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Manhattan - Landmark Tavern

A Brief History: The Landmark Tavern is one of New York City’s oldest historic bars. It was originally built in 1868 by Patrick Henry Carley. When the Tavern first opened it sat on what was the Hudson River waterfront. The Tavern was designed to have the second and third floors act as a home for their children. The third floor was later turned into a speakeasy during the prohibition. Throughout its life the Tavern had seen many gangsters, actors and people such as Hell’s Kitchen resident George Raft. The tavern became a favorite spot for the Westies, an Irish gang, during the 1980s. The Tavern closed down in 2004 but was restored and reopened by Michael Young and Donnchadh O’Sullivan. The original mahogany bar that was carved from one single tree still remains in the Tavern as well as the original tin ceilings and tile floor. The Tavern has appeared on the sitcom “Spin City”.

Haunted History: The Landmark Tavern is said to be haunted by at least three spirits. It is said that one of the spirits is the ghost of a young Irish girl who came to America to escape the Irish Famine, only to die from typhoid fever on the third floor. The other spirit is said to be that of a Confederate Civil War Veteran who, in a drunken brawl, was mortally stabbed. The Veteran managed to make it to the second floor only to die in a bathtub that is still located in the Tavern. It is reported that he is the more active one out of the spirits found at the Landmark Tavern. The third spirit is said to be the spirit of George Raft, who in life visited the Tavern frequently.

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