Sounds of banging.

Pipes are not bracketed.
Air in the pipeline.
Toilet Flushing on it’s own.
Faucet turns on by itself.
Air in the pipeline.
Doors opening/closing by itself. Door is on an incline/decline.
Door latch is broken.
Dishes/Glasses falling off the counter/shelves. Counter Surface isn’t level.
Water could be underneath the object
causing it to slide off.
Lights flickering on/off. Light bulb could be loose.
Could be faulty wiring.
Smells: Odors Cigar/Cigarette smoke
Could be from another source:
Garden/House next door.
Smells: Rotten eggs/Sulfur Dead rodent in the walls, ceiling, attic.
Backed up cesspool.
Nightmares/unusual dreams Playing video games, surfing the web,
watching TV, before going to sleep.
That part of the brain is still active while
you’re sleeping.
Feelings of being: Strangled/choked
Held down, raped, paralyzed.
Sleep Paralysis: While in a sleep state
your mind wakes up before your body.
TV/radio turns on/off by itself. Frequencies from a car alarm/garage
door opener could set it off.
Is the device on a timer.
Sounds of scratching. Is there a tree rubbing against the house?
Sounds of creaking/walking. Could be the house settling.
Possible animals in the attic.
Waking up with scratches on your body. Do you wear jewelry: Bracelet, watches,
rings, necklaces. Those items could
scratch you while you sleep as well as
your finger nails.
Waking up with bruises on your body. Do you wear a watch while you sleep,
or did you fall asleep on the remote, or
some other object.
Childhood leukemia, brain cancer, miscarriages,
fetal abnormalities, nausea, migraines/headaches,
fatigue, feelings of being watched or followed,
hallucinations, depression, dizziness, etc.
Could all be caused by:
High electro magnetic field (EMF) especially
if your hypersensitive.
Low levels of carbon monoxide (CO)
A high level of positive ions.
Air flow or air quality in your environment:
Where are cleaning supplies/chemicals stored.
Are they stored by the intake vent for the A/C unit,
or heating unit.
Migraines/headaches, fatigue, dizziness, depression. Mold build up in the house.



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