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Video Camera Tips for Paranormal Investigating


The video camera plays an important role in paranormal investigating. Not only does it allow you to document the time and date of your investigation, but the video camera will provide the strongest form of evidence in the event of paranormal activity. With the ability to record live action motion and real-time documentation, its as veritable proof as one can offer without actually having been present at the time of a paranormal event.

Video inside the shock therapy room.
LIPI video specialist Craig Sordyl (right) videos Lead Investigator Mike Cardinuto inside the basement
shock therapy room at Rolling Hills Asylum, NY.

The In order to avoid “Blair Witch” style investigation videos where your camera is pointed at your feet or is bouncing wildly in your hand as you stumble through the dark, you must remain constantly aware and focused on the fact that you are documenting a scientific investigation. A good rule of thumb is to make an effort to keep your video camera at eye level to ensure that you are recording the primary field of view of you and your investigating team. For instance, if you are maintaining the camera at eye level and you happen to react quickly to a noise or the call of your teammate, the camera will turn with your head and allows outsiders a chance to view what you were seeing from a first person point of view. Also, drop the habit of shooting through your viewfinder, the viewfinder will not only drain your camera battery at a rapid rate but it will significantly handicap your own natural night vision, rendering your eyes useless in the dark.

Craig shoots digital video inside the concert hall
LIPI video specialist Craig Sordyl takes digital video inside the Concert Hall building
at the Stanley Hotel, CO.

The Most standard consumer camcorders are equipped with a night-shot function which is designed for shooting in little to no light. You can increase the effectiveness of a video camera’s night-shot capability by attaching an additional external IR light to further illuminate your  field of view. True night vision technology exists for more advanced professional and pro-sumer camcorders but carries a far higher price tag. Fortunately, for all our practical investigation purposes, a camera’s night-shot function with the assistance of an IR light remains sufficient and vital elements of your equipment arsenal.

Craig takes video in the basement cafeteria room in the EMS academy building
at Fort Totten, Queens NY.

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