Demonology – The study of demons.

Demonologist – Person who studies and interacts with demonic cases.

Demon – Demons are of non-human/inhuman origin, that comes from the outside realm. Demons can also be fallen angels, which have rebelled against god at their own free will.

Characteristics of Demons:

  • Usually have no eyes or red eyes in the sockets
  • If a human is possessed by a demon then there eyes appear to be swollen and black.
  • Some demons may be very hairy
  • Some demons have a tail, but the demon will try to hide it
  • Some demons may have horns on their head
  • Demons are extremely strong. They can be 3 times stronger than humans. Demons are able to move heavy objects with no struggle at all
  • Most demon names end in:
          • iel or el
          • ial or al
          • on
          • as
          • us

Characteristics of a Demonic Haunting:

  • Usually a demonic haunting will occur during the demonic hour between 3a.m. – 3:30a.m. to mock Christ (A demonic haunt can happen at all times)
  • Things will occur in threes:
          • 3 knocks may occur
          • 3 taps on a wall
          • 3 bangs on a wall
          • hauntings will occur between 3a.m. – 3:30a.m.
  • Clocks may turn or spin counterclockwise
  • Things may start to move around in your house. NOTE This will also occur in poltergeist activity as well, which is not demonic
  • Religious artifacts may be moved around, thrown off of the walls, or turned upside down. (Especially when praying)
  • Some religious artifacts that have been known to be toyed with are:
          • Crucifixes will be turned upside down
          • Statues of Jesus
          • The Bible
          • Rosary beads
          • Religious photographs
  • You may hear banging or scratching sounds on the walls and the ceiling
  • You could wake up with scratches or bruises on your body
  • You could wake up in the middle of the night and feel like your being strangled
  • You may feel like your being raped. (This may deal with an incubus and/or succubus demon. Incubus = Male, Succubus = Female)
  • A demonic presence may give off certain odors/smells such as sulfur and/or rotten eggs. (This smell would be very strong.)

Possible Possession of Demons or Causes of Demonic Haunting:

  • Playing with a Ouija board: (You may open up a doorway and let the demon in, or by letting the spirit enter into your body to move the board peace you are allowing the demon to posses you.)
  • Playing with the black arts or black magic
  • Channeling spirits: (By channeling spirits this allows the spirit to use your body and your bodies functions to communicate with someone.) NOTE: Just because you are trying to let a specific spirit channel through you, that doesn’t mean that other spirits or possible demons can enter into you.
  • Psychics/Mediums: When some psychics/mediums do readings they communicate with someone who has passes on. NOTE: Because a psychic/medium is communicating with the other side, that doesn’t mean a demon can’t come through. Demons can act as someone else and you wouldn’t even know it. Psychics cannot tell the difference between a demon and a spirit.
  • EVP: (electronic voice phenomenon) When doing an EVP session you may pick up a demonic spirit, and by asking questions to it you may open up a doorway for the demon. NOTE: Be careful when doing EVPs, especially the questions you ask. Example: Provoking a spirit. “I demand you to show yourself?”
  • Saying a demon name out loud: By saying a demon name out loud you are calling it, or calling it out. Example: If someone is in the other room and you say their name what will the outcome be?
  • People in desperate need of something: Selling your soul to a demon/devil. Example: If your family is in financial trouble and you would do anything to get them out of it, a demon might show up and make you an offer.
  • People with no faith in a higher power can be possessed. Some people think that just because they have no beliefs in a higher power that they cannot be possessed by a demon. This is not true. You can be possessed.
  • Demons will thrive on:
          • Depression
          • Sadness
          • Weak minded people
          • Arguments and fighting
          • Negative energy
          • The seven deadly sins
            • Pride
            • Avarice (greed)
            • Lust
            • Envy
            • Gluttony
            • Anger
            • Sloth
  • Possessions are extremely rare. If possession does occur the Roman Catholic Church and Greek Orthodox Church can do an exorcism.

Dealing with Demonic Cases:

  • Only have very strong minded and strong willed people on the case
  • Have a demonologist present for the case
  • If you can, have a priest or someone of religious significance present during the case. NOTE: Religious significance means someone who has been appointed by the church, temple, monastery, mosk etc.
  • Only have team members that have a strong faith and/or religious background present on the case
  • Make sure the entire team is aware of what they are getting involved in. (Each team member should have a basic idea of demonology)
  • Team members should be encouraged to wear religious symbols. An example would be a cross around your neck.
  • All team members should say a prayer before, during, and after the case. The prayer of St. Michael is a prayer used in demonic cases. Prayers of deliverance are also used.
  • If you feel your team is not qualified to handle the case, or you have any doubts then let someone who has dealt with demonic cases take over.
  • During the case a demon may try to manipulate the team and cause arguments among each other. REMEMBER: Demons feed off of negativity.
  • Possessions are extremely rare cases, but demonic hauntings are not as rare as people think. A demonic haunt does not mean that you are possessed, it just means that a demon is harassing or tormenting you.
  • Demons cannot be killed. Even if the demon is exorcised, that just means that the demon has left the persons body.

Debunking Demonic Hauntings:

  • Banging, scratching, knocking on a wall: Check to see if there are any loose pipes in the basement of the home, or check the bushes/trees outside of the home to see if it is rubbing along side of the house.
  • Objects moving around the house: This may be poltergeist activity, which is not a demonic haunting.
  • Religious artifacts falling off the walls: Check to see how the artifact was placed on the wall. How well was it hung up?
  • Waking up with scratches or bruises on your body:
          • Are you allergic to something to scratch yourself in your sleep
          • Do you wear a necklace while you are sleeping. If you move around while you are asleep, the necklace may scratch you
          • Did you sleep on the remote control or other items. If you fall asleep on the remote control you may wake up with a bruise on your body from it
          • Do you sleep with a watch on. If you fall asleep on your arm, it may cause a bruise.
  • Waking up with feelings of being strangled or raped: You may have encountered sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is when your mind wakes up before your body can catch up, putting you in a paralysis like state. You can see, but you cannot move or speak. If you were having a bad dream such as being strangled, raped, abducted by aliens etc this dream will carry on until you come out of the sleep paralysis. This can last up to 1 minute, but it feels a lot longer
  • Odors/smells such as sulfur/rotten eggs: The strike of a match can give off a sulfur smell. Look around the house for things that contain sulfur. The rotten egg smell can be many things such as:
          • Garbage decomposing
          • Living organisms decomposing
          • Some animals/insects can give off a strong rotten egg smell as a defense mechanism, such as a skunk, palm meadow etc
  • Check to see if the person is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Check to see if the person is on any medications
  • There are many health/mental problems/disorders that can give the impression of a demonic haunting but it is not. Some disorders are as follows:
          • Depression
          • Fatigue
          • Insomnia
          • High EMF Fields
          • Inhalation of household chemicals
          • Sleep deprivation (lack of sleep)
          • Bipolar
          • Schizophrenia
          • Dementia
          • Psychosis
          • Hysteria
          • Sleep Paralysis

There are many demonologists that we can turn to if we need their help. Some of the demonologists we know are:

Adam Blai: Penn State University


Keith and Carl Johnson: Rhode Island


John Zaffis: Connecticut



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