirits known as the "Technicians" that included very well known doctors and other researchers who have die. It is the function of these "technicians" to give messages to us with explicit instructions on how to build devices to communicate with them. Mark said he and others have received many messages from the devices (even from telephone calls! - he played an example) giving detailed specifications for devices to communicate with spirits. He also showed several examples of spirit photography which he claimed should spirits super-imposing themselves over people's own images. He said this could be a way spirits tap our energy to help make themselves visible in photos.

After a break for lunch some LIPI members attended presentations by J. Allan Danelek (Reincarnation, the case for ghosts, scientific basis for the paranormal) and Chris Flemming (publisher of Unknown Magazine and creator of the K2 EMF meter, subject of communicating with the dead). Other Long Island Paranormal Investigators members decided to take the early afternoon off and explore the surrounding mountain scenery.

LIPI enjoy a lunch of elk and buffalo
LIPI members enjoy a lunch of elk and buffalo at a local restaurant Saturday afternoon.

Later in the afternoon LIPI members regrouped and attended the presentation by the legendary John Zaffis on the subject of Exorcisms and demonology.

John Zaffis
Noted paranormal investigator, demonologist and author John Zaffis.

John Zaiff is the nephew of famed Ed and Lorraine Warren, pioneers in the fields of modern demonology and  paranormal investigations. They are the only people to have be allowed to conduct an investigation in the Amityville Horror house.

John is one of the first pioneers on the subject of demons and the paranormal. John is also a mentor to Adam Blai and other well known researchers in the field. He discussed the idea that objects can have a spirit or entity associated with it, sometimes an evil/demonic entity and that's how demons can come into someone's life by innocently buying such an item. John also explained it is important to understand other people's values and beliefs as it is faith, not a specific following, that is successful in combating demons. John spoke of a well known demonic haunting in Connecticut that was discussed in the book "In a Dark Place". He also recommended reading "Shadows of the Dark". John spoke of his various cases, the effort and tribulations he has encountered trying to help people with demonic hauntings. John concluded, as did Adam, by warning paranormal investigators not to take demons and demonology lightly. It isn't something to be played with or taken as a thrill ride.

In the evening the second night's dinner was held again in the MacGregor room in the main building.

After dinner Long Island Paranormal Investigators attended a Q&A presentation by Jason Hawes and Grant Willson (founders of TAPS) in the Concert hall.

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of TAPS
(L to R) TAPS founder Jason Hawes and TAPS Co-Founder Grant Wilson
along with Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio.

The presentation began with a review of common paranormal terms including EMF, IR, "Cold Spot" and Grant's favorite EVP. Then a set of cases from TAPS investigations was presented. The situation, the claimed paranormal events, and the evidence was shown and the audience was invited to conclude what the results of the investigation should be. Then the TAPS conclusion was revealed and compared/discussed with what the audience felt it was. After the cases, Jason and Grant presented a number of audio and video examples from their cases. Finally, the presentation concluded with a Q&A session from the audience.

Since Long Island Paranormal Investigators had participated in the Friday night investigation of the hotel, Saturday night LIPI attended a presentation by Billy (we didn't get his last name). He is the Stanley Hotel's historian and "keeper of ghostly tales."

Billy the Stanley Hotel's Historian
Billy, the resident historian of the Stanley Hotel.

Billy entertained us with numerous accounts of strange and usual events that both have been reported at the Stanley as well as things he personally has encountered. Billy also explained the legend of room 217 and the events of Stephen King's stay at the Stanley.

After Billy's presentation Adam Blai gave a talk on the subject of Demonology. Adam's presentation, based on Roman Catholic doctrine and research,  reiterated a number of points he had made last December at the Warwick, RI paranormal weekend event. To summarize Adam's presentation:

