FACT: The Temp Data Logger detects ambient air temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

THEORY: In theory when a spirit/ghost starts to manifest, it will draw in heat energy around the area, causing either a cold spot or a hot spot. A cold spot would form because the heat energy is being sucked out of the air causing the air around the entity to be cold. A hot spot would form because the heat energy is being sucked out of the air and confined to a specific area causing a hot spot.

Click the set up and start the USB Data Logger
Type in the investigation location for the Logger Name
Select Fahrenheit
Set the sample rate to 10sec (45 hours)
Set a low alarm of 20 degrees lower than the base readings
Select a start time (Estimated start time of the investigation)
Select a start date (Date of the investigation)

When the investigation is complete, plug the logger into the USB port of a computer and print out the temperature data sheet.

RANGE: This thermometer will take readings within a 1-foot radius around the thermometer.

READINGS: A normal reading is usually a 5-degree difference from your base reading. A paranormal reading is usually a minimum of 10 degrees increase/decrease from your base reading. If you get a drop in temperature, the drop is called a cold spot. You may also get an increase in temperature, which would then be called a hot spot. Hot spots are rare but they do occur.


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