Djinn – Plural meaning many

Djinni – Singular of Djinn

Djinniyan – Female Djinn

Arwaah – Adolescent Djinn

Djinn comes from the Arabic verb “Janna” which means to hide or conceal.

Djinn also translates to “The Hidden Ones”

Djinn – An entity created from a smokeless fire form, which in our world is a plasma being.

Origins of Djinn:

  • According to ancient lore Allah created Djinn with a smokeless fire
  • According to the Qur’an, Djinn are also known as “Gods other people” were here on earth way before the first humans.
  • Birthplace of Djinn is the Middle East.
  • Djinn polluted the earth when they were here, so God created man for a new start. When Iblis the leader of the Djinn refused to bow down to Adam, God banished them to the 5th dimension.
  • Iblis asked Allah to prove man inferior. Allah granted Iblis the opportunity until judgment day to prove this. This is the reason why Djinn interfere with our world.
  • The earliest accounts of human contact with Djinn date back from 6000bce to 4000bce in ancient Arabia, Persia, Sumeria, Babylonia, and Assyria.

Characteristics of Djinn:

  • Superhuman strength, power to lift objects.
  • They can move extremely fast.
  • Smokeless form, plasma being. When seen will be a specific color. Plasma contains charged particles and change density, which could explain why they can shapeshift.
  • Djinn have a shapeshift ability but is limited:

They cannot shapeshift into Jesus, religious hierarchy, angels, and wolves.

  • Favorite forms of shapeshifting are:

Snakes Black cats

Goats Spiders

Jackals Toads

Black dogs Camels

  • Can shapeshift into humans and/or animals but there will be a flaw. They will have hairy legs and hoofed feet. Djinn will try to hide it but will be unsuccessful in doing so.
  • Mortal: They have a lifespan of about 10,000 years.
  • They are tricksters in nature
  • May have glowing red eyes or snake eyes.
  • Commonly seen as goblin like with long head and pointy ears.
  • Djinn have free will like humans and can choose between good and evil.
  • Djinn are bound to objects vessels, such as rings and other forms of jewelry. Example: Genie in a bottle
  • Can appear and disappear at will.
  • They transport through air or dimensional doorways.
  • Can possess humans or animals.
  • Djinn were banished to the 5th dimension, but they can live here on earth. Some of the places they like to dwell in are as follows:
  • Caves
  • Deserts
  • Forests
  • Mountain Tops
  • Depths of the Sea

Types of Djinn: (Strongest to weakest)

  • Black Djinn

The most powerful of all Djinn

They are the Kings of the Djinn world

They are called Shamir

  • Red Djinn

Very old and powerful Djinn

They worship Iblis and they want to destroy humanity

They were once Blue Djinn and broke away from the class system becoming rebels

They are called Shaitan, and Ifrit

  • Blue Djinn

They are somewhat powerful

They are the Elders and Clan leaders of the Djinn world

They have little to no interactions with humans

They are called Marid, Nekratael, and Afreet

  • Yellow Djinn

They are the middle aged Djinn with a considerable amount of power

They are the Family Leaders of the Djinn world

They do not have any interest in humans or the physical world

They are called Efreeti

  • Green Djinn

They are the youngest and least powerful of all Djinn

They are curious about humans and like to interact with us and our world

They are tricksters in nature and like to play pranks on humans

They are called Erhnam, Kookus, Aamar, Arwaah, Jann, and Amir

Characteristics of a Djinn Haunting:

  • Can cause misfortune, illness, possession, and/or death.
  • Tricksters: Movement of objects.
  • Can cause equipment malfunctions.
  • Genie in a bottle example: You get 3 wishes if you release a Djinn, but something always negative happens with the wishes. Usually the wish is used to undo the first 2 wishes that were granted.
  • Djinn can become infatuated with humans and have a strong connection to them.
  • Djinn can influence your emotions and invade your dreams causing nightmares to occur.
  • When a Djinn speaks reports have been that you may hear a ringing, buzzing, humming, or moaning sound.
  • Djinn make intermittent moaning or growling sounds.