  • Demons are real as is the struggle between good and evil.
  • Angels are creatures created by G-d to perform specific functions. They are not humanoid even though they may appear to us sometimes as human.
  • Demons are Angels that rebelled against G-d because they didn't like that he had made Man in his image, given us free will and placed us in greater importance than Angels.
  • Their punishment for rebelling was to be sent to Earth.
  • "Hell" doesn't exist yet. It will be created by G-d at the time of the final judgment. All the demons and those who they have corrupted will be sent there.
  • The goal of demons is to make us corrupt ourselves with drink, drugs, lucidity, sex, blind greed, cruelty etc. and turn away from G-d. Or get us to ask them for help instead of G-d.
  • Demons can not appear as perfect human form. They must show some defect like a missing limb, a warped face, no eyes etc.
  • Demons are not all knowing. But they do have super intellect. They can "see" the results of various decisions far in advance than we can and as such can make accurate predictions about will happen in the future. They do, however, know your sins and inner secrets and will use that against you to trick you or weaken your faith.
  • Demons can not outright harm or attack you for no reason (as much as they want to).
  • Demons have no pity or mercy towards us.
  • Demonologists are chosen by G-d and are given special protection. It isn't something you choose yourself. It is a life long undertaking with many risks including emotional, psychological, and physical.
  • All people have an "out" when encountering a demon. If a person or paranormal investigator innocently (unknowingly) walks into a demonic situation, if they turn around and leave the demon can't follow you. If you choose to stay and fight it without the protection of G-d then you're on your own.
  • Do not use crystals, Ouija boards and other portal tools. You don't know what will come through.

After Adam's presentation there was a demonstration of a Spirit Box ("Frank's Box"). This device, built with the specifications given by the "Technicians" scans the short-wave frequencies they provided. A psychic helps make the connection. People were chosen at random to ask a question and (hopefully) receive a response. No one from LIPI was selected but others who were had moderate success. Our opinion of the Spirit Box is mixed and undetermined.

Finally, members of Long Island Paranormal Investigators spent the rest of the evening mingling and socializing with the other paranormal investigators attending. We spent hours exchanging experiences, ideas and techniques with members of other groups and independent investigators. It was a great experience sharing experiences and observations with paranormal investigators from around the country.

Day 4 (Sunday)

We left the Stanley very early Sunday morning for Denver airport.

Craig is exhausted!
LIPI investigator Craig Sorydl is exhausted from the weekend
and snoozes on the ride back to the airport Sunday morning.

A pleasant flight back (we saw the movie "Happy Feet") to New York, we arrive back at LaGuardia Airport about 4pm and home about 6pm. We were very tired from our long weekend but had a great time!

In spite of the intensive investigation Long Island Paranormal Investigators performed we didn't collect significant evidence of paranormal activity. A few curious orb pictures were taken in the main building by digital photography. EMF readings ranged widely but are unreliable due to magnetite rock the hotel is built on as well as the older wiring in the buildings. No EVPs were recorded. A few personal experiences were observed during the 4 day event.

Personal Experiences on Site

  • K2/K-II EMF Meter Demo

    Date: Friday March 30, 2007
    Location: Room 217
    Description: This video is a demonstration of the K2 EMF meter. The video was taken during an actual paranormal investigation of room 217.

  • Date: Friday March 30, 2007
    Location: Room 327
    Description: While investigating room 327 the ambient temperature dropped nearly 6 degrees over the course of 20 minutes (down from 78 degrees to start to below 73 degrees when finished). Sometimes several fractions of a degree drop occurred in a short time period. While Long Island Paranormal Investigators considers a drop of 10 degrees or more in a short period of time to be potentially paranormal, this event is very unusual. There were 7 people in a closed, relatively small room. If anything the temperature should have gone up.

  • Date: Saturday March 31, 2007
    Location: MacGregor Room
    Description: LIPI investigator Jaiem Fleischmann reported seeing a large white orb (about the size of a dinner plate) behind the right shoulder of Adam Blai during his presentation in the MacGregor room. The orb remained there for approx 3-4 seconds before "going out". He is sure the sighting was not a reflection in glass, a camera flash or a light coming through the window.

Overall Long Island Paranormal Investigators is unable to confirm or debunk the presence of paranormal activity at the Stanley Hotel. Further investigations will be planned.

The weekend itself was a great success and we enjoyed again meeting with Jason and Grant, Adam Blai, John Zaffis, and Dave Shrader. All the presentations were very well carried out and very informative. Long Island Paranormal Investigators looks forward to a return trip to the Stanley Hotel and further discussions with the paranormal investigators and experts we have met.

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