Possible Possession of Djinn or Causes of Djinn Haunting:

  • Djinn are very territorial: Moving in on a Djinn.
  • Waking up a Djinn:
  • Genie in a bottle
  • Digging in an area
  • Urinating outside etc.
  • If a Djinn shapeshifts into something like an animal and you hurt or kill it then you may have a manifestation of Djinn haunting you
  • If a Djinn is infatuated with a human could lead to a haunting or possession
  • Channeling spirits: (By channeling spirits this allows the spirit to use your body and your bodies functions to communicate with someone.) NOTE: Just because you are trying to let a specific spirit channel through you, that doesn’t mean that other spirits or possible Djinn can enter into you
  • Saying a Djinn name out loud: By saying a Djinn name out loud you are calling it, or calling it out. Example: If someone is in the other room and you say their name what will the outcome be?
  • People in desperate need of something: Example: If your family is in financial trouble and you would do anything to get them out of it, a Djinn might be summoned.
  • People with no faith in a higher power can be possessed or haunted. Some people think that just because they have no beliefs in a higher power that they cannot be possessed by a Djinn. This is not true. You can be possessed.
  • Djinn feed off of:
  • Depression
  • Fearfulness
  • Weak faith or non existed faith people
  • Emotional shock
  • Physical shock
  • Possessions are extremely rare.

Dealing with Djinn Cases:

  • Only have very strong minded and strong willed people on the case
  • If you can, have someone of religious significance present during the case. NOTE: Religious significance means someone who has been appointed by the church, temple, monastery, mosk etc.
  • Sheiks do exorcisms of the Djinn.
  • Only have team members that have a strong faith and/or religious background present on the case
  • Make sure the entire team is aware of what they are getting involved in. (Each team member should have a basic idea of Djinn)
  • Team members should be encouraged to wear religious symbols. An example would be a cross around your neck.
  • The Evil Eye is a powerful symbol to keep Djinn away.
  • Possessions are extremely rare cases, but Djinn hauntings are not as rare as people think. A Djinn haunt does not mean that you are possessed; it just means that a Djinn is harassing or tormenting you.
  • Having the lights on causes electro magnetic fields, which will keep the Djinn away.
  • Iron and iron ore can be used to keep Djinn away.
  • Magnetite can keep Djinn away the same as black onyx wards off negative energy.
  • Djinn can be killed, but there are major repercussions.
  • Djinn repellants: If you say the words “Bismillah” or “Basmala” means in the name of God this will repel Djinn.

Debunking Djinn Hauntings:

  • Equipment malfunctions may be due to electrical disturbances, battery leakage etc.
  • Check to see if the person is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Check to see if the person is on any medications
  • There are many health/mental problems/disorders that can give the impression of a Djinn haunting but it is not. Some disorders are as follows:
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • High EMF Fields
  • Inhalation of household chemicals
  • Sleep deprivation (lack of sleep)
  • Bipolar
  • Schizophrenia
  • Dementia
  • Psychosis
  • Hysteria
  • Sleep Paralysis

Possible Explanations of Djinn:

Demons: Some people think that because of the fear, panic, and terror you feel when you come in contact with a shadow person that it’s demonic. Some people also think that shadow people are the pawns (lowest level) of the demon list. Other people do not think shadow people are demonic they think that there just another type of haunting.

Ultra Terrestrials: Considered to be the Moth Man. Moth Man is a cryptid that lives in other dimensions but is earth oriented.

Extra Terrestrials: Aliens or alien abductions. Some people think that there is a connection between extra terrestrials and shadow people. Some say that the shadow people are the drones of the alien world. They are here to spy on us in order to get information to pass back to the extra terrestrials.

Shadow People: Ghost/spirit like person that looks like a black shadow, but you cannot see through it.

Poltergeist: German for noisy ghost, the movement or disappearance of objects.

Fairies: Originated in European folklore, it is a mythical being with preternatural, metaphysical, and supernatural powers.

Elementals: In magical tradition and ceremony, spirits, which govern the four corners of the earth and are, associated with, or reside within, the four basic elements.

Known Paranormal Hotspots:

Hudson Valley New York

Pine Bush New York

Bridgewater Triangle Massachusetts

Sedona Arizona

Bermuda Triangle


